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Hagerty Employee

Show us your Japanese Cars

Congratulations to @240zdave and their awesome 240z for winning this weeks Japanese Cars car show!


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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Japanese Cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you

No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 13 August will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

Pit Crew

Meet "Rex" the 1988 Mazda RX-7 FC. He's still running on a Wankel rotary engine and I intend to keep it that way, though if I do rebuild it I would love to street port and turbocharge it. (I'm a glutton for punishment.) Current upgrades are adjustable custom-built Fortune Auto coilovers, a hydraulic hand break (for more smiles per mile), and Enkei 92 wheels. This winter he will be seeing an overhaul of the suspension as the bushings are pretty worn. 

Aside from my 2018 Tacoma, this little rotary is the most reliable car I own. It's certainly the most fun to drive out of my 3 other cars. They have a bad reputation, but if properly maintained and oiled, they are reliable runners.



New Driver

Pit Crew

This is my 1983 Mazda Rx-7...  It is completely stock, except for new wheels and an updated stereo (original wheels and stereo kept for completeness).  I am the original/first owner - bought in 1983, this is my first "brand new" car.  All of a sudden it is 37 years old!  Previously, I had a used 1979 Rx-7... I was out for a drive one fine Saturday and thought I would check out the new ones at the Mazda dealer and before I knew it, the '79 was traded in on the '83.  I live in Ontario, Canada, and the car has never seen a winter day - that is why it is completely rust free with original paint!  It has over 280,000 km (175,000 miles) on the clock and still running like a top.  Like the previous poster says, if you keep the rotary maintained and oiled it will last forever.

1983 RX7_large.jpg

New Driver

Hi I'll be honest this is the first Japanese car I have ever owned.

I grew up around muscle cars and have been restoring, racing and just all around driving them everywhere. Well that has changed.

Meet Mr. Fuji.


I picked the name from one of my favorite wrestler bad guys when I was young lol. It fits this car perfectly. It's a rare 1987 Nissan 200ZR Fairlady Z Right Hand Drive JDM car imported to the states not many years ago.


It was upgraded in Japan with the RB25det engine instead of the factory RB20det.


The engine swap was done in Japan as well as the 4k in upgraded electronics in the cockpit, with multi user/condition settings for whatever type of driving you plan to do. The T-tops are also rare for this car. It also has a Kaminari lower body kit. Adjustable/tunable shocks all the way around GTR fuel system and  brakes, tons of mods all done in Japan.


This car pulls hard when you step on the gas and reminds me of my muscle cars. It makes no excuses it's a blast to drive! I'm still getting used to shifting with my left hand haha but that's part of the driving experience!


We are in Fall River, Massachusetts!

Pit Crew

240Z from Denver to Mount Juliet 2008 007.jpg


Photo stop on the drive home to Tennessee after purchasing the car in Denver in 2008.  I am the 4th owner of the car, which started with the first owner in California, then moved to Utah with the second owner, and finally to the 3rd owner in Aurora, CO.  I started racing in a 240Z with the SCCA in 2001.  Decided in 2008 to try and find a street version, and wound up with the yellow "man car", as my wife calls it.


2011 driving to huntsville space & rocket center with logo.jpg


Cruise to Huntsville Space & Rocket Center with the Middle Tennessee Z Car Club in 2012.




At home in Mount Juliet, TN.




My second 240Z race car after balling up the first one in a race at Barber Motorsports Park.  I built this as the replacement, and this is its debut at its first race in 2013 at Road Atlanta.  Got 3rd place in its first outing.

Intermediate Driver

Bought my Beloved (80 SA RX7) thru ebay out of San Diego in 02. Drove it home to Alaska, then, 15 yrs later back down to Arizona on retirement. The Alcan Hwy trips were epic (in the Good Way!). Now with 110K miles on the original-everything (drivetrain, paint, interior). My summer-in-Alaska driver has now become my winter-in-AZ toy. Now if it only had AC ! 😉

RXzen_sm.jpgdash_254 sm.jpg

New Driver

Recently restored 1986 Toyota 4Runner



Just recently finished a 2-1/2 year (part-time - all done by volunteers for charity) restoration project on this 1986 Toyota 4Runner.


For more information about this FULLY and COMPLETELY restored 1986 Toyota 4Runner, please visit: 

My 1997 Toyota Supra Turbo...

