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10 Canadian car names from back in the day

Over the years, Canada has had its fair share of unique models. You may be peripherally familiar with some of the exclusive machines that came from north of the border: Pontiacs powered by Chevrolet engines, Plymouth-Dodges (a.k.a. “Plodges”), and a dizzying array of Ford derivatives. Canadian tariffs (solved by the 1965 Auto Pact trade agreement) and other business conditions were often the driving force behind these nation-specific vehicles. This intriguing niche of cars often included names with cultural connections, often inspired by national pride in Canadian history or geography ... 


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You got the Valiant one backwards: In '63 & '64, they were Dart bodies with Valiant noses.

Intermediate Driver

This brings back memories of my first car - a '63 Parisienne with a 283 and 2-spd Powerglide slushbox. Thinking back on it, I learned quite a lot in that car.

Intermediate Driver

Not a  mention of Fargo?


Cool story. Thank you.

New Driver

Ford Meteor ((Canada) many years. Saw a lot of them in VT in the 50s & 60s


Very nice, thanks for sharing!


I wonder why they're mostly inspired by Quebec culture? 


Although the Valiant is always referred to as a Plymouth, the Plymouth name doesn't appear anywhere on the car, owners manual, brochure or even registration. I used to have a 66 Valiant and it confused Americans because it looked like their Dart rather than the US Valiant.

Pit Crew

So, the Chevy II was branded as the Acadian, but was essentially a Chevy Nova.  Then they offered up a trim level on the Acadian called the Canso that was named for a French Canadian community in Nova Scotia.  Ça ne va pas!