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Show us your Road Trip or Driving Tour cars

Congratulations to @int77345 and their awesome 1977 International Scout II for getting the most likes in our Road Trip and Driving Tours car show!

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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Road Trip or Driving Tour cars.

Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you

No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 8 October will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

Pit Crew

This was my all original 1975 Buick Electra Limited that I bought about 4 years ago with 18,500 miles. In less than 3 years I put almost 7,000 miles on it touring the NorthEast from Maryland to Rhode Island with my wife. The picture is from the Gettysburg Battlefield taken while touring with the AACA before a National Meet where it won a First Place Jr. Award. She was/is a beauty and won it's fair share of awards at various car shows. We sold it last February 2020 to a Buick friend with a little over 25,000 miles on it. My wife wanted something different and we are still looking for a replacement. This car was comfortable, ate up the miles and was an all around great car for touring. We had it tuned to a T and she ran great with a little extra timing/carb tuning and a few other tricks. All while keeping it totally stock. In the mean time we have been driving our 1973 Buick Gran Sport Stage1 Sun Coupe, 2015 Escaladeand our 2016 AMG GTS Edition1 regularly touring around and going to shows. We are avid tourers and car show people.  IMG_2539.JPG

New Driver

Orange FuryOrange FuryRoush Phase 2 SuperchargerRoush Phase 2 Supercharger


I've been a Mustang guy since I was a kid in the 60's.  I owned a 65 Mustang a couple of Mustang II's.  My dream car was a Mustang GT.  In 2020 my dream finally came true with this brand new 2019 Mustang GT.  


I've added the Ford Performance Street Handling Pack, Brembo big brakes, Borla Exhaust, Velgen wheels with 20 " Michelin Pilot Sport 4S staggered rubber. My most recent addition was the Roush Phase 2 Supercharger.  


My car drives like a dream!  I recently took a road trip to Michigan and Indiana and had so much fun negotiating the curvy roads.  I plan on taking my baby on more road trips next year since it's almost time to store her away for the winter.

New Driver


Road trippin' Western U.S.

New Driver

1971 Cadillac Sedan deVille



Intermediate Driver

This is one of my all-time favorite cars!!!! 1971 and 1972 Deville (not 1973 because the I am not crazy about the front redo). My Grandparents had an aqua colored '71 when I was 4 years old in 1975. We went everywhere in that car. My Aunt used to drive us. She is petite...5'4" or so. Reminded me of a mouse driving a tank lol! Once, my cousin and I stood in the back seat and watched a tornado (pre-car seat and seatbelt days) as the Auntie drove like a bat out of h3ll to distance us from it! Anyway, sorry to ramble. Love your road trip car!


New Driver

I had just turned 70 when my wife and I traded our motocycles in on our first Corvette.  We now have a 2012 Cybor Gray Grand Sport convertible, and LOVIN IT!  

We joined the Midwest Corvettes Club, a local group of Corvette owners in the Quad Cities, to enjoy the fellowship and knowledge of Corvette owners.

I have since purchased another motocycle,  but our Corvette is the first pick for road trips.


New Driver

bonestock pics 001.jpgbonestock pics 004.jpgbonestock pics 005.jpg

Pit Crew

1977 international scout II

345 V8. T-19 4 speed 

edelbrock 600cfm carburetor 

My father bought this scout new in 1977.  I grew up in it from carpool pick up to weekend camping trips.  43 years later it is still going strong.  From daily driven to car show cousin to weekend camping 








New Driver

2001 BMW Z3 2.5i

 Sunset at Lake Okeechobee Florida 

 Sunset Lake  OkeechobeeSunset Lake Okeechobee

New Driver

Ultimate Road Trip Car - Born to Run!  Drive all Night!  Good for Racing in the Streets of the Badlands, the Promised Land, Backstreets, the Streets of Philadelphia, the Land of Hopes and Dreams and My Hometown!  Jersey Girl magnet!  Will have you Waiting on a Sunny Day.  Well suited for Thunder Road (with the top up!)


2003 Mercedes CLK430 75,000 miles pictured at E St. and 10th Ave., Belmar, NJ after the passing of the Big Man.E St. and 10th Ave., Belmar NJ after passing of the Big ManE St. and 10th Ave., Belmar NJ after passing of the Big ManFRONT PLATES.jpg    

Pit Crew

Our Route 66 road trip began at the start of RT66, 77 Adams St., Chicago, IL.  We drove 2700 miles over 15 days always on the Mother Road (where possible) as far as Needles, CA.  Total trip was 5303 miles over 21 days and took over 1200 photographs.  Average fuel economy for the entire trip was 27.1 mpg.  I am ready to go again but this time, all the way to Santa Monica, CA.   

