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Show us your Two Tone Cars

Congratulations to @jewel-e and their awesome
1963 Ford Thunderbird for getting the most likes in our Two Tone Cars car show!

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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Two Tone Cars.

Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 22 October will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

Pit Crew


Hello, my name is Donovan O'Brien. I live in Camarillo, CA, and this is my 1974 Opel Manta Rallye.

I bought this car a little over a year ago at the age of 17. For the longest time, I have always loved these old Opels and dreamed of owning one. Coming from a family of muscle car enthusiasts - we have four Mustangs and my brother is restoring his '72 Corvette - there was a bit of confusion when this car pulled into the driveway. But they have grown to love it and now my oldest brother wants one too.

All the paint and body work was finished before I got it, and being a California car, it was completely rust free, so all I had to do was rebuild the engine, transmission, and I tackled the brakes and suspension while it was apart. 

It likes to give me a hard time, but when it behaves, it is a blast to drive.

Worth every penny I spent over my budget 🙂

New Driver

Lucid Air.png

New Driver


"And she'll have fun fun fun
'Til her daddy takes the T-bird away"


Julie, Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada

1963 Ford Thunderbird, two door hard top


I've been in the vintage / luxury resale fashion industry for 20+ years so owning vintage cars is the perfect fit for me.  I've had this car since 2012 and still love the two-tone colorway.

New Driver

1954 BelairIMG_0930.JPG


photo taken in Port Hope, Ontario Canada.

New Driver


 1962 Mercury Monterey S55 Convertible , Fair Oaks, Ca






Pit Crew

1977 scout II    Denver Colorado and crushing the west. 


in 2016 as our mini body restoration progressed the last step was choosing the color.    The original color on the scout was  fire orange with a vinyl   white decal.  Unable to find any one to duplicate the decal with out spending big money, my wife came up with the idea of doing the top in white and the rest of the body in orange.   We got some color books the size of phone books from the paint shop and searched colors for a solid hour, and she decided on a shade of BMW Copper Canyon Orange for the body  and Pearl White for the top. 



Advanced Driver

167.JPG166.JPG1968 Mustang. 302 4 speed. Bought the year I graduated from High School, 1971. 248,000 (hard) miles later my son learned to drive a stick in it and it was his car in High School as well. We both thought we were a Cool Breeze in High School in the same car!! 

Pit Crew

“Edwina” is a1970 Rover P5b coupé. Colours are Zircon Blue topped by silver birch 



New Driver

Gary Maisel 

Long Pond Pa 

Original 1947 Nash 600

L6 172.6 flathead engine

I was looking for a 47 thru 54 Chevy pickup when I came across this on Craig's list and just had to have it.  I love the reaction I get from people young and old, sure it has won it's share of trophy's. But it's the memories that I cherish most from the 5 year old who dragged his father across the parking lot to tell me hey Mr. nice car, to the woman who was celebrating her 80th birthday and wanted to go for a ride in my car, or the women that just wanted directions until she realized my car was a Nash and her dad worked for Nash and had Nash then started blowing kisses at my car and then started crying now thoes are worth more than any Trophy.  Painted Visor BlackPainted Visor BlackArriving at Blue Mountain drive inArriving at Blue Mountain drive inOn Display 8/2014 at Carlisle events in Bloomsburg PaOn Display 8/2014 at Carlisle events in Bloomsburg Pa6/2013 just bought it6/2013 just bought it9/2019 Put new Porta walls on9/2019 Put new Porta walls on

Pit Crew


 I inherited my 1931 Dodge Brothers from my dad.  It took some help from expert friends to get it running, but it is fun to drive and its 6 cylinders really purr.


mike Harton

Midlothian, VA

Pit Crew


 This ‘31 Model A was also my dad’s and is fun car.  I love to take the neighbor kids around for drives.

Pit Crew


 This ‘31 Model A was also my dad’s and is fun car.  I love to take the neighbor kids around for drives.


Mike Harton

Midlothian, VA


New Driver


New Driver





Michigantown, Indiana

 I’ve had my ‘58 Ford Fairlane 500 for about 18 years now. It would barely run and looked pretty sad when I bought it. Fast forward to present day and I’ve had tons of fun and frustrations with it!  
It has the FE 352 4bbl, three speed Cruise-O-Matic, and factory power steering and brakes. It starts and runs like a new car. It’s won an award at nearly every show I’ve taken it to. These days I’d rather just drive it than show it. 

New Driver


Chevelle 10.17.2020.JPG

1970 Chevelle SS 396

This is my first car. I got it when I was 17. I'm now 63 so I've had it for 46 years.  It is a true, factory two-tone, numbers matching car. No modifications, all stock.

New Driver

I won this car on a 1991 NBS All Star raffle. Being a hotrodder from the old school I removed the sunvisor, fake spotlights and Truespokes, I enrolled in the local college bodyshop class and started prepping the car for paint. I added minitubs and before I finished a guy from Birmingham, Al. about purchasing the car. Well as they say "money talks", and that's the name of that song. It was a It was a very good Texas car.


