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10 collectible motorcycles to watch

Just like cars, motorcycles are treasured collectibles. Despite their desirability, however, they trade hands on average at far lower values than cars. The car auction record, too, is nearly 50 times that of the motorcycle auction record. Generally, the lower end of the bike market is full of nostalgia-driven purchases; the top is littered with historical significance and racing pedigree.


Based on digital views of our newly-released Hagerty Motorcycle Price Guide, here are the 10 bikes in which Hagerty is seeing the most interest, arranged by price from low to high.


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My concern with this list is that with a single exception, all of these motorcycles have been "discovered" by collectors. The CB350 Honda is ubiquitous and generally unloved, I'd hardly consider it a candidate for future love.


What I would add are purebred competition machines. Similar to race cars, these will always be valued as pinnacle examples of their era. Air cooled Yamahas, the TAs and TDs, for example. Honda's equivalent RS series as well. Also, lesser known but very successful racers like Bultaco's TSS grand prix bikes. In the lower price ranges, but rapidly gaining in value are European motocross motorcycles; Maico, Husqvarna, and the Spanish brands, etc. Most of these are priced below British examples of the same, like BSA Gold Stars, etc., yet are more rare and generally have great histories. All the requirements for future positive valuations.

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