The car is a 2015 Stingray 3LT coupe, which I purchased new in June of 2015 and took delivery at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.  This is my second new Corvette.  I love to drive and except for the winter months in Michigan, the car is my daily driver.  Currently, the car has 60,000 plus miles on the clock.  We belong to the Northwest Michigan Corvette Club based in Traverse City, MI.  I have been a  car guy all my life and especially favor any GM brand.


Start of RT66 Road TripStart of RT66 Road TripDay one of RT66 Road tripDay one of RT66 Road tripEnd of Day one in Pontiac, ILEnd of Day one in Pontiac, IL

Pit Crew


 '13 BMW 328i F30 and I'm always out on drives and hitting up our top driving roads on the East Coast

Pit Crew

2009 Audi TT 3.2 

If it’s just the two of us-this is a fun comfortable ‘all year round’ road-trip-mobile.
Out in the winter snow...


A fall run to Mt Tremblant...


Summer drive to Kingston... 


Late spring road trip to Paris(ont)...



New Driver




 1954 Chevrolet 3100 Pickup 

I had a 53 when I was 17 in Reno, NV, but I had to sell it when I enlisted in the service.

 I saw the 54 was for sale, by an old friend, now I road trip Route 66 and the Southwest. 
 It has a 2009 6.0 with 4 speed automatic, disc brakes, A/C, which makes it easy to cruise.

Advanced Driver

492.JPGSeattle to Los Angeles 17 hours. No fuss, no stress. Comfy and capable with a slippery holster.

New Driver

Hi this is my road cruiser. 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham 4403B21E289-2B5F-4080-938C-E6C3B419820D.jpeg5C44004E-5FA7-4652-B34E-2834350EE880.jpegBC066D3D-926E-4F08-A731-1FD2671D023F.jpegF9749A99-0EFC-4A42-AE02-92FF64112D80.jpeg

New Driver

  • My name is Tom and I live in Peterborough County in Ontario Canada. 
  • Thak you Hagerty for all of my insurance needs. 
    Car #1. 1985 Camaro IROC Z28

I bought this car from a local dealer in the early part of 1986. Still a pleasure to drive, especially putting it through the 5 gears behind the 5.0 HO engine 




Car #2. Replica 1927 Bugatti. I acquired this car from a storage unit years ago. It took 18 months to get it back to road worthy. Based on the VW Beetle undercarriage from 1966. This is our Sunday Afternoon tour car and any parades that come about. Lots of cat calls and whistles when you drive by people 




Car #3. 1968 Corvette, 327 Automatic. This car I have owned going on 5 years now. Another that took many months to restore to the safety standards of our area. I do have the original rally wheels for it, just need to get tires. I am doing my best to keep it all original. It belonged to a lady I worked withs father who had passed away. She thought it would have a good home with me. My wife and I both enjoy tours in it quite a lot. Not many pictures of it yet. 


Pit Crew





Greetings to all-
We always enjoy finding a new photo op in our 84 SL! 

Intermediate Driver


Mercedes ML350 Diesel.

Thousand Oaks, CA

I grew up going on road trips. When I started driving myself I traversed the country in sport cars.  Some favorite roads include: PCH, Route 66, I-70 through the Rockies, and the Blue Ridge Pkwy.  When my child was born it was time for a safe and comfy ride to carry on the road trip tradition.  The diesel gets great mpg and has plenty of power to get up and over steep mountain passes.   My love of driving and going on road trips helped inspire me to start a grassroots effort in So Cal that is intended to help drivers cope with the type of driving-related anger that can put a damper on road trip enjoyment. Go to to check it out.  

New Driver




 My wife & I LOVE road trips.  We began in 1985 with the above 1960 Porsche 1600.  It is a true pleasure to drive and is most comfortable.  We have taken it from Iowa to the east coast many times.  We call it our "east coast car."

     When we head west, we prefer a convertible for the mountains and plains.  Then, we take our 2005 Honda S2000.  

2011-08-10 12.08.40.jpeg

New Driver


 Our family car purchased in August, 1954 was bought in Jackson, Mississippi and driven to Lancaster, California where we lived and my dad was employed at Edwards AFB where he was stationed during the war.
We traveled to and from Lancaster to Louisiana from 1955 to 1965. 

