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Show us your Red, White or Blue Cars

Congratulations to @TrentSteeves and @Richard1 for getting the most likes in our Red, White or Blue car show!


Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Red, White or Blue Cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 2 July will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

New Driver


 in s,j California my 90 5.7 iroc last year for the iroc i had this car for four years still needs a little  attention one day hope to get it redone 

Hagerty Employee










I like to call this one my Mopar Unicorn, it’s a 1961 Dodge Polara D500 four door sedan with a 383 V8 engine that is factory equipped with the dual quad Ram Induction intake system.  I use the term Unicorn as only 80 Ram Induction Polara’s where built in 1061 with only 11 of those being four door sedans!


Now to make this car more unique it is a rust free unrestored survivor, I even have paperwork on this car almost back to day one including SMOG cards from California in the 60’s! The exterior paint is not original but it was done sometime in the late 80’s early 90’s to correct a Whole bunch of scratches from having been used as a storage shelf for many years, all inner doors, door jams, under hood trunk area is 100% the paint it left the factory with.  The interior is all original other than the passenger side seat bottom has had a cloth panel replaced with NOS correct material. We’ve had the car for close to 10 years and I’ve been collecting information on these cars since the first time I saw it several years before we purchased it and have met a few people that I consider experts on these cars, they tell me this is likely the only survivor 61 Ram Induction Polara in existence. I’ve yet to find another, but I’m always researching! 

The car is currently located in Hillsbough New Brunswick Canada. A long ways from Whittier California were it was purchased new 59 years ago..... for over $4000!!! 

Community Manager

I love your Polara!  Seeing that motor in an unassuming sedan is beyond awesome! 

Hagerty Employee

Thanks @Sajeev! It’s the ultimate sleeper Hotrod with 330 horsepower and 460 ft/lbs of torque stock it surprises a lot of people at a stop light but even more so at highway speeds, it easily buries the needle
Community Manager

Oh I bet it does!  Very awesome! 


What a lucky guy!!!! A true jewel. I knew of only one when I was just a boy. Swore I would own one some day......That day aint here yet. Run it and enjoy it. Good luck and stay safe.


My bad man..I replied to my own post. I meant to send it to you and your beautiful Polara 500. What a great car. I've only saw one in person way back in the day. You're a lucky guy!!

Hagerty Employee

Hey Jonz... beautiful Falcon! Dad has a really nice 1963 1/2 Ranchero with the 260v8, I put many miles on it before I got my own cars. The Polara is certainly a unique piece, it’s not something you ever see at a show, I always say it’s kind of odd, and a a little odd looking just like the current owner! Haha

Thanks for the reply man, Still not sure I'm doin this right. Tried to reply to you just a few minutes ago but musta hit the wrong button! I love the 63 models more than any of the Falcons. Restored one (Sprint) for my youngest son until he showed his A-- in it. Took it away and got him a truck to finish trashing. Gonna try to post you a pic of my wifes 63 Convert. Hope it works. Your Dad is a lucky guy also. I'm lookin for one of those Rancheros now. Who 66 yrs now my options are runnin out. However I would cherish it. Stay in touch and stay safe!his-hers.JPG

Hagerty Employee

@jonZ   absolutely gorgeous cars!!!  I agree, the 63's are the prettiest of the bunch, we tried to but a sprint 10 years or more ago but lost out on the deal. We've had the ranchero since the late 90's it was a pretty nice Arizona car when we got it, But we have had it completely apart for body and paint, suspension rebuild, vintage air, new interior, etc. etc. .... its a really really nice taint! Dad call's it his Taint, because it taint a car and it taint a truck!  haha  


If your really looking for one, its coming up for sale. Dad turned 74 last month and has decided to pare down his collection. I'll send you a private message.falcon.jpg


Technically not a car but it's blue.20190704_182118.jpg

Intermediate Driver

My Safety White Bricklin SV1, the only one on the road in in the uk 😎 



New Driver

1996 Corvette Grandsport Z51 Coupe with PowerEffects dual exhaust.

I've had this Vette since it was "born" in 1996.  When I originally ordered it, it was a no-show for 6 months so I cancelled the order.  One month later, the dealership calls me to tell me it finally came in.  Once I saw the car in person there was no other choice than to buy it! 

