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Community Manager

Show us your British cars

Congratulations to @LKsE and their beautiful Jaguar E-Type for getting the most likes in our British cars show!




Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: British cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 28 May will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

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New Driver

1955 MG TF 1500 located in Norwalk CT

My father purchased this car in 1970.  He had restored one other TF and 2 TD's prior to this one.  The others were sold and this one stayed in the family.  He kept it until about 7 years ago when I inherited it.  Love to go out with my wife on the weekends and turn some heads.MG 1.jpgMG 2.jpgMG 4.jpgMG Dad.jpg

Pit Crew

ABQjack Beautiful Sunbeam! Sharp-looking wheels. Do those Fiero seats hoist you a little higher, or do they sit at the same level as the stock seats? Anyway, very nice car.
New Driver

1966 Jaguar XK-E type.  I have owned her for 15 years.  After a tow truck mishap, she went for a bare bone restoration.,  She purss like a kitten but has top class.frontal viewfrontal viewback endback endher soulher soul

New Driver

I guess this is a case of better late than never.
Some think a little more modern.


This is my 2005 Noble M400.

It does 0-60 in around 3.2 with 425bhp and weighing in at 2600lbs giving it a power to weight ration of 400 hence the name. The M400 was the GT3 of the M12 models. No Driver aids except for power steering not even ABs, its a visceral driving experience.

Its a pretty rare beast, originally the rolling shell was shipped from South Africa with the motor coming from Roush and then assembled in the USA by a builder of your choice, which is similar to the way Lotus used to do it back in the day.

It was designed in sunny Leicester in the Uk by Lee Noble who built several hundred.

I bought this car from Denver, after picking it up I took it to a track day at High Plains raceway then drove it back 900 miles to phoenix ... In summer. it was an eventful journey which ended on a flat bed after a 6 hour hold up on the freeway in 110f.

After a year or so getting is sorted its been an experience!

Enjoy the photos











Pit Crew

Thank you Sajeev! Yep there are less than a dozen in North America 🙂

Community Manager

That is amazing! You must be so proud to own one here!
Pit Crew

092.jpgWhat looks better on an Italian body?What looks better on an Italian body?Life doesn't get and better than this view.Life doesn't get and better than this view.

Hagerty Employee

Love this one!

Hagerty Employee

HA! This made me laugh. 

New Driver

Late to the party, but here are a couple of snaps of my 1967 Mini Cooper S. I've owned it since 1989 when it was a sickly beige. Restored in 2012. Drive it when the Texas heat is less than boiling.20140409_170325.jpg12434330745_005de5e836_o (2).jpg2012 Mini Rebuild 123.jpg2012 Mini Rebuild 003.JPG