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Show us your British cars

Congratulations to @LKsE and their beautiful Jaguar E-Type for getting the most likes in our British cars show!




Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: British cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 28 May will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

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Intermediate Driver

Very nice looking car. Thank you for your service.
Pit Crew


I own a beautiful MG Classic Convertible here in Arizona! This is my 1975 MG with all its original paint & most parts! Take a look at its original engine, tires, windshield and the wipers (yes there are 3 of them and if you take a closer look you will see my Mr Potato Head hanging out on the dash), its leather top and in the trunk is the original jack, and I am sure you will not miss the original spoke wheels that yes they shine so bright! The interior is red which matches the engine that was professionally painted! It sure is a nice ride and I hope you enjoyed the pics!20200525_123652[1].jpg20200525_123627[1].jpg20200525_123719[1].jpg20200525_123727[1].jpg20200525_123800[1].jpg20200525_123636[1].jpg20200525_123608[1].jpg20200525_123812[1].jpg  

New Driver

A 1974 Panther J72.  Spent over five years doing a complete restoration.  Always draws an admiring crowd!

Ken, Northern California.PantherJ72-2.jpgPantherJ72.jpg

Pit Crew

Very nice enjoy, Its a great looking car you are blessed

New Driver

1969 Jaguar XKE Roadster - Kansas City, MO

I bought this car when I was 20 years old from Boffo Motors in New Brighton, PA. Somehow I've managed to keep it for 51 years! It remains in its original condition, including its Sable brown paint, tan leather seats and convertible top. I show it in Preservation class at Jaguar Concours events. 
1969 Jaguar XKE1969 Jaguar XKE



New Driver


My 1960 Land Rover Series II 88" Deluxe Station Wagon is one of very few North American Market Land Rovers purchased by the Canadian Federal Government as a workhorse to tackle the wilds of Western Canada. It has spent nearly all of the last 60 years being battered, bruised, and dented on almost every available surface of the original Birmabright aluminum alloy. There is very little evidence of the original smooth bodywork or mid-grey paint on the outer panels. Several years ago I came across this truck parked in a field and inevitably fell in love, so I purchased it from the nearest landowner and began a slow rebuild as I cut my teeth as a first-time classic car owner and restorer.



Although it is missing the original interior insulation, it has still miraculously retained all the rare Canadian dealer options such as the Koenig crank-driven winch with cab controls, Canadian-built Kodiak II heater (currently removed for restoration), throttle hand control, tropical double roof and a deluxe hood with wheel, all of which are utilized regularly as this truck keeps up its legacy as an unkillable workhorse exploring Western Canada.



Pit Crew

Its great when its hard for someone to have the same. Keep Riding !!!
New Driver

KarmaBob_7-1590458646123.jpeg1970 MGB with RX7 Rotary engine


KarmaBob_8-1590458646259.jpegRemovable hard top for winter.


KarmaBob_9-1590458646417.jpegCustom interior with Miata seats.


KarmaBob_10-1590458646637.jpegMazda 12A rotary, Weber 48 Side draft


My father bought this 1970 MGB brand new when it had British Racing Green paint and a black interior. He drove it for about 10 years and then gave it to my younger brother who drove it for many more years. When my brother could no longer use bailing wire, duct tape or chewing gum to keep it running, he towed it over and dropped it off at my house!


In 1990 I had just opened Karma Kreations, my auto & boat upholstery shop. I took the MGB to my new shop and over that first winter I rebuilt it, painted it red and redid the interior in tan. I then gave it back to my father as a “surprise gift” on Father’s Day in 1991.

In 2003 my father passed away and I got the MGB back. I started to drive it quite a lot but by the end of 2005 it had blown a head gasket. I took it to a local British car repair shop and was told it needed a complete rebuild which was going to be much more than I wanted to spend.  


So, I made a trade-deal with the Hot Rod shop next door to install a Mazda RX7 Rotary engine and Mazda 5 speed transmission in it. I did a custom interior for them in return.  Then I repainted the exterior in Maaco base-red, put a custom tan interior with Mazda Miata seats, and fabricated a custom double hoop roll bar.


I finished the rebuild in 2006 and have since driven it to many car shows, club events as well as to work. It has become the most reliable car I own and when I mentioned this to one of the United British Sports Car Club members, he replied “but that is because all the important bits aren’t British!”


This car is now seriously fast, handles like it looks and is a real blast to drive!


I live in El Dorado Hills CA, just east of Sacramento and my shop is in Rancho Cordova.


New Driver

I lived next door to That car when I was a wee lad!
New Driver


This is my 1973 Jensen Healey. Located in Eastern Pennsylvania. It was bought new by my friends uncle and was sitting in his barn since 1980. When I acquired it had just 22k miles and no rust but needed a full restoration. I have touched every nut and bolt and upgraded it with the all the best factory improvements while keeping its soul pure Jensen Healey. I love driving it and hearing the music of the Lotus 907 engine and Getrag close ratio 5-speed. I fell in love with these cars the first time I saw one in 1975. I enjoyed the entire restoration process and now I enjoy thrill of the drive each time I turn the key.