Red, White AND BlueRed, White AND Blue


GrandSportAnnivPoster-534 (1).jpg

The Grand Sport featured special Admiral Blue exterior with a White stripe up the hood and over the rear deck, two Red hash marks over the left front fender, Black spoke "ZR-1" style wheels, chrome badging and embroidery on the headrests. But what really made the GS grand was the one year only LT4 engine! This power plant featured 10.8:1 compression, revised aluminum heads and camshaft, Crane roller rockers and put out a "conservatively" rated 330hp. The LT4's redline was also increased to 6300 rpm (5700 rpm for LT1), so LT4-equipped models had 8000 rpm tachometers instead of the base 6000 rpm. This engine was only available with the 6-spd manual transmission and only 1000 Grand Sports (Coupe and Convertible) were built, the most coveted being the GS Convertible with red/black interior of which only 53 were produced.



Chevrolet Corvette Grandsport #550

New Driver

Re: 1996 Corvette Grandsport Z51 Coupe


Located in Fanwood, NJ

Pit Crew

Lucky you! It's fabulous
Intermediate Driver

And this is my French blue Renault Alpine GTA Turbo, one of around 300 Right Hand Drive cars produced and 1 of 8 sold in 1990 😎



 I don’t have a red car at the moment ☹️

New Driver

1972 Chevrolet Blazer 

True 2WD with a 383 (375 hp), Hooker headers, HD 700R4 transmission, 3:73 gears, Eaton Posi rear-end, Ride-Tech Street Grip performance suspension, Factory Tach, Factory Tilt, Hidden Hitch, 20” U.S. Mags with Nitto 420 rubber.  😎

1 of 3357 made.

Pit Crew


 2013 BMW 328i F30 in Liquid Blue Metallic

Pit Crew

Our car was built in 2001 and featured in a Pontiac enthusiast magazine. It made it's way around the show circuit and sold off. It's gone through a few owners and shows it's age a little. I have been repairing and updating it over the past couple of years. It has a 500hp 462ci Pontiac and a TH 350 trans with a GM 10 bolt out of a TransAm with disc brakes all around. The 61-63 small Pontiacs are a niche collector car, they originally came with a swing axle IRS. There are avid collectors of Lil-Indian cars and parts. I know with todays climate of racial discrimination Lil-Indian could be insulting to some but it's just what they call the cars. It's a 60's style hot rod and a blast to drive. My wife and I bought it to have some fun with unfortunately I lost her to cancer this past May so everything I do to the car is in tribute to her beauty, power and timelessness.


s-l1600 (1).jpeg

s-l1600 (7).jpeg


s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg

s-l1600 (5).jpg

Pit Crew

To my fellow Little Indians club member, so sorry for your loss :o(


My 63 convertible has the original transaxle, a 326 V8 and auto trans.  Just took her out to cruise PCH along the coast.



Here is my BLUEHere is my BLUE

Pit Crew

Sweet ride. I grew up in SoCal and cruised PCH many times. Social distancing at its best.
New Driver



 This is a 1967 C10, that I have had for 44 years. My wife of 43 years and high school sweethearts dated, drove after the wedding, brought two children home from hospital and so much more. 

New Driver

1966 GT 2+2 "A" code

Bought it from 2nd. owner 34 years ago.

Factory 4 speed GT with several vintage original upgrades.

Full Shelby GT350R suspension, steering & street model prototype roll bar.

K-engine, fitted with rare Ford Trans Am intake, 9" Trac-Lok diff.


  • British Columbia, Canada19.JPG20.jpgEngine comp. 2, old.JPGinterior 1.JPG


New Driver

Pit Crew

1973 Trans Am 


New Driver


 2014 GT500.

Intermediate Driver

oops, thought you meant red, white AND blue....OK, had to crop out the gold one.