Pistons On The BricksPistons On The BricksGeorgetown Car MeetGeorgetown Car MeetRound Rock with it's older brotherRound Rock with it's older brotherAutobahn Country ClubAutobahn Country ClubNiceNice

I purchased this car in May 2002 with 19.3k miles on it.  18+ years, 99k+ miles on it now and still loving it.  I bought it after having surgery and beating cancer and it's been a fun reminder of what I've been through. I get lots of random people who say it's their dream car.  I'm always happy to say Hi.  I have no plans to sell it though I get asked all the time if I would.  Sure, want to give me a silly amount of money?  Anything is technically for sale.  :^)

Pit Crew

My first Japanese car was a new 1986 Cressida. Around the same time I found a 1981 Supra which I purchased for my spouse. 

Toyotas at closson.jpg

1981 supra.jpg

Loved them both so in 1989 when it was time to trade I got my first Supra with the white package and Turbo and Targa roof. In 91 I went back to another Cressida. That was it until I retired and the hunt was on till I found my 3rd Supra a dead match for My 89 which I still use for a summer cruiser today. 

1990 Cresieda.jpeg.jpeg




New Driver




Aloha from 48 year old Toyota Celica ST.  I bought her along with a pair of really “groovy” bell bottoms from a  Local Toyota dealership in 1972.  No longer have the bell bottoms, but “Cecil” is still going strong.  Only change I’ve made is the paint job.  She was painted this Color green in 1975 (It was ocean blue when I bought it) and It spent years parked outside. You gotta love the California weather for car preservation!       My dream is to restore the original color back and re -apply the racing stripes that were on it when I bought it.  It Took me a few years to find the OEM decals but I have them...Also I will be hooking the   8 track speakers back up on the optional tape deck I bought for her.......Now to find my 8-track tape albums???  In the meantime, you can find me cruising around the Torrance/Redondo Beach area playing what ever I can find on the original AM stock radio with my windows rolled up because the air conditioner will be on and works as good as the day I bought it.  Very 😎 cool!!!!  Please wave,  We’ll give you a honk!!

New Driver

03 Miata03 Miata
My 2003 Mazda Miata SE, 1549 produced all this color. I’m the 3rd owner, car has been in Florida since new. It’s in great shape being mostly dealer maintained since new. It’s a hoot to drive and fits a full set of golf clubs in the trunk. What could be more special!


03 Miata03 Miata

Pit Crew


This is my 1988 Toyota Celica ST.  After driving various imports my entire life, I found myself no longer owning a car with a manual transmission in 2014.  I moved and became more involved in the local car scene in 2016. In 2018 I was both ready for an additional car and missing manual shifting. I wanted an 80s era car for the reliability, reasonable price tag, and because that was really the generation of cars I grew up with. I found this car locally in Tucson.  It had been a snowbirds car that was only used 3 months for its first 30 years.  It had 63,500 miles and spent its life garages.  The car had plenty of deferred maintenance, but had not been abused.  The only modifications are adding the passenger side mirror from a junkyard find and replacing the original 13 inch steel wheels with wheels from a 2000 MR2 Spider.  It is a joy to drive, clean, and show.  



New Driver

Here’s a 1977 Datsun 280Z, 2.8L, fuel injected, 5 speed, manual steering, power nothing, but it’s so fun.   Kingston, Ontario, Canada 

It’s a treat to own...super reliable, daily driver.  The way I’ve kept it so nice, north of the American rust belt, is ...undercoat, and then undercoat some more... greasy on the bottom, and shiny on top.😎



New Driver







 Yes, I’m the original owner of this 1987 Toyota Corolla GTS, notch back coupe!

I looked in almost every dealership in Southern Ontario, (Canada) to find this fully optioned coupe. Most dealers only had the hatchback version.

My two toned metallic, paint, power sunroof, AM stereo, FM stereo, ETR  cassette, aluminum alloy wheels and Toyota floor mats was my first brand new car. It is all original other than the usual wear items, brakes, shocks, tires, ignition wires, and a little bit of body work around the rear wheels. Not too bad for an AE-86 with a 165,000 km on the stock 4AGE power plant. 

