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Community Manager

Show us your Red, White or Blue Cars

Congratulations to @TrentSteeves and @Richard1 for getting the most likes in our Red, White or Blue car show!


Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Red, White or Blue Cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 2 July will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

Pit Crew


1989 Ford Taurus LX wagon in twilight blue over medium titanium. Ford sold hundreds of thousands of Tauruses, but probably only a few people drove away in a car with every option available, and this is one of those, with the crown jewel being the sunroof, which was fairly common on SHO models, and even LX sedans, but very few wagons had this. In January of 2006 I was looking for an '86-'88 wagon with a sunroof, and couldn't find a single one, but there was one 1989 wagon with a sunroof - in the entire country. I searched auto trader advertisements and didn't limit my search distance, and found this in Seattle, 1,200 miles away, and ended up driving it to San Diego, and that's a whole story in itself.89LX01.JPG89LX04.JPGThe interior is shadow blue, and the headliner and interior lighting are different from non-sunroof models in order to accommodate the sunroof.100_1924.JPGThe code for the keyless entry became irrelevant after about a dozen times of using it, as the motions of my hand and fingers developed a rhythm of punching the buttons which became second nature. Only cars with the keyless entry option have the additional door lock illumination. It's nice to never have to worry about locking your keys inside the car.

Community Manager

I am a huge fan of the Taurus/Sable. I guess its a generational thing, because they blew my mind when I was a 9 year old kid upon first seeing them at the dealership.  Thank you for sharing and keeping this modern classic on the road! 

New Driver

14D207E5-C041-4CAF-B78D-B5C1F5469EE6.jpegThis is my ‘08 Chevy Colorado. I know it’s not a hot rod, she’s a humble work truck. Just a couple thousand miles and she’ll have 300,000. She’s been a true work horse. Gen 1, I-5, 3.7L.

Thanks to y’all and your videos I think I’m going to rebuild the motor and keep up with the needed repairs instead of trading her in. 


Corsa side profile.jpg

Community Manager

Yes!  Save all the Regular Cab trucks! @Chevyguy67

New Driver

My favorite photo of Red, White AND Blue Cars

For Hagerty photo contest -- 2019-11-15_M3 - Alfa - 911 Longhood-76975-2.jpg

Cars, from right to left:

  • Red - my 1974 Alfa Romeo GTV 2000
  • White - a 1960s Porsche 911S
  • Blue - my 2001 BMW E46 M3
  • Location:  California

I was excited to have the opportunity to get these three cars in the same photo.  They are two cars from my decades-long dream list that I'm already very fortunate to own, and the next car (1960s Porsche 911 or 912) that I hope someday to be able to own.  The common factor for why I love these cars is their beautiful aesthetic designs that are well proportioned, with perfect lines, and are timeless and iconic;  they are each fabulous driver's cars that handle in unique and engaging ways and are simply fun to drive;  and every one was advanced and ground breaking in some way at the time released. 

New Driver

My 2014 Shelby GT500.


All options except glass roof. It is 1 of 258 produced for the 2014 model year.


New Driver



 1970 numbers matching, 400 4 speed.

Pit Crew


This is our 65’ Sunbeam Tiger. I purchased it in 2018 after retiring and selling our 27’ Eliminator Daytona of a quarter century. My childhood friend had a Tiger when we were kids and still had it. He came by in it and I said I should have bought one when they were affordable. He said you can still find them and turned me on to a couple. This one was probably the cheapest in the country at the time, but for some good reasons. The biggest was someone had put a C4 auto in it. I used to be a Corvette fan and have had six. I think what drew me to this Tiger was it reminded me of my old red and white 61’ that also had dual quads. Sandy (aka “Hank Kimball”) of gave me a good deal on a brand new aluminum David Kee Toploader and Hurst linkage (when he decided to go with a Jerico in his race Tiger), and polishing the turd began. I was ready to paint the stripes silver, but fell in love with the red, white, and blue (engine). The engine is a 68’ 302 (308) and I recently added a baby Comp Thumper cam, and some NOS Sanderson headers that I had Jet-Hot coated. It’s still the slowest car I own, but the funnest! We are just outside the new country of CHOP.

Pit Crew

020.JPGDroid 088.jpg

Not a car, but a red classic. This is our 69’ (one year only) Honda SL90. I purchased it in 2017’. I had a 69’ Honda MiniTrail 50 when I was a kid and ran across my old 69’ brochure. There were many bikes per page, but two pages of the SL90! I remembered dreaming of one back then, but it was soo big (lol), and so out of reach! I searched eBay for Honda SL’s and nothing! Tried Craigslist and there was one, a red 90 just like in the brochure, and it had previously been on display at the LeMay Museum. I came home with it that night! My Puppy and I have well over 200 miles on it together, and have completed two (VME) vintage bike rides on Vashon Island WA on it, including the TT. I figure I started in diapers then small bikes, and now I am back to small bikes, and you know what’s next! lol 8hp has never been so fun! lol We are just outside the new country of Chop.