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Re: Show us your Red, White or Blue Cars

Pit Crew


Looks to be a lot of Corvette fans on here, and although I no longer have one, I just stumbled across an old pic of two that I had in the past and they are red, and in a sea of red! And since we have no Independence Day celebrations anymore just outside of the new Country of CHOP, this virtual show is the closest this old man will get!


The 68’ is an L68 427 400 hp Tri-Power with a 4 speed. I had sold it to a friend at this point. The 62’ was still mine and had a 327 (331) that I over did a bit, but all with period correct parts, like the huge Chet Herbert solid roller cam. It put out 501 hp on the Desktop Dyno and felt like it, but the drivability was horrible. Hence the baby Comp Thumper in our Tiger. Like the porridge, “just right”!


The red boat (and semi) was Reggie Fountain’s old 47' race boat. I was lucky enough to ride in it twice, once with triple 1400 hp Gentry twin turbo’ed motors, and once after it was “pleasurized” with “only” triple 1000 hp Mercs.


Happy 4th, I hope you still have celebrations where you are!


Re: Show us your Red, White or Blue Cars

New Driver
Lucky you! It's fabulous