New Driver




Many years ago my Dad had 3 young sons. Unfortunately, his 280Z Zzap edition he owned at the time didn’t have a back seat, so he had to trade his Z for a vehicle more family oriented. Because of that massive sacrifice, a friend and I built this 74 260Z for his 55th birthday. It was delivered to him outside his garage with the original key inside a jewelry case as the garage door was being raised. Beautiful Florida driver! Thanks again Pops!!!

Intermediate Driver

1992 Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4


Twin Turbo, All Wheel Drive summer fun.  Restored in 2017.20170802_201922.jpg20170802_201908.jpg20170802_184218.jpg20170802_184644.jpg

New Driver

I love seeing all these beautiful Mazda’s - when I’m at a show it’s usually me and 20 Miatas. This is my 1984 RX7 with 34933 original miles. I went looking for a sensible sedan, saw this on the showroom floor, and bought it. I couldn’t even drive it - had to wait for my parents to come home from vacation so my Dad could go pick it up with me. He gave me my 1st stick shift driving lesson leaving the dealership. He’s also the one who gave me a junker car so that I could put the RX away during our Buffalo winters. He told me “ that car’s going to be special some day.” I wouldn’t have it now if it wasn’t for him and my parents still show up at every show I enter. 


Pit Crew

Thank you very much.

New Driver

Beautiful Z’s, Dave! 

There is a 90's car thread to post some pictures in, lot's of 90's cars here that would look great there!

Pit Crew

2005 Honda S20002005 Honda S2000

I've been a "Honda Guy" since I first started riding a Mini-Trail 50 (Honda Z50) when I was in grade school back in the early 1970's. My very first car was a Triumph Spitfire and I've been a fan of 2-seat roadsters ever since. These days I'm honoring both the Honda history and the 2-seat roadster history via this 2005 S2000 in Grand Prix White with a Black and Tan interior. For me there is nothing like top-down motoring. The S2000 definitely makes the top-down experience special. 

New Driver

This is a 1959 Daihatsu Midget DKA. I live in Traverse City, Michigan. 3 blocks from Hagerty HQ.  It was a frame up restoration. Was stored in a barn in the UP of Michigan since 1962. I travel through Japan looking for the few parts I needed. With luck I found a gentleman in Hida Japan with one he restored 30 years ago. ( It was parked next to his Toyota 2000 GT ). Didn't have parts to sell but let me measure his to make my own. I found another one in a museum in Kyoto. I learned they are very rare. Fortunately mine was 98% there. Just needed a bit of tin knocking and some paint. Still looking for a few part if anyone knows of any.


First dayFirst day

Hida JapanHida Japan

image.jpegTear DownTear Down


Off to the Chromer $$$Off to the Chromer $$$





New Engine CoverNew Engine Cover

Starting to put it back togetherStarting to put it back together

Are we there yet?Are we there yet?




Almost doneAlmost done







New Driver

Hello, Ms. Freeman. This is Ed Sullivan,...wanted to let you know my user name is : redvert. Not too original, but it'll do....thanks for your help.

Hagerty Employee

Thank you Ed! I'll get your post and pictures up today.

New Driver

jap1.jpgWanted to share my 1994 Nissan 240SX SE LE convertible.  Its a 1 owner and that would be me. Purchased it in August, 1994, is the first and only new car i have ever owned. It was assembled in August 1993 at the Kyushyu, Japan Nissan plant. In October 1993 it was made into a convertible by ASC, Los Angeles, California. As of this date it has 168, 612 miles on it. For many years, i garaged it through the winters, and for many years i drove it year round. It is being restored to original condition by myself, current work going on for 1 1/2 years. Everything on the car is original except:Paint,..engine seals and gaskets,..alternator, starter, h2o pump,..vinyl rear window,.sun visor coverings. I have interior reuphostering and wheel rim refinishing to do and then i hope to take it to some car shows. Its never failed to start and run and has been a blast to drive. For that matter, it still is!jap4.jpgjap4.jpg

Pit Crew

Hey Everyone I would like to share my 1992 Daihatsu Rocky SE. 


I have a long history with Daihatsu cars... Had my first one 20 years ago back in Brazil and when I moved to Canada I had to have another so I went to US to buy this beauty!!! 


Its originally a Californian car and expended most of its life behind an RV and Its with me for the last 4 years. 


I have another one waiting for restauration.. Its another a 1990 Daihatsu Rocky SX.