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10 of our favorite ’90s cars

The 1990s are now a grand 20 years in the past, and an incredible swathe of cars is up for historic plates in the next few years. From JDM wonders to kooky Swedes, cars of the ’90s represent the Goldilocks recipe to enthusiasts. They're new enough to posses the modern technologies that ensured stout reliability and top-tier performance, but old enough to lack electronic nannies that kvetch and whine at us when we attack the twisties. So we decided to put our resident ’90s experts in a livestream for an hour and pick their 10 favorite cars.


While Brad Phillip's official title is Hagerty's Director of Automotive Lifestyle Business Development, you may know him as Brad the Sunbeam Tiger King. Joining him is our Marketplace Editor Colin Comer. While some cars qualify for the top 10 list through Phillip's or Comer's personal experience, the pair discussed others as the pinnacle of their performance genre.


From the humble Mazda Miata to the world-beating McLaren F1, there's something for everyone in this list.


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Pit Crew

Indeed yes, and I had the balls to drive mine in the winter too, with a ski rack on top in same fashion as the esprit. Being a rear wheel drive was an add bonus fun too.


Where is the 94 -96 Impala SS? Really? How can you talk 90s without this Police Package Beast as well as the C4 Corvette! You need to visit Motor Trends take on a Great performance B Body for the Baby Boomers!! Buy the way, after Motor Trends test of this Classic, a staff member went out and bought one! That's a Great endorsement!

Thanks, The PORZ

Pit Crew

You forgot to mention the Corvette ZR1 that debut in the early to mid 90’s. Reasonable price today with assume power to weigh ratio and great handling. One of best cars from the 90’s.


Toyota Supra, celica all trac or Mr2 deserve a spot on this list if toyota is to be represented here.

New Driver

Who makes these lists up?

New Driver

I had a 1996 ('95 and a half) Audi turbo quattro S-6, 5 speed in Europa Blue with gray interior that I totally loved!  Not many knew that car and Audi was still tainted by the CBS fake news story on unintended acceleration, so there were few sold in the US. 


BMW 850 - especially the 1995 - 97 850Ci w/ M-73 V-12 and 5 speed auto. Also the 1994-95 850 CSi - great GT cars that still look fresh today. Yes, I own one 🙂


95-96 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR4 Spyder (and its hardtop siblings).  300hp, twin turbo, AWD, 4-wheel steering, folding hardtop, adjustable suspension, stone cold reliable.  10 years ahead of anything comparable.

New Driver

I would have included all the Mustang Cobra R's (1995 and 2000 are excluded), as these cars were all factory race cars and are rarefied air for Mustangs.


What about the Isuzu VehiCROSS! There is nothing like it on the road and people still stare at it as if it's from the future!

Hagerty Employee


The 240sx has become quite the cult classic in the drifting and mod world.  Although many were made , originals in good condition are becoming rare and difficult to find. 

Community Manager

And verrrrry expensive! 


I like the Mustang Cobra R., but the general fox body mustangs of the early 90's were tremendous value for money and alot of fun.


I would pick the Mazda Rx7 as the best sports car of the 90's for all the reasons it was picked for the list.  It and the Boxster are both extremely advanced sports cars without trying to be supercars.  The Maranello is a wonderful car, as its pricing would demand.  The McLaren is more a collectible or investment as one of the most iconic supercars of any period.  The Miata is nice, but just too simple, although it adheres to the Lotus Elan formula.     


I still love my B&W 96 Viper GTS after all these years.   The car is 100% timeless IMO.  Yes, it is now a monster thanks to a couple of twin turbos from Underground Racing and updated with modern wheels and all kinds of aftermarket performance stuff, but it's still a timeless classic and never ceases to draw crowds. 


The NSX and the Viper get my vote consistently.  The styling alone is enough to sell

those vehicles.  Personally, I think that Corvette stole the design of the NSX


VW Corrado. Yes it was rather quickly put together, using bits from the fleet, tho thats whats VW stands for. What makes it different is that it was built at the Karmann plant.  Complimented to be the best handling car in the late 80'. Then they turned the reputable VR6 2.8 to a 2.9, just for the Corrado.  What a Beast. 