New Driver

I built MK2AT50 as a tribute to the 50th anniversary of the Jensen Interceptor Mk II (1969-2019). My idea was to create the car as if Jensen hadn't gone under in 1976 and they were building this special edition today. Vintage lines and proportions with 21st century bells and whistles. 6 litre built LS motor with 6 speed automatic, burl walnut interior, keyless ignition, proximity lock & arm, power rear boot, bluetooth, navigation, DVD, 8 way power bucket seats, custom body modifications, etc.IMG_0589.JPGIMG_0577.JPGIMG_0630.JPGIMG_0764.JPG20200121_181327.jpg20200121_181228.jpg

Pit Crew

Very cool
Advanced Driver

QUEENS ENGLISH 2014 016.JPGIMGP1846.JPGI have red, blue&white.

New Driver




New Driver


Let's hear it for the Red, White and Blue! **

My red 1974 Triumph TR6 (Trixie)

My friend Kay's white 1973 Triumph TR6

My blue 1973 Triumph TR6 (Treena)

We took this photo at the Western Washington All British Field Meet in Kenmore WA a few years ago.  Trixie has moved to Florida with a great new owner.  Kay bought her car in the 80's and gave her a full restoration a few years ago.  And Treena and I are at 21 years and counting.  

Happy July 4th!  Back road tours are a great way to socially distance!


** it's the Union Jack too! 

Pit Crew


My 1973 Ford Maverick...Nostalgia purchase 3 years ago as my wife had one in high school before we were married. She passed away suddenly in January of this year. A couple weeks later I received the Marti Report showing this is 1 of 23 built as optioned! It's a keeper!



Pit Crew

My recent purchase, a 1967 Pontiac LeMans convertible. Original engine and only 75K miles. Very cool car not made into a GTO clone. IMG_5977.JPGIMG_5980.JPG

Pit Crew


 1973 Super Beetle. Has original import papers from Germany. Never been restored, but did get a color change in 1986.

Car is at Fort Frances, Ontario, Canada.

New Driver


I’ve always wanted a Packard, A 1937 model, Especially a convertible. My wife surprised Me on my 60th birthday with A big party and my dream Car! Wrapped in Packard blue paint. We live in Texas, she found it up north on-line and had it shipped down a couple of weeks before the party, so a lady-friend volunteered her  garage....she enjoyed it so much, she threw a wine and cheese party in her garage for the car so Her friends could get a sneak peek at it!  I’m now 68 and my daughter has claimed it when i pass on....which I'm glad of. 

New Driver


  •  68 Pontiac Firebird

Located in South Jersey.  Always been a Pontiac lover and owned many trans ams but last year found this first gen and is going to delay my retirement with the amount of money invested.  But, she is as American as apple pie with blue paint, white interior and red center caps and lugs.  Lots of compliments wherever I go.

New Driver





1974 Pontiac GTO.  Wichita, KS.  Original, numbers match, with the exception of a TKO-600 5-speed.  I've owned this car 32 years, and drove it to high school.  Fully restored in 2005.  It now runs and drive like new.  Lots of memories with this car, and I'm glad I've been able to hold on to a somewhat rare, and sometimes controversial model year that is growing more and more collectible. 

Pit Crew

Very cool ride!
New Driver

New Driver

This Grand Prix is my first car purchased at the age of 19 in Philadelphia Pa. I have many memories with it and still add more every day. From drive in movies to cruising with friends from the city to vacations at the Jersey shore. It is a show car now but I still drive it regularly when I get the chance. It is an AACA Senior Grand National Winner and an AACA National Award Winner as well as a POCI National Award Winner. I plan on passing it onto my son so he can make his own memories with it.   International Auto Show January 2012International Auto Show January 2012Hemmings "Classic Car" Feature car June 2008Hemmings "Classic Car" Feature car June 2008P1203728 - Copy.JPGP8070030 - Copy.JPGP8070016.JPGWP_20171202_067.jpgWP_20171202_265.jpgAACA Museum "Age Of Aquarius" 2019-2020AACA Museum "Age Of Aquarius" 2019-2020WP_20171202_036 - Copy (2).jpg

