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Hagerty Employee

Ride and Seek - Orlando, FL Edition

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Hop in your favorite vehicle and join in on our self-guided Ride & Seek Scavenger Hunt, customized just for Orlando. Between November 13-15, snap as many photos as you can of you and your ride in front of Orlando icons (checklist will be provided on the first morning). Anyone who uploads at least 10 photos will be entered into a random drawing to win awesome prizes. But most importantly, you’re guaranteed to have a blast — and some incredible driving.


It’s not a race, so go at your pace. Participants are also asked to follow all local COVID-19 protocols, wear a mask any time you leave your vehicle, and always maintain six feet of distance from everyone outside of your family.


After registering here, you’ll receive an email on the morning of the event with the photo checklist.


No purchase necessary to win. Check out the full rules here.


Registration link:


Pit Crew


Pit Crew


Pit Crew


Pit Crew

Hello! Any contest results today?

looks like only four people submitted on time last Sunday so not too many to sort through! 😊

Pit Crew

Good Morning Everyone! 😃

Still no results from a week and a half ago? 🙁

Hagerty Employee

Hi Honda_Guy!

Just wanted to reach out to let you know that I am checking into this. I may not hear back before the holiday and extended weekend but will be in touch with more info as soon as I have it. Stay tuned!

Pit Crew

Hey Mlfreeman! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday weekend!

Sooooo it’s been a few weeks now. Still no contest results? There were only four entry that were posted on time that Sunday November 15th btw.

Hagerty Employee

Hi Honda_Guy,

I did and hope you did as well! This is very strange and I apologize for the delay. The events team let me know they reached out to you via email last week. Judging by your note, that email didn't come through? Would you mind checking your spam folder while I reach back out to them?

Pit Crew

Nope, haven’t heard from anyone and nothing in my spam folder