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Hagerty Employee

10 of Hagerty readers' fondly remembered getaway cars

In lieu of rounding up our favorite pink (or red) color schemes, or writing a teary-eyed ode to our own classics, we decided to do something different for this Valentine's Day: Hand the microphone to you. This being a family-friendly site, we know better than to ask for vivid memories of automotive-adjacent romance: Instead, we asked you to show us your wedding "getaway" cars.
Intermediate Driver

I love hearing about people and their cars on Important Days like this. My favorite is: an acquaintance in the microcar community and his wife honeymooned in the car he still drives about 60 years later: a Messerschmitt KR-250.
Personally, I was very taken with that last photo of a 1964 Chevelle convertible -- maybe it's because I was just at driving age when they were new, but I still think it looks very inviting.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!
Intermediate Driver

I'm sure they would like to have them today, like the old wagons.
Pit Crew

Very true! Miss the old stang. Would love to know if it is still kicking around.

I see that my horse and carriage didn't make the list, oh well, I still think it was better to have taken the day off from a car.

Married Roseann on October 17th 1981 and we were ushered away in my 1950 2 door Chevy Fleetline.
If I could have figured out how to attach a photo I would have, I must not be techy enough, oh well.
Advanced Driver

US Army, 1968 and had to borrow my brother's car for our getaway before I left for Vietnam the next week.
Had sold mine thinking I probably wouldn't return (but couldn't talk that woman out of marrying me).

Thank you for your service Sir. You married a good woman.

My 2011 Scion xB was decidedly less interesting than these for the wedding/honeymoon, although better then my wife's 04 Nissan Sentra that burned a quart of oil every couple thousand miles (it had "only" 230k miles on it) and had hail damage.
Hagerty Employee

i'm sure it was easier to pack suitcases into than the non-wagons on this list, tho!
New Driver

Not only do we remember the car ---[70 914-6] from 74 but we still own it
Pit Crew

1966, borrowed my dad's 59 Saab 93. Snowed like crazy the day of our wedding and figured my 61 TR3A daily driver back in 66 wasn't going to be the best choice.

It poured rain massively so we had to take our ride in a Lincoln Town Car to float our way through the roads. LoL.
Pit Crew

I got married 1982 and used my 71 Monte Carlo SS ( that I bought in 77 ) as my getaway car . In 1983 I bought my wife a 69 Corvette for our first anniversary and 40 years later I still have both . The Monte with 56,000 miles and the Vette with 49,000 .

The Monte and the 'vette or the 'vette and wife?

My Dad bought a brand new 64 Chevelle hard top same color same hub caps, 283 Power Glide Hydramatic. Great car, great memories. Thanks RSLarson for sharing that photo.
New Driver

Married in 1981. Drove off on a Model A rumble seat. I saw the car in a stranger’s driveway and asked him to be our get away driver. He showed up in full chauffeur livery! We celebrated 40 years with a drive in my 87 Fiero
New Driver

We were 21 and I had a brand new 72 MachOne. Drove off in my wife's 69 Opel Station Wagon.
Still long gone
Pit Crew

Ours was a 1978 BMW 733i - the original E23 7er - after a lunch-time justice of the peace ceremony at Town Hall, followed by a bowl of Cheerios at our apartment, followed by a return to work for the afternoon work. All of this on 02/29/1988 - Leap Year Day!
Intermediate Driver

Mine was a 1968 SS427 Impala, which I bought new and still own. Married in October 1971, and celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary last year.

Congratulations 🎊 👏 💐
Pit Crew

Enjoyed all of the stories. Thought that we were smart to secure my VW in locked father-in-laws garage. The switch as referred to in the article. Changed clothes and went to jump into the VW and speed away without incident, only to find the interior filled with balloons. We were finding and removing balloons for a month after the wedding. Great memories as a reall of the stories in the article. Thanks.

I tried several times to post on the original article, without success. Oh, well. 40 years ago this summer, ours was a 1975 Olds 88 convertible - which we still have!