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10 of our favorite ’90s cars

The 1990s are now a grand 20 years in the past, and an incredible swathe of cars is up for historic plates in the next few years. From JDM wonders to kooky Swedes, cars of the ’90s represent the Goldilocks recipe to enthusiasts. They're new enough to posses the modern technologies that ensured stout reliability and top-tier performance, but old enough to lack electronic nannies that kvetch and whine at us when we attack the twisties. So we decided to put our resident ’90s experts in a livestream for an hour and pick their 10 favorite cars.


While Brad Phillip's official title is Hagerty's Director of Automotive Lifestyle Business Development, you may know him as Brad the Sunbeam Tiger King. Joining him is our Marketplace Editor Colin Comer. While some cars qualify for the top 10 list through Phillip's or Comer's personal experience, the pair discussed others as the pinnacle of their performance genre.


From the humble Mazda Miata to the world-beating McLaren F1, there's something for everyone in this list.


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What about the super rare, all made BY HAND, in the same factory as the Benz AMG's, and long out of business, Karmen coach works in Germany.  The Volkswagen Corrado.  1992 the first ever online v6 at a 15 degree slant (a.k.a. the VR). Ahead of it's time and made just to show the world what VW could do (or make a cheap Porsche). The spoiler was mechanical by speed and was listed as "The best front wheel drive car of all time" by car and driver magazine.  Yes it was more expensive than an RX7, Toyota Supra or MR2 of the day, but it was incredible! Less than 90k were made in the 6 years of production and North America as a whole got less than 30k.  This was a car that is still loved by many, and the ones that still love them are true collectors in every sense since they are not that reliable and parts are harder to find than Trumps tax reports! I love my Corrado SLC with its factory Recaro interior, cold weather package, automatic everything.   Digital MPG gauge that also shows my trans temp and 1/4 mile times and not to mention a spoiler that lifts up at 35MPH and lowers at 15.  Did I mention it is a 1992 and STOCK?