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Show us your British cars

Congratulations to @LKsE and their beautiful Jaguar E-Type for getting the most likes in our British cars show!




Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: British cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 28 May will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

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New Driver

MG at Faneuil.jpgMGB Fort Adams.jpgParade.jpgKent County.jpgMGB at Faneuil 2.jpg

This is my 1977 MGB, or as we call her Emma G. Bee. I bought her in 2016 knowing nothing about British cars, only that a convertible 4-speed would be cool. With a lot of help from club members, I learned how to take care of her and keep her running. I have taken the car from Newport to Boston for shows and even drove in the local Fourth of July parade in my town, Cumberland, RI.


This car has been a blast and it's been fun for the whole family.

Pit Crew

1 Sunbeam Hat Creek.jpg

2 Sunbeam @ Lassen.jpg

3 Sunbeam Home.jpg

 I've had this 1967 SV Sunbeam Alpine since I graduated from high school in 1972. About twenty years ago, it received a Ford 2.8 liter V6 and T5 trans. It currently lives in the mountains of far northern California.

New Driver

Well, here is our Invicta Type-A (high chassis) from 1929.  It has a Meadows 4.5 litre engine, with lots of torque.  My dad was a stylist at Chrysler for many years, and after working on the interior of the Plymouth Barracuda and some other cars he was "volunteered" to go to Chrysler's operations in Europe:  first for 6 months at Simca, and then for 4 1/2 years at Rootes in Coventry, UK.  While there, he went to an auction for "something British" since he'd left his '36 Ford Coupe back stateside, and ended up with this car.  It wasn't something that he'd really heard of before, but he liked the lines of the car (ironically, the car company didn't do bodies or interiors, and that was all done by a "bespoke" coachbuilder called the Carlton Carriage Company.).  


Over time, we met other owners at meets in the UK, learning more about the marque and its place in British automotive history.  But I was only 9 at the time, so I was more interested driving around with my dad, and seeing the countryside.  Eventually, we moved back to the Detroit area, ready to finally restore the car, but family and economics got in the way (coming back after the oil crisis, surviving the Iacocca years at Chrysler, etc), and so it laid in pieces in a garage for 20 years.  But once he retired, he started the restoration project in earnest, and put it together with a good eye for the car's design. 

Unfortunately his eyes started giving out on him after a couple of strokes, and he (reluctantly) passed the car on to my family.  These days, I try to get out as much as I can with my kids (who are all home now, staying safe), so they can have the same kind of memories to share as I had from my dad and our time in England.

Side profilesSide profilesBefore RestorationBefore RestorationFront viewFront view

Pit Crew

Rarely get to see beauties like this. Thank you!
New Driver

My 1974 MGB / NY Here are a couple pics of my MGB “tink” named after a noise it took me a while to track down.  Still has the 5 MPH impact bumpers as she came off the line just prior to the rubber bumper wrap.  Pic is from Cars and CoffeeE1D18853-813F-473E-8ED5-CFA39381783A.jpeg

Pit Crew

I have been a fan of Lotus automobiles for many years.  My first was an Europe that I picked up at the factory in May 1968.  After returning from Vietnam, I bought a 1956 Lotus 11 LM from Evel Kneivel's father and raced it in the NW.  I sold it when the Army moved me back east.  In 2018, I decided it was time for another Lotus and bought a 1991 Elan M100 from a good friend who was the original owner.  I've enjoyed the Elan a lot together with the folks in the Southern British Car Club here in Chattanooga, TN.  One of the adventages of living in SE TN is that it is possible to have a nice day's drive through the mountains that includes the Tail of the Dragon - 318 corners in 11 miles.  Mike Flood, the President of the SBCC and I did that last year.  The car has been reliable and FUN!


Mike HemsleyLotus on the Dragon 1.jpgLotus on the Dragon 2.jpgIMG_4045.JPG

Intermediate Driver

Very nice looking car. