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Show us your Restored Cars

Congratulations to @larryra and their awesome 1953 Studebaker
for getting the most likes in our Restored car show!

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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Restored Cars.

Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you

No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 19 November will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

New Driver



New Driver

Wilys 001.jpgDSC02587.JPGDSC02593.JPGDSC02591.JPGtrip home (2).jpg

What I would like to ask is if you would even think of a 1953 Willys Overland  1ton, 4x4, that was built to be a 2 wheel drive street rod with a 60s-70s build .

  My 53 is called Herman, that was my dads nick name for me, plus Herman is built with the best of other trucks , Ford, Chevy, Jeep,and yes some Mopar too.  Herman started out over 16 years ago when I had it brought to me from Nebraska , bought through a Hemmings ad. It was tired to say the best, blown rear axle , froze up chevy 283 under the hood , and yes it was all pieced together in farm truck fashion.  I had a dream!, Had it since I was in High School in the late 60s and early 70s. I started to gather bits and pieces her and there. I gathered information and parts. Front axle is a Fatmans , mustangII cross member and TCI tube control arms, I did the measuring and fitting of the front suspension in place , I removed all the old 4x4 springs and axles , front and rear, carful to mark axle center lines.  Made a few trips to a friends salvage yard looking for a Ford 9 inch rear.  Had the over all width and a tape measure. Found a 78 Tbird was 1 in wider than the stock rear so I got it and cleaned it up and rebuilt it.. Rear springs are new S10 pieces , the front hangers are also from an S10 and the rear hangers are from a 79 Jeep CJ.  Lining it all up took time and lots of measuring. I worked on Herman for about 8 years doing what I could slowly, and the I had a run in with Cancer.  I survived but I just didn’t have the skill and strength to finish the work.. Looking for a shop to take on the work was rough.. some said they would come look and let me know , well they never came even after back up phone calls.. Then I called Wind Fall Rod Shop in Titusville pa. They showed interest in it and I took a book of photos over to show them.. They liked it and liked my plan for the truck. It seems they like working on orphans and odd things.. It was set, they would finish my Willys!  I hauled it over and the shop owner and the rest of the staff came out and went over the truck like a swarm of ants.. they loved it.. I had the engine in along with the transmission , the engine is a slightly warmed 350 chevy  , 30 over with crane cam , Police car heads with roller tip rockers , aluminum intake with Holly 650 dual feed double pump carb. Acell HEI distributor , transmission is a Borg Warner Super T10.  The trans was out of a Firebird formula and I had it on hand.

  The main work the rod shop had to do was body and paint. They corrected all of my mistakes and made it shine.. We worked closely as I knew where to get Willys parts if needed and let them know my plan.. some things didn’t work out and we adjusted .  The engine sat over 10 years after I built it till the day we fired it up.. but it sounded great and yes runs great on the road.. rear axle has 3:25 gears..

  OK I ran on.  I don’t have the money to head out to major shows to be seen , but have taken it to the small one around here, and get a lot of response there and at the gas pumps too. 

  Just wanted to let you know Im a disabled vet from the Air Force, 71-91. I am very proud of my dream  that came true..  Hope you like it and might find it to be worth some print

New Driver






 I bought this from the original owner 3 years ago. He’s in his 80’s now. He and his son tore this apart in 1989 to restore it, and there it sat until I bought it in 2017! It took 3 years, but it finally was finish in late October 2020 to the factory original color scheme (except the wheels). She’s back on the road after sitting for 30 years! 

Intermediate Driver

MGTD001.jpgMGTD005.jpgd9 067.JPG2517.JPG10612854_765139333532869_1734175265242259624_n.jpg

New Driver

She is a beauty !!
Intermediate Driver

1954 MG TF ... The Green Hornet0010.jpg0021.jpgfor bud 122.jpgIMG_1665.JPGGOF 2009 231_crop.jpgP1010177.JPG

New Driver

I bought this 1953 Studebaker on eBay, and it was pretty much as I expected except for the frame.  It was totally rusted out and had to be replaced.  The replacement frame came from a 1963 Studebaker Hawk, including bigger brakes, stronger structure and a '62 289.  After several years of intermittent work, I now have a good cruiser in driver condition.  


Rusted frame -- gone!Rusted frame -- gone!Front crossmember completely rusted out.Front crossmember completely rusted out.Fiberglass fenders replaced.Fiberglass fenders replaced.Old frame on the way out.Old frame on the way out.Body was better than the frame.Body was better than the frame.Interior was shot too.Interior was shot too.New (to me) frame and 289 engine.New (to me) frame and 289 engine.Working on the body, little by little/Working on the body, little by little/A comfy interior for a cruise.A comfy interior for a cruise.Finally, ready for prime time.Finally, ready for prime time.

