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Show us your Motorcycles

Congratulations to @broughsuperior and their awesome 1936 BroughSuperior SS80 for getting the most likes in our Motorcycles car show.


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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme:  Motorcycles.

Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your ride
  • The bike's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the bike's history or significance to you

No bike to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 29 October will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

New Driver

I have wanted a Harley for a long time but I wanted one I could wrench myself. No computer fuel injected stuff. After years of trying, I finally convinced my wife to let me get one. I found a 58 panhead that had sat for years. I rebuilt it to ride. I wanted a rideable bike. It has primary belt, 12 volt alternator. electric start. Signals,  Leds lights. It rides great. Diehard Pan guys critized the changes I made but it is my bike. I have done everything myself except paint.

I want to insure my bike with you with all my cars but you don't do that in CanadaIMG_4209.JPGIMG_4210.JPGIMG_4211.JPGIMG_4212.JPG

New Driver

2003 Springer Softail 100th Anniversary. Lots of extra chrome, custom paint with ghosted anniversary logo, custom tank and seat.



New Driver

1964 Bridgestone Surfrider 7 or bs7d this is a deluxe model that has 3k miles and is 12 volt with ele. start and winkers what they called turn signals it has won many awards  at bike shows and people flip out when they see it and its one rare bird or surf bird for sure..from ron l. in ft.myers fl.001.JPG002.JPG003.JPG 

New Driver

This is my 69 Kawasaki H1 500. I bought it new when I was just 16 years old. Finally restored it in 2015-2016. Won Best in Class at Ironstone Concours d'Elegance in2016. Wayne Carini was there and he said "I love your motorcycle!"

Merrill Vanderslice Finally finished!Finally finished!First time in the sun in 40 years!First time in the sun in 40 years!My first day with the brand new H1.My first day with the brand new H1.Fifty years later...Fifty years later...

New Driver

Superb Norton! Really well done.
New Driver

I purchased my Red Smoke Metallic 1978 BMW R100S on October 7, 1978....42 years ago! The June 1978 edition of Cycle Magazine had a feature article about the "big twin" from Germany, and I was instantly hooked.

This is a 100% original bike (not restored) and has 24K miles on the clock. 

I still enjoy riding the many scenic roads in N. California, especially along the coast.R100S Left.JPGRight Cylinder.JPGRight Side.JPGR100S Right.jpgRight Engine.JPGLeft Rear.JPG



New Driver

This is my 1977 Harley XLCR, which I purchased new. The photo was taken late last year just after I finished reassembly from a complete “refreshing” of the bike. 02125DCB-D694-46DF-ABCC-F8234E4B3E87.jpeg

Intermediate Driver



My bike is a 2017 Honda NC700XD. I downsized from my Honda ST1300 and have never looked back. This bike has Honda's DCT (dual clutch transmission), that I absolutely fell in love with. If you try it, you will never want to go back to a standard clutch again! Very flickable and loads of fun!

New Driver

I bought this 1982 GL 1100 with sidecar in October, 1992, a few months before my daughter was born. I had the idea to take her school 5 years later in the s/c, walking in with her own helmet...coolest kid in school. It never happened; my wife never agreed with my plan. But I kept the bike anyway. 

I did sell it once, and then bought it back a few years later. I have since taken each of my kids on long rides, weekends away from home. I consider it my 'family bike', along side my 'sport bike', as in family car and sports car. .... Philly, PA

GL clean.JPGGL field.JPGGL on boardwalk.JPGGL rear.JPGGL Side 1.JPG

Pit Crew

Love the seat although for me the footpegs would be too far forward with those handlebars. Disc a great addition. In 1972 I bought a new Commando SS because I liked the looks of the smaller tank than the Roadster. I swapped the dumb off-road high front fender for a low Dunstall one, and the high exhaust pipe on each side went away for some stock low pipes. Great machine, smoother than most other engines when rpm got up to where the Isolastic engine mounts worked. Of course in 1972 the shifter was on the proper side - the right.