I used to own a 95 Subaru SVX. 230HP, AWD, Giugiaro styling, great handling, fun to drive! 


A Saab, McLauren and BMW, Ferrari 550, Boxster should not have made this list. A ZR-1, 300ZX, 3000GT VR4, F50, 911 Turbo should have.


I've got your back Brad.  I had a '96 9000 CS turbo. It drove like it had a V6 even though it was an auto.  Best driving car I ever had, it felt like it was carved from a block of metal it was so solid. and to top it off, the audio (with a cassette and disc player) was about the best sounding I've ever heard.


The 1991 GMC Syclone & 92 and 92 Typhoons


Your Information on the 1993 Cobra R is incorrect I'm sorry to say.... Marshall Mize had 2 new 1993 Cobra R's in early 1994.. I took my Black 93 Cobra there in March of 94 because of an issue with the throw-out bearing  & i had this salesman hounding me to trade my Cobra for 1 of the 2 R's as soon as i pulled on the lot.. Both had identical window sticker $ and they were just under $26,000 a piece.. Neither one had a backseat, no AC, no radio.. Just a heater panel.. They had the new 94 GT wheels painted Gloss black ( Which i didn't care for ) At least mine had unique wheels ( even if they were 4 lug.. Lol ) And they could not give those cars away... Nobody around Chattanooga wanted a new Cobra with no AC, no radio and minus a backseat that had loose fitting carpet covering another gloss black 94 GT wheel ( The spare ) He didn't convince me to part ways with mine that day but it wasn't for a lack of trying.. so the part about having to have a current SCCA competition license is inaccurate unless the person that ordered them at Marshall Mize had one but honestly it's not that kind of a dealership.. I didn't buy my Cobra from them because they didn't have one at the time so i believe the 2 R's were passed along until they landed at Mize because people were not interested in the old Mustang when GM had just released the new 93 F-Body twins that had a base price of $16,999 with the 275HP LT1.. People thought i was touched in the head for paying just under $23,000 for a 235HP Mustang.. Lack of public interest is supposedly why a 5,000 limited run ( That was the salesman's big pitch for the one i purchased " You'll be 1 of just 5,000 people to own this version of the 1993 Mustang.. Funny enough State Farm gave me that same speech but with a more ominous tone when i insured it ) Cobra stopped at 4,993 units.. So it didn't matter if it was a Cobra R, Cobra, GT, LX-5.0 or just an LX none of those models were flying off the shelves in 93 because the people that didn't jump to GM were waiting for the all new under-powered over-priced 1994 mustang line-up...


What???? What about the 1990 Cyclone & Typhoon


Guess I'd have to say I'm surprised anyone could FIND 10 awesome cars from the 90's, unless they were just awesome compared to the 80's offerings. Slim pickings, for sure.


What about the super rare, all made BY HAND, in the same factory as the Benz AMG's, and long out of business, Karmen coach works in Germany.  The Volkswagen Corrado.  1992 the first ever online v6 at a 15 degree slant (a.k.a. the VR). Ahead of it's time and made just to show the world what VW could do (or make a cheap Porsche). The spoiler was mechanical by speed and was listed as "The best front wheel drive car of all time" by car and driver magazine.  Yes it was more expensive than an RX7, Toyota Supra or MR2 of the day, but it was incredible! Less than 90k were made in the 6 years of production and North America as a whole got less than 30k.  This was a car that is still loved by many, and the ones that still love them are true collectors in every sense since they are not that reliable and parts are harder to find than Trumps tax reports! I love my Corrado SLC with its factory Recaro interior, cold weather package, automatic everything.   Digital MPG gauge that also shows my trans temp and 1/4 mile times and not to mention a spoiler that lifts up at 35MPH and lowers at 15.  Did I mention it is a 1992 and STOCK?