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10 cars we're watching at the 2021 Scottsdale "Part II" auctions | Hagerty Media

We covered the 2021 January Auctions extensively, but in a sense they aren't actually over yet. While Mecum went full steam ahead with its Kissimmee, Florida auction and many of the Arizona sales took place in modified form during the first month of the year, Barrett-Jackson postponed its weeklong Scottsdale extravaganza until March 20-27.
Intermediate Driver

Love the woody!
Intermediate Driver

Quite a list, lots of variety, for some reason the Vector M12 speaks to me and the pricing expectation for such a rare car seems like the best bargain among the offerings. Not that I could afford any of them!!

The older Ferrari is the one to watch, that could way big
New Driver

Who doesn’t love a good woodie
Intermediate Driver

Only thing that Daytona Charger is in need of is a set of wide skins. Put staggered tires on it like the AAR Cuda has and it's right uptown.
Pit Crew

I have no idea if it's mechanicals are as good as it's looks, but if they are, I'd be bidding on the Vector.
Intermediate Driver

The Ferrari 275 GTB rang a huge memory bell for me. Many years ago I was at a summer bar-b-q at my best friend's house and his cousin and her boyfriend showed up with a dark blue version of that car that had belonged to Sly Stallone at one point in its life. It was a gorgeous car with a light saddle colored interior and he took all the guys out for a look and a listen. The battery was dead. He had no idea where the battery resided in the car. BTW, at a previous family party he had shown up with a bright red Testarosa. Shows you what hard work and inheriting a title company from your dad can do for your future.

Oh my, The GT40 and the L88, amazing American Muscle
New Driver

The paint job on the woody is excellent with lots of depth in the paint. The wood has the right coloring, checkout the interior wood ceiling, beautiful. Great job of hiding what is under the hood!