Pearland, Texas

Prize 55.jpg 

























































































Pit Crew

Pit Crew



 This was my Grand-Dad’s truck that he bought new in 1965. I was 12 years old and my brother was 14. 
Our Grand-Dad gave us the keys and told us to go learn how to drive in a 100 acre hay field. 
By supper time we had a figure 8 track that stayed in that field for years.  
We still have the farm in Texas and I still have all those memories. 

Frank Barrett

Pit Crew

1966 AMC Ambassador 990 convertible

Thousand Oaks, CA

The car was originally not a 2-tone but a pale yellow. After I got it 6 years ago and decided to have some body and paint work done, because of the stainless trim it seemed a natural to have a 2-tone job done. It is now painted in AMC 1966 Balboa Aqua and Frost White. I chose the aqua because that was the color of the Ambassador 4-door that my father bought new in 1965. While '66 Ambassador convertibles are rare (about 1800 built), I've only seen a picture of one other that was 2-toned.Wings Over CamarilloWings Over CamarilloFillmore, July 4Fillmore, July 4Port HuenemePort HuenemeParamount RanchParamount RanchWestlakeWestlakeInteriorInterior

New Driver

She's a 1955 Pontiac Star Chief.  Pretty much original with under 81,000 miles, believed to be original.  Runs and drives like a new car.  Purrs like a kitten.  Fuzzy dice came with it to me.




Rear at Charleston.jpg



Tombstone Courthouse 12-09-2016.jpg


New Driver

IMG_3646.JPGelvis.jpg1955 Chevy 210 Chevy


I remember taken a ride with my dad an brother when I was eight years old in the car. 

An I always said I would have one of my own, now I own this 1955 chevy , that just turn 58,000 org miles.., had to put the SS cragars to give it the old school look an a dog name Elvis, you cant go wrong.

New Driver

My 1954 Olds Super 88 Holiday (my first classic). Stumbled on this 7 years ago, being offered at an auction within walking distance from my house. Mostly original, with 80K miles. Still have it (along with some other fun cars, now....LOL).


Colors: Glade Green over Maize Cream (rather eye-catching, IMHO).


Bye, bye!Bye, bye!Here's lookin' at ya!Here's lookin' at ya!

New Driver

1956 Mercury Montclair1956 Mercury Montclair13606880-1956-mercury-montclair-TOPRH-zine-engine.jpg13606897-1956-mercury-montclair-Grill.jpg13606921-1956-mercury-montclair-SRTON-zine-strgwheel.jpg13606924-1956-mercury-montclair-LH-zine-frontseat.jpg


I was JUST LOOKING on Hemmings in Dec of 2018. And this popped up. I looked everyday for a week and somewhat timidly clicked the Contact Seller button. No regrets. I've nicknamed her Showgirl because she was shown several times - even in the Grand National Roadster Show. I nearly backed out when it hit just how nice the car is because I only want a car that I can drive. And drive her I do. No regrets. She's a California Girl now living in Iowa.

New Driver

This is ClydeSDale, my 1984 Ford F250HD XLT pickup truck.  Brown and beige with white "feet" it became my work horse.  I met Clyde in 1996 when I got an 11'3" slide-in camper and needed a truck to haul it.  They seemed to use a lot of "cast iron" in the construction of that huge camper but Clyde handled it so well I only had to raise the back ~1 1/2" to level the rig on a good pad.

This is ClydeSDale.This is ClydeSDale.

Built not far from where I live at the St. Paul Ford Plant 10/83 it had 38,500 miles on it in the spring of 1996 when I bought it from a guy who had only recently bought it from a horse farm as a daily driver but couldn't afford to "feed it".  From the factory it came with the 460 V8, the C6 automatic and a set of 3.54 gears.  It also had dual tanks (38+ gallons), the big receiver hitch, a HD suspension with both the camper special and trailer towing packages, originally set up to tow horse trailers.

Hauling the 10,000# loadHauling the 10,000# load

The slide-in was soon replaced with two different fifth wheels, the last one was this 26.5RL Hitchhiker that weighed in at 10,000# rolling.  We were doing every other year trips cross country to southern Colorado then up into the mountains west of Trinidad.  Sometimes running in triple digit temperatures I added coolant and transmission temp gauges, ducted cold air intake, replaced the TT radiator with a super cooling 4 core unit, added a second transmission cooler in series and ran all synthetic fluids.  The 7.5L 460 with the stock 2 1/2" single exhaust generated so much heat it would boil the fuel in the front tank which runs parallel on the other side of the driveshaft.  The 3" system with a huge low restriction muffler solved that problem.  With this camper's extra weight came a change over to a set of 4.10LS gears.  The wind deflector was supposed to help with mileage (6-7 1/2 towing on a good day) but helped the most with stability, especially running in crosswinds across the high plains.


Over the years I've also added a tilt-wheel with cruise control, the in-dash tach cluster and a bunch of other stuff including a tuned quad set of horns that sound like a railroad switcher.  It's now approaching 88,000 miles and with the sale of the fifth-wheel will be needing a new home one of these days.

New Driver

JPV XL 4dr 4spd 2.jpg


I bought this 1963 Ford Galaxie 500 XL 4-door hardtop in March of 1977 from the original owner's family in PA. It has the factory installed 390 and 4-speed. The car is unrestored and currently resides in WI. 12,596 XL 4-doors were produced in 1963.