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10 of our favorite ’90s cars

The 1990s are now a grand 20 years in the past, and an incredible swathe of cars is up for historic plates in the next few years. From JDM wonders to kooky Swedes, cars of the ’90s represent the Goldilocks recipe to enthusiasts. They're new enough to posses the modern technologies that ensured stout reliability and top-tier performance, but old enough to lack electronic nannies that kvetch and whine at us when we attack the twisties. So we decided to put our resident ’90s experts in a livestream for an hour and pick their 10 favorite cars.


While Brad Phillip's official title is Hagerty's Director of Automotive Lifestyle Business Development, you may know him as Brad the Sunbeam Tiger King. Joining him is our Marketplace Editor Colin Comer. While some cars qualify for the top 10 list through Phillip's or Comer's personal experience, the pair discussed others as the pinnacle of their performance genre.


From the humble Mazda Miata to the world-beating McLaren F1, there's something for everyone in this list.


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90s Civics and Jettas will have their day.


They were the growing up/high school/college ride a lot of people (or their friends) had. So they are memory machines --the fuel for nostalgia, which eventually equals collector interest.


Many 90s things will be future-appreciated for those that want less digital. It will interesting to see which things get enough aftermarket support for hobbyists to keep going and which things you hunt years for a specific dashboard bit or such.

New Driver

You've got to love the GMT400-based C/K1500 Chevy/GMC Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon - practically every midwesterner between the ages of 20-30 grew up fighting with their siblings in the back of one!


I think I would have put the 993 over the Boxster.  It's the last air cooled 911 , is mechanically superior, has much better handling and is a more collectible car than the Boxster.  Since cost doesn't factor into making the list (the McLaren).  Then ask yourself, if you could only pick one and were offered a free 993 or a Boxster, which would you choose? 

Pit Crew

Gotta tell ya, I’m not a rich guy, so the super cars were never on my list , cause I couldn’t afford one, but for a guy who turned 30 in 1991, the Lincoln MK VII was a great car, cause it had the 5.0 motor in it, and it had style, I owned new cars from the late 70s up, GM had horrible underpowered cars with poor build quality, I wasn’t into Mercedes or BMW yet though I’ve owned many Benzs since and currently own an E43 AMG, but that Lincoln had a great balance of ride, style and power, after the MK VII I bought a MKVIII, after that and one more LSE I went foreign 


I believe there is a zero messing for the so called Saab 900...


Get ready to add to that the 1999 nissan gtr vspec also known as (godzilla) the r32 ,33,34 are going to seem insurance carriers. Sharpen your pencils folks. The jdm secret weapon is on its way... 😎


Porsche 968!  Best looking front-engined car Porsche has ever made.  Surprisingly quick with the 3.0L 4-cylinder pushing ~240bhp, a sweet 6-speed manual and sub-3000lb. 50:50 weight balance makes the twisties a blast. Tons of parts straight out of the 911 parts bin and Legendary Porsche engineering.  968s are rare and definitely under-appreciated! 


I would like the Mercedes SLK series to be considered.  Starting in 1996 (R170) through 2010 (R171) these are truly an affordable,  fun to drive, exceptional roadsters.  As an owner of a face-lift 2001 R170 model, I believe this car should be recognized and added to a "list" in the future.

Intermediate Driver