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10 Bond cars not made by Aston Martin

Now that the upcoming James Bond film, No Time to Die, is once again delayed, we've had some time to ponder the breadth of the spy's automotive taste. We all know that 007 has a license to kill, but given the number of tie-ups between Bond and Aston Martin, it’s easy to forget that he has a license to drive other cars. Leaving out a two-movie dabble with the Lotus Esprit and the unsatisfying BMW years, here are ten of our favorite Bond-mobiles that don’t wear an Aston badge.


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I seem to recall Fleming's Bond drove a 5litre Bentley, would the rest just be Hollywood's Bond cars? (and I believe Feliz Leiter had a "Studillac")


He couldn't really afford that Bentley. He'd bought a wrecked one and cultivated a friendship with a works mechanic to get the rebuild done. How would like to have been his insurance agent?

I like the Diamond are forever Mustang.


How about the Toyota 2000 GT in "You Only Live Twice"?


Lotus Esprit????

Pit Crew

What about the shameless AMC plug in 'The Man With the Golden Gun', where he drove the Spirit right out of the showroom (and did the fly-over the river where the bridge was out), while chasing the villain who was driving a Matador coupe.


Pit Crew

MoparJeff ~ Exactly my thoughts. American Motors deserves a place within this article. Actually far more than a couple of "vehicles" that made the list.
Pit Crew

The only reason I clicked on this was to see the AMC spiral jump over the river.

I was on the sidewalk during the filming of Diamonds are Forever. The producers wanted a good crowd on Fremont street so they invited airmen from nearby Nellis AFB. So we went. A red Mach 1 and 007 films have been my favorites ever since. We saw four retakes. There may have been more. Cant say I am in the final the speed is fast. Please no autographs.


I, too, own a 2CV.


I'm betting it would still run after a flip, rollover down a hill, and smashing through random stuff in a town. Best designed (for its purpose) vehicle I've ever owned when it comes to simplicity and durability. 


Outrun an old lady with a walker. Uphill. Carrying groceries? Doubtful. 


504s aren't rocketships, but compared to a 2CV/6 they are... Anyone who's owned one can comment on how quickly that chase would have been over in real life. 


AMC Javelin!

Pit Crew

Wrong and wrong, not a Spirit or a Javelin in The Man With the Golden Gun. It was an AMC Hornet X. Correct with the Matador Coupe and there are also Matador sedan police cars in the chase. "Shameless AMC plug"? ya like no other car company has done that! See the article posted here a while back: "Astro Spiral: Revisiting the greatest car stunt of all time". The Astro Spiral team used AMC Javelins at the time. So now does it make sense that AMC was featured in the film?

Advanced Driver

I can't believe you did not even honorably mention the Lotus Esprit Submarine!!!

Advanced Driver

Both the car and the actor have to be cool to be remembered. Connery reeks of cool, Craig lacks of cool. Does anybody remember George Lazenby as 007 or the car he drove, no but you remember the car Diana Rigg drove in the same movie, a Cougar. 


I was commenting on the 1969 Mercury Cougar at the same time as you. Yes I remember Big M, restored an almost identical one in 2005 but mine had a white convertible top.
Intermediate Driver

My favourite car of all time, styled by Pinin Farina...


Dr. No... 1959-61 Austin Cambridge MKII and yellow




Big M in On Her Majesty’s Secret  Service.  1969 Mercury Cougar 428 CobraJet with RamAir, Red Convertible driven thru the snowy Alps to get away. Only movie Bond married the lead and ended a widower. 


The Lotus Esprit and BMW Z8 also come to mind.

New Driver

Yeah - how could you omit the AMC Hornet - it has to be the most unlikely Bond car.  But one that was also my first car.  

New Driver

I seem to remember his first car - 1957 Black Chevy Convertible which he ended up driving after disposing of his "chauffeur".


You forgot the 1969 Cougar in On Her Majestys Secret Service

Pit Crew

The Live and Let Die sequence is one of the most hilarious ever...even as a 13 year old I said 'wow look at all the Impalas!'.  everything, literally everything is a '73 full size Chev, other than the very few Eldo's, both stock and Dunham-modified.