Intermediate Driver

1979 Triumph TR8 CoupeIMG_6848.JPGIMG_6862.JPGIMG_6868.JPGIMG_6869.JPGIMG_3740.JPGIMG_0531.JPGIMG_0728.JPGFire 040.JPGNuts to Redstone July 2020 108.JPG

Intermediate Driver

Seriously, you took an ugly Triumph duckling to a frigging ugly **bleep** ! Sorry mate, but it's the ugly truth !
Pit Crew

my father bought this scout II new in October of 1976.   He drove it every day till in high school i took it over and it became my daily driver.  After many years and countless tips to school, work and date nights, the scout's body was in ruins.  Major body work was needed,  in 2016 with the help of IH Parts America we began a year re wire, body swap and suspension upgrade.   fast forward to 2020 the re built  body is doing great and we are still on the original engine and drive train with 500,000+ miles. DSC_0045.jpgDSC_0142-Edit.jpgIMG_1040-Edit.jpgSDC10778.jpgIMG_8161.JPGIMG_8162.JPGIMG_8164.JPGIMG_8737.JPGIMG_8738.JPGIMG_8833.JPGIMG_8848.JPG_DSC7261.jpg_DSC7691-Edit.jpg_DSC7707.jpg

Intermediate Driver

1969 MGBP1010194.JPGP1010196.JPGP1010197.JPGP1010184.JPGfor bud 323.jpgP1010173.JPGP1010174.JPGIMG_4723.JPG

New Driver


1919 Pierce-Arrow Series 31 7 passenger touring.

Pit Crew

Now!!!!  That Pierce Arrow restoration is one hell of a job!!!  There's a few years of your life you will never get back, but you can always be buried in it or you can get one of those laser engraved tombstones like the ex-soviet mafia have with a picture of you leaning on the car -  Life size of course.  Personally I'm going for one with the button you push and the car sound plays and a recording of my voice says "Hi.  How are you?  Nice of you to come by."

New Driver

This car spent most of it's life in San Francisco CA.  It was next parked in FL for some years, then more years storage in New Orleans.  I received it as a gift from my son in 2012, and trailered it home to Michigan.  Restoration took the last 7 years.  Now better than new in many respects.  A blast to drive.P1020638.JPGIMG_0934.JPGP1020979.JPG004 - Copy (6).JPG007 - Copy (6).JPG014 - Copy (7).JPG004 - Copy (7).JPG

New Driver

78 Pacer Wagon with 69,000 Orig. miles78 Pacer Wagon with 69,000 Orig. milesAfter 238 all new suspensions and PaintAfter 238 all new suspensions and PaintIMG_2089.JPGIMG_0717.JPGinside1.jpginside2.jpginside3.jpg

New Driver

My 1972 Dodge Challenger Rallye Hemi Orange.Revealing the problemsRevealing the problemsTrunk area needs repairingTrunk area needs repairingBoth quarter panels had problemsBoth quarter panels had problemsGetting the quarter panels fittedGetting the quarter panels fittedIMG_0959.JPGsanding and fillingsanding and fillingIMG_0037.JPGFinally done!Finally done!

New Driver



 My father bought this 1969 Plymouth Barracuda new. I learned to drive in it and went to the prom with it. It sat in my garage for 25 years and it took me 3 years to restore this beauty. Pop would be proud!

Hagerty Fan
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New Driver

Always wanted a Mini and now was the time. Found the POS barley running in Atascadero CA. Drove down from the S.F. bay area and struck a deal. 10 Months later and having a ball drive the "Clown Car".DSCF2083s.jpgDSCF2123s.jpgDSCF2275s.jpgDSCF2274s.jpgDSCF2289s.jpg

Hagerty Fan
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1939 ford coupe deluxe.owned since 1985.purchased from know ville tenn.restore over period of 10 years.warren mi.

Hagerty Fan
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 1939 ford coupe dlx.owned 35 years.knoxville car.15 year slow restore.still runs a flathead.warren mi

New Driver

L79 327cid/350hp

4spd Close Ration Muncie

3:55 Positraction Differential

Factory A/C, PB, PW

Telescopic Steering Column

Speed Minder Speedometer


Late 2014 when I pulled this 1967 Coupe into my garage

Late 2014 when I pulled this 1967 Coupe into my garageLate 2014 when I pulled this 1967 Coupe into my garage

L79 327cid/350hp (Rebuilt)

5spd Close Ration (Silver Sport Transmission)

3:55 Positraction Differential

Factory PS, PB, PW

Vintage Air A/C

Telescopic Steering Column

Speed Minder Speedometer

Indy U101 Mags w/BFG 235-60R15 T/A Radials

Leather Seats


Early 2020 after getting it licensed for the road


Built to drive.

