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Hagerty Employee

10 of Europe's best, most off-beat classic Mini conversions | Hagerty Media

Almost as soon as the Mini first broke cover in 1959, long-established coachbuilders and enterprising start-up operations were quick to grasp its potential. The Mini soon became redolent of the Swinging '60s and, as the standard car became too run-of-the-mill for some, there were plenty of companies willing to accommodate their every whim and desire-at a price.
Pit Crew

Mini Radford

I saw that 2nd pic'n said "Well thats 'the B all, end all'. Just what I need. Just some taller 'pie cutter' tires." And I still believe that, but as I looked farther I could say "Yes, these too. Esp that lill Ogle!" 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 8th all pale by that measure but all esp the 2 breaks fit for me.
Pit Crew

I had a 1975 Clubman that had the rear and roof line redone by Browne and Sons Ltd. of Norfolk in the UK. This was apparently more than a one off customization (I have seen others).
The roof was fiberglass, they reused the back window but leaned it forward for a more fastback look. the rear windows were trimmed and became fixed in the process.
Someone that knew more about Minis than I did took picures of it and had a short article about the car in the maximummini blog.
Intermediate Driver

Don't forget the Twini-Mini built by John Cooper. There were a number of copies built as well. I recall seeing at least two at Goodwood a dozen years ago when the Mini was a featured marque. Someone else also mentioned the Unipower, a pretty little GT. One of those was running in SVRA in the late 80's.

Make mine the SX1000.
Pit Crew

Make mine the Broadstreet! I’d doubt the Wildgoose is large enough to accommodate that happening!
New Driver

Back in the late seventies I bought an ogle sx 1000. It had been used for scca racing and was pretty beat up, but boy did it go. Even though it wasn’t street legal I would drive it around the back roads near my home in CT. I remember coming up behind a Rabbit GTI and the Ogle was half the size of the VW. I passed him going up a long hill with ease and the guy in the Rabbit was so surprised. Since I couldn’t register the car and I didn’t have the money to go racing I sold it to a friend and eventually lost track of the it. Yeah it was one of those “I shoulda kept that car”. Ive never seen another and was so surprised to see it come up in this article.
New Driver

So where is the Mini-Moke? They are all over the Caribbean?
Intermediate Driver

The Moke was a production model. The article is just about specials that were built using the Mini as a starting point.
Intermediate Driver

The Camper version? Why???????????????