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10 Canadian car names from back in the day

Over the years, Canada has had its fair share of unique models. You may be peripherally familiar with some of the exclusive machines that came from north of the border: Pontiacs powered by Chevrolet engines, Plymouth-Dodges (a.k.a. “Plodges”), and a dizzying array of Ford derivatives. Canadian tariffs (solved by the 1965 Auto Pact trade agreement) and other business conditions were often the driving force behind these nation-specific vehicles. This intriguing niche of cars often included names with cultural connections, often inspired by national pride in Canadian history or geography ... 


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Fascnating.   ALso interesting that most export rhd cars in the 60's came ex Canada - here in South Africa we had Parisiennes, Acadians, and Belmonts not to mention Holdens and rebadged Australian GM cars like the Chev Kommando, el Caminos, SS Chevs (now highly prized).  Am currently drooling over a convertible rhd Pontiac Parisienne 65 model.  28k us equivalent, so not cheap but a rare and wonderful thing here at the southern tip of Africa.

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