Pit Crew

We bought this 1938 Jaguar 1.5 litre Saloon in 1985 and 35 years later it is still a work in progress.  It was barely running at the time and our intention was to restore it but after looking at how difficult and expensive it would be to get parts in the USA we quickly decided against that.  A friend took be to a Street Rod car show and after looking at the cars and meeting the owners we decided that was definitely the way to go.  It now has a Chevy V-6, Automatic, A/C, Mustang II front end, Comet rear end - everything needed to comfortably cruise 70 mph on the highway.  1985 and the Jag is now a part of our family1985 and the Jag is now a part of our familyAt Masterpiece Street Rods getting all new mechanicals.At Masterpiece Street Rods getting all new mechanicals.A great running, modern on the inside, original on the outside car.A great running, modern on the inside, original on the outside car.beep, beep!beep, beep!

New Driver

In High School. Note the Gremlin!In High School. Note the Gremlin!Mustang1.jpgMustang6.jpgMustang3.jpgIMG_2336.JPGLiving in MarylandLiving in Maryland

This 1970 Ford Mustang Convertible built in Dearborn, Michigan was purchased used by my dad around 1975 for around $1200. He drove it, my older sister, my younger sister and I all drove it in High School. Luckily, it survived!


I took my driving test in it on my 16th birthday!


Fast forward to the early 1990’s and the car had been sitting outside my parent’s house the whole time and then Hurricane Andrew blew through Miami with the eye about a mile or so south of where the car was. It was pretty badly damaged and there was a lot of debris in the car. 


I made a deal with my dad and took the car to Texas with me when we left Miami the following year. The car spent about four years in various states of rebuild and repair. See pics. As far as cost to restore, I really can’t say but my wife can probably tell you to the penny. I will tell you that it is all original Ford metal from several salvage yards and I did buy a wreck and used those parts including the center console and the front disk brakes. There is no lead or bondo anywhere in this car!


It is not all stock nor was I trying to have it be. It has an Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, an Edelbrock 1406 4-barrel carburetor and a Pertronix electronic ignition system. The car delivered new with the factory in-dash AC. It is still installed but I never use it. My philosophy is: If it isn’t nice enough to drive with the top down, I don’t drive it.

New Driver

My car is a 1964 TR4 which is my first car and recently restored car. I purchased it brand new from Car International while in the USMC in Okinawa for $2534 cash. I was a helicopter crew chief and gunner at the time seeing action in Vietnam and the Bay of Tonkin Incident. Like many servicemen at the time, it gave me time to dream into of what was to come following this difficult tour. It was delivered to Long Beach, Cal. for my triumphant drive home following my discharge. A shipping strike cause it to arrive late and I had to fly back out to pick it up. The first trip took me all the way up Route 66 to St Louis and then on to Lafayette, In. I started the Spring Semester at Purdue University as a 22 year old Freshman, combat Marine, and a brand new red, Triumph TR4. I drove it actively until 1973 when it became parked in the garage till 2019 and my wife said please do something with that car. A small body shop in Reese, Mi. agreed to fix it up and by the time we got done it had 4 new fenders, complete front suspension rebuild, new lights interior, and combination of new chrome parts and plating. It looks better than when I picked it up. A couple weeks ago I got my old friend back and the same excitement is still there.


The first picture is a younger owner picking it up Calif, next is it in the body shop striped down with the new fenders, and the last in my new/old ride. Picking up in Calif new in 1964Picking up in Calif new in 1964Stripped down for rebuildStripped down for rebuildP1060712.JPGFinished productFinished productOriginal Plate that came with carOriginal Plate that came with carNew plate for driving in this StateNew plate for driving in this State

New Driver

1945 Ford F1 PickupDSC_0010.JPGDSC_0011.JPGDSC_0007.JPGDSC_0009.JPGIMG_1719.JPGIMG_1723.JPGIMG_1819.JPGIMG_1823.JPGIMG_1820.JPGIMG_2675.JPG

New Driver

Thanks!  There were some terrific projects in the contest.


Pit Crew

9A66C096-424A-4FCD-8FE5-95B19766A509.jpegA0A5A9F3-95D7-4C62-81E5-16CAA66A5AE8.jpeg817CF9D7-3B81-4263-BEEF-9253F096D381.jpeg41677499-8330-4F92-9F42-DB77356B1DC3.jpeg856D2F1B-6B0C-481C-BE5F-0F377BD39CDE.jpeg85BD7C23-C744-4FD9-9911-1E53296A0133.jpeg7EEA27C1-D155-4C4A-A600-6D60AC337827.jpegAC22671E-7DBF-4EDB-BC47-EC7FD4B9689A.jpeg1959 Elva Courier 3905 original miles when nut and bolt restoration began 2nd owner.  Restored to original shipped condition