New Driver

Ok Guys-- forgot the most inconic of them all-- Toyota 2000 GT!!!!!! Pls! You only Live twice

Advanced Driver

The ‘74 Hornet hatchback & flying Matador coupe

New Driver

And there's the 57 Ford convertible in Cuba, the BMW Z4 in the World is not Enough,  the self driving Beemer sedan that Pierce Broslin drove off the garage roof. And the red Mustang Mach 1 (71 or so) in Vegas.

Community Manager

Why isn't anyone talking about the Lincoln Continental Mark VII LSC in "License to Kill"? This was the best Bond car EVERRRRRR!!!!!!i011229


Bond drove a silver C-4 Corvette in one of the mid-80's movies.


You omitted the AMC Hornet that Roger Moore sent in a spiral loop over the canal in Bangkok in Goldfinger. Also the flying Matador coupe was a notable!

Pit Crew

Red Mach 1 Mustang in Diamonds Are Forever needs to be added to the list.  It enters an alley on two wheels and comes out of the alley on the other two wheels, that is some incredible stunt driving!

Intermediate Driver

No mention of the black '57 Chevy BelAir convertible from Dr. No?

Pit Crew

The stunt where the on-rails mercedes gets hit by the oncoming train and lands in water under the bridge has to be the closest call the stuntmen in the boat have had. If you watch it slowly, the flying benz hits the back of their boat as they jump off the side.  I find it hard to believe they knew exactly where that benz was going to land.  It's a great scene and worth remarking on the unsung heroes of the bond series - the stuntmen.


The AMC Matador?! 

New Driver

Great story! Thanks very much. An additional tidbit is that one of the favorite cars of James Bond's creator, Ian Fleming, was his well-publicized black supercharged 1963 Avanti. He was impressed by its performance and looks, and visited the Avanti (Studebaker) factory in South Bend, IN. He regularly drove his Avanti at high speed in Britain.

New Driver

You missed the AMC Hornet

Intermediate Driver

In From Russia With Love, Bond's car is a 1935 Bentley 3.5-litre. 



You do great work. Well done.

I have always liked that vintage sunbeam, but without the Ford v-8 in it. I drove one 100 years ago when they were new and didn't like it. The nose heavy award. 

Now the 4 bangers are either trashed or wildly overpriced.

The 2 CV is always charming and wonderful.

I am a Mercedes fan, and the Mondeo should have been exported here. 

I owned a Triumph Stag with and automatic and the car was serene in commuter traffic.

It never gave me much trouble until after a 1200 mile trip when it started to manifest its age and poor engineering. I fixed the thing and sold it to my neighbor, with full explanation, who had to have it. He put a thousand dollars in the car and gave it to his daughter, who drove it through four years of college. I like Stags. I hope intelligent advice

would be if you want one make sure you can buy the best you can afford and be close to

a mechanic who is familiar with the car.

Advanced Driver

Leaving out the Esprit and the BMWs is rather significant.

New Driver

The BMWs cop cars in Octopussy are E 28s


Hey, where's the BMW R1200C "vehicle"?


and no one mentions Bond "driving" a speed boat across the land in Live and Let Die?? that's got to count for something


The Humber Super Snipe that you say exploded in the first video never happened. Watch the video frame by frame and you can easily see that it's the La Salle that blows up. Also the screeching of the tyres on a gravel road is a hoot!


Loved that Bentley!

Pit Crew

If you didn't include the Mondeo ST I would have been pissed.  Thanks.  I still lament the fact that Ford never brought ST trim (and manual transmission) to the Fusion here in the US.  When Ford announced the demise of all cars except the 'Stang, I promptly scored a new Focus ST from a local Ford dealer who specializes in trucks for less than $20K, $23.9K out the door.  I've been grinning ever since and the Corvette just sits idle, sipping on the Battery Tender.


What about BMW Z3

Pit Crew

Not to get too far off the movie topic but in the John Gardner books, Bond drove a 1981 Saab 900 Turbo. The “Silver Beast” never made it to the silver screen but to those of who love Saab’s, a moment of glory.


RIP Sir Sean. But let's not forget that Bond was not the only spy-catcher who had a way with cars!!!


Been more than one Bond motorcycles, as well.  Separate article, anyone?