New Driver

2008 Brunton Stalker rebranded as a 1962 Lotus Seven

Leesburg, Virginia




New Driver

'74 Olds Delta 88 Royale purchased in 2008. I told my then 7 year old grandson Zac that one day it would be his. Unfortunately Zac got leukemia and passed away in 2009. We did manage to get some cruising days in when he was physically able to go. It is affectionately known as the Zacmobile and goes to my son when I am gone. The Marine flag is in honor of my brother.13315633_10206439518648322_1338311459801147944_n.jpg26056129_10210749456634078_2043984741996586543_n.jpg2841_1061602941863_7684244_n.jpg

New Driver

Tomball, Texas

The red 1965 Mustang Fastback was restored by my son & me for his first car and driven through high school.  This was a great project for him to learn all about the mechanics of a car.  The white 1990 Mustang GT was my son's college car.  The blue 1993 Mustang GT was my daughter's college car.  Do you recognize the flag?  We still own the '65 and '90.  Unfortunately the '93 was totaled, but the 5-speed transmission lives on in the '65.

IMG_4361 (2).JPG
New Driver

1EF5E21C-0BF0-4623-B93A-92C18308E768.jpeg63EB1103-5FD4-446A-964C-86A43718546F.jpeg390C7477-5A68-4598-95B1-8ED1DCC9687D.jpegABA968E0-DF2B-4662-96A9-41D402A91FDC.jpeg4A754C8D-ADB3-40B3-993C-3DF9367D1B64.jpeg465249E3-BDA4-40CA-B742-AA54B4B0DF25.jpegMy 1956 Oldsmobile Super 88 Convertible.......#8 of the original 10



New Driver

My Paxton equipped 1967 Shelby GT350. I worked at a shop that specialized in Mustangs, Shelby's and Cobras. My boss bought this 67 to add to hisShelby collection. I was driving a fully prepped for autocross 1967 Mustang GT/A but I fell in love with the car the moment he drove it to the shop. I used every excuse to get the keys. Back it out of the shop? Breakfast run? Parts run? Pizza for lunch? Sure, no problem, where are the keys to the 67? I was able to buy it from him in March of 1981 and have loved driving it ever since. I drive it around town, to work, to car shows so that these early cars are not forgotten and driven at open track events 'cause Carroll Shelby built these cars to do just that.

DSC_0043.JPGDSC_0197.1.jpgDSC_0202.1.jpg67 GT350 engine compartment.jpg

Pit Crew


2007 Saturn Sky Redline🪐

Fell in love with these cars when they first came out. I saw my first one on top of Independence Pass here in Colorado. When I finally got one three years ago, I had to get a picture in the same spot I first experienced that “gotta have one” feeling.



Intermediate Driver


1989 Ford Taurus LX wagon in twilight blue over medium titanium. Ford sold hundreds of thousands of Tauruses, but probably only a few people drove away in a car with every option available, and this is one of those, with the crown jewel being the sunroof, which was fairly common on SHO models, and even LX sedans, but very few wagons had this. In January of 2006 I was looking for an '86-'88 wagon with a sunroof, and couldn't find a single one, but there was one 1989 wagon with a sunroof - in the entire country. I searched auto trader advertisements and didn't limit my search distance, and found this in Seattle, 1,200 miles away, and ended up driving it to San Diego, and that's a whole story in itself.89LX01.JPG89LX04.JPGThe interior is shadow blue, and the headliner and interior lighting are different from non-sunroof models in order to accommodate the sunroof.100_1924.JPGThe code for the keyless entry became irrelevant after about a dozen times of using it, as the motions of my hand and fingers developed a rhythm of punching the buttons which became second nature. Only cars with the keyless entry option have the additional door lock illumination. It's nice to never have to worry about locking your keys inside the car.

Community Manager

I am a huge fan of the Taurus/Sable. I guess its a generational thing, because they blew my mind when I was a 9 year old kid upon first seeing them at the dealership.  Thank you for sharing and keeping this modern classic on the road!