I do not have any photos of those trips because we traveled at night to avoid the summer heat and slept during the days.  

 We still use the car for parades and Sunday drives.  We even have the original bill of sale.  
Caledonia is a part of the Coney family. 

New Driver

New Driver

New Driver

New Driver


This is my 2005 Porsche 911.  I had wanted to own a 911 since I was a teen.  After  I sold my last motorcycle, I found this slightly used beauty.  It’s been up and down the Pacific Coast many times and it’s been been fun every time.

New Driver

My son found this 1999 Boxster for me in Portland, OR.  I flew out to pick it up and 2100 miles later I’m back in Illinois.  There’s just something about the whir of that flat six!NebraskaNebraskaBarry, IllinoisBarry, Illinois

Intermediate Driver

Postcard from Alaska.JPG


My wife and I have been enjoying our road trips throughout the US and Canada in our 86  Mustang GT since 1992. We have been to every Canadian province and territory and every US state accessible by road. Only Hawaii and Nunavut have been missed so far due to rather wet (or non-existent) road conditions between here and there.


Although the picture above was taken on the Charlotte Motor Speedway in 1995, we made it into a postcard which we sent to all of our friends from Anchorage Alaska when we added our 49th US state to our list of road trips in this car. 


Since our initial road trip in 92, we have been upgrading and maintaining our Mustang to keep it as reliable as possible so that we are totally confident in taking it anywhere. With almost a half million kilometres on the clock, it has only given us two problems on the road that delayed our progress. One was a dead alternator and the other a distributor pick-up coil. Neither problem has shaken our confidence in going anywhere with our Grand Touring Mustang. 


Pit Crew



We really have two "Road Trip & Tour Cars" depending on the event...

If it's just my wife and I and some fun twisty tarmac, we take our 1993 Acura NSX...

Although many consider a great super car in its day - it really makes for a great touring car!!! Especially with the fitted luggage we acquired for her!!! 

She was a BLAST on the Tail Of The Dragon a year ago, October!!!

If another couple is involved we opt for "Mame", our 1976 Caddy Seville we inherited from my Grandmother...

I helped her pick it out when she bought it new in July 1975 - so we're only the second owners!!!

My Grandmother was very much like "Auntie Mame", hence the Caddy's acquired nickname!!!

New Driver

Limo 2019.jpeg

Two suggestions for a Road Trip/Driving Tour car: 1) Just about any contemporary Crew Cab pickup truck (lots of room, huge "trunk" for cooler and luggage, air/cruise/tilt/sound).  2) "Marge", my 2000 Cadillac DeVille 6-door limo (comfy, AM/FM/cassette, seats 9 and unique, Large Marge is in charge). 

New Driver

DSCN3279.JPGDSCN3294.JPGDSCN3383.JPGHad just a wonderful trip in our Model A Fords ( about 5 of us) from Johannesburg to the  province of Free State in South Africa ( about a 6 hour trip) to attend the Sandstone Steam Engine festival. The biggest private collection of steam engines in the Southern Hemisphere. Spent 3 days ferrying visitors, in our Rumble Seats from the old central train station to the awaiting airplanes ( Tiger Moths, Chipmunks and Harvards) where the visitors went for a spin in the 'planes. Met people from all over the world, as the event is quite special. I think they had about 20 trains running with drivers and crew from New Zealand, Canada, USA, Argentina, England, Scotland etc. Most memorable trip. Regards to all and what a great service you give at Hagerty, almost as good as the service we gave to visitors in our Rumble Seats! Cheers, Aubrey ( Mine is the Blue, Model A Deluxe Roadster, attached).

Community Manager

My goodness that sounds like a fun event and it looks like you had a great time!  Thank you so much for sharing, it's wonderful to see car enthusiasts sharing their stories, especially ones from outside of North America! 


Like a whole lot of other, and generally more important, events this year a couple of good road trips that my wife and I had planned were cancelled. One was a group tour of the Cascade Mtns. in Washington State and the other was just us on our more-or-less annual trip south to spend a few days on the Oregon coast. Maybe next year.


We did get in one good some single day drives with our local Lotus club and also managed a four day group tour through BC (a couple of pics already in the Hagerty Lounge ). The longer trips gave us a plan for a trip next spring – we stopped for lunch one day at a diner in Little Fort, BC (pop. approx. 350) where I had the best burger I’ve had in decades. It’s only about 4 ½ hours from home, so that’s not too far to drive for a good meal.


Anyway, the point here is road trip cars. We are fortunate enough to have a choice but usually use one of two cars, both Lotus, for road trips.


