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What are YOU using for a parts hauler?

20201019_121721.jpgSo I decided to drive the 'ole truck to work today, and right before I went into the office, turned around, looked at my truck and thought, "I have had this thing for twenty yrs., picked up so many things ranging from engines, transmission, have seen a relocation to another state, a relocation BACK, hauled cars, helped friends move, and this thing still looks this good?" I was just sort of shocked thinking back. It's been a great truck with only a torque convertor being a casualty of war. It's a '95 XL, with a 300 I6, e4OD. I bought it back in 2000 for $4000 and it has literally been the most dependable vehicle I have ever had.


Anyhow, it got me to thinking. No car guy should ever be without a good 'ole parts hauler. What are you using? Pretty or not.




Action shot.






6201BC94-30CE-4440-9805-7708CCF36791.jpegThis is my present hauler. In the past my favorites were a now rare 1972 GMC Sprint SP (ElCamino SS) and a HHR SS with 23 pounds of boost and 300 HP. 

Between I have had a number of S10 and GMC Sonoma models including a ZQ8 Sonoma that was fun to drive. 


and it doubles as a seasonal cart hauler to and from the warm weather RV park. Here's a rare photo of an E350 Econoline giving birth in captivity;


New Driver

I use a repurposed firewood hauling vehicle and trailer.  It is an old Isuzu Trooper with almost 200k miles.  Pictured here is has a Mazdaspeed 3 engine in the cargo area and a Subaru EJ205 on the back rack i picked up in Phoenix, along with an engine puller on top.  If that isn't enough, I have a 12x6.5 ft box trailer for more room.  I also still use it to haul the trailer to collect firewood.



New Driver

I'm using this 1974 F-250 Ranger XLT, to which I have added a power liftgate.   It does parts hauling duty,  lumber and garden supply hauling duty, and "oh crap I actually won that auction for that old scroll saw and now I have to get it home" duty.    20191221_105039.jpgMy previous parts hauler was a '94 F250 with a 5 speed (and a powered liftgate, which I have found to be indispensable).  The 5 speed was great, because it kept people from asking to borrow my truck.