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Re: Show us your Road Trip or Driving Tour cars

Intermediate Driver

Like a whole lot of other, and generally more important, events this year a couple of good road trips that my wife and I had planned were cancelled. One was a group tour of the Cascade Mtns. in Washington State and the other was just us on our more-or-less annual trip south to spend a few days on the Oregon coast. Maybe next year.


We did get in one good some single day drives with our local Lotus club and also managed a four day group tour through BC (a couple of pics already in the Hagerty Lounge ). The longer trips gave us a plan for a trip next spring – we stopped for lunch one day at a diner in Little Fort, BC (pop. approx. 350) where I had the best burger I’ve had in decades. It’s only about 4 ½ hours from home, so that’s not too far to drive for a good meal.


Anyway, the point here is road trip cars. We are fortunate enough to have a choice but usually use one of two cars, both Lotus, for road trips.


The primary road trip car is a 1997 Esprit V8.



Great road trip car – comfortable, lots of power and enough luggage space for an extended trip. At the risk of a slightly less than tasteful comment, and one that shows my vintage, it is one of few mid-engine cars I’ve seen that pass the “Jimmy Hoffa” test. You could fit an adult person in the trunk.

Jimmy's not, and never has been in here. But he could have fit.Jimmy's not, and never has been in here. But he could have fit.

The second road trip car is a supercharged 2010 Elise.

Sea to Sky.jpg



Just about as fast as the Esprit, at least to the point that they’ll be taking me away in cuffs, and surprisingly comfortable over distance. The trunk fails the Jimmy test but we can still cram a lot of stuff in there in small bags. A few years ago we used it to attend a wedding in San Francisco, about 1000 miles each way.


Next April we’ll have to decide which one to take for a burger.


Re: Show us your Road Trip or Driving Tour cars

New Driver

Re: Show us your Road Trip or Driving Tour cars

New Driver

This is my 1998 Cobra Mustang which I bought new. I was a young 48, now I am an old 69, coincidently my graduation year. I have lowered it slightly over an inch, put Saleen 17" wheels with 285/30's rear and 265/30's front. Spicer U-joints, Eaton posi. Engine basically stock except for the E-3 spark plugs and K&N air filter...I have driven it all over the western US mostly in it's first 10 years of life. It loves Highway 50 and lots of windy roads in Colorado.

It has just over 70,000 and is not driven very much these days. I have to admit, very ashamedly, that the battery died couple weeks ago, even tho I try to take it out at least every couple weeks....Lots of BIG fires in California and Covid...Plus, after 23 years, the A/C did not come on last week! How can that be? No problems for decades and now it won't work!...Just kidding, obviously. Best car I ever owned, despite the fact there are other cars I would prefer owning. Apologies, but it's true. If only I had lots of money, there would be Porsches, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's etc. in the garage! Actually, this car tooIMG_5254_crop.jpgIMG_5258_crop.jpgIMG_5260.JPGIMG_5262.JPG...

I knew nothing of Cobra Mustangs way back in '98, until the day I decided I wanted to hear the rumble of an American V-8. Went and test drove a GT while the salesman regaled me with Cobra's and that absolutely wonderful 4-Cam aluminum V-8 with 6-bolt mains!! What a mistake THAT was. Next weekend I was at Ford dealership that sold Cobras. There was a line of convertibles and this ONE bright chrome yellow coupe. I was not a fan of it's color, but...who wants a heavy, more expensive, FLEXIBLE convertible?? Not me...Drove it Saturday, picked it up Monday. Now I love it's color, even tho it is much more noticeable than 'arrest me red'. Not that I drive it in a fashion that could get me arrested...

It's number 2789 off the assembly line of around 5100. I imagine that there are now less '98 Cobras than it's build number still on the road today.