The primary road trip car is a 1997 Esprit V8.



Great road trip car – comfortable, lots of power and enough luggage space for an extended trip. At the risk of a slightly less than tasteful comment, and one that shows my vintage, it is one of few mid-engine cars I’ve seen that pass the “Jimmy Hoffa” test. You could fit an adult person in the trunk.

Jimmy's not, and never has been in here. But he could have fit.Jimmy's not, and never has been in here. But he could have fit.

The second road trip car is a supercharged 2010 Elise.

Sea to Sky.jpg



Just about as fast as the Esprit, at least to the point that they’ll be taking me away in cuffs, and surprisingly comfortable over distance. The trunk fails the Jimmy test but we can still cram a lot of stuff in there in small bags. A few years ago we used it to attend a wedding in San Francisco, about 1000 miles each way.


Next April we’ll have to decide which one to take for a burger.

New Driver

New Driver

This is my 1998 Cobra Mustang which I bought new. I was a young 48, now I am an old 69, coincidently my graduation year. I have lowered it slightly over an inch, put Saleen 17" wheels with 285/30's rear and 265/30's front. Spicer U-joints, Eaton posi. Engine basically stock except for the E-3 spark plugs and K&N air filter...I have driven it all over the western US mostly in it's first 10 years of life. It loves Highway 50 and lots of windy roads in Colorado.

It has just over 70,000 and is not driven very much these days. I have to admit, very ashamedly, that the battery died couple weeks ago, even tho I try to take it out at least every couple weeks....Lots of BIG fires in California and Covid...Plus, after 23 years, the A/C did not come on last week! How can that be? No problems for decades and now it won't work!...Just kidding, obviously. Best car I ever owned, despite the fact there are other cars I would prefer owning. Apologies, but it's true. If only I had lots of money, there would be Porsches, Lamborghini's, Ferrari's etc. in the garage! Actually, this car tooIMG_5254_crop.jpgIMG_5258_crop.jpgIMG_5260.JPGIMG_5262.JPG...

I knew nothing of Cobra Mustangs way back in '98, until the day I decided I wanted to hear the rumble of an American V-8. Went and test drove a GT while the salesman regaled me with Cobra's and that absolutely wonderful 4-Cam aluminum V-8 with 6-bolt mains!! What a mistake THAT was. Next weekend I was at Ford dealership that sold Cobras. There was a line of convertibles and this ONE bright chrome yellow coupe. I was not a fan of it's color, but...who wants a heavy, more expensive, FLEXIBLE convertible?? Not me...Drove it Saturday, picked it up Monday. Now I love it's color, even tho it is much more noticeable than 'arrest me red'. Not that I drive it in a fashion that could get me arrested...

It's number 2789 off the assembly line of around 5100. I imagine that there are now less '98 Cobras than it's build number still on the road today.


Pit Crew

1.JPGPikes Peak Vacation 524.JPGPikes Peak Vacation 666.JPGA little late to the party on this one! My favorite road trip car is my 06’ Chrysler 300C SRT8, the Only new car I ever owned. With bolt on’s it ran high 12’s @ 112 in the ¼, and I was still able to get up to 24 mpg commuting (hypermiling). It was my work car till I retired in 13’. In Sept 19’ I turned 60 and my Puppy turned 70 and we decided to get out of Dodge! We did 8 states and 3341 miles to motorhead locations starting with Pikes Peak, then Bonneville, then to Evel’s Snake River jump site. Sure glad we did it then before we were welded in the house! We certainly didn’t baby it (I will leave it at that!) and made 1000 miles one day! Even with all the traffic, construction etc, and with 295’s on the back, we still got over 20 mpg. I really can’t imagine a better, more comfortable road trip car. We are just outside the Country of CHOP.   


My 1997 Cadillac Eldorado 2 door coupe 300HP power and ready to rock. Owner for over a decade and purchased it from an elderly lady when she was about to retire down in Orange county (South of L.A. county). From L.A. to Vegas and back,e.t.c.... my ride has ultimately been very reliable and fortunate enough to own this late 90's Caddy!!94747448_1323691681149897_6656702917954764800_o.jpg95385918_1323692031149862_9017282708375601152_o.jpg

Intermediate Driver

2008 Audi S5 conversion to RS5.  It has the pop up deck lid spoiler, brakes, 20" wheels, grill, guages, carbon package from RS5.

Has a tuned and modified V8 with 6 speed manual.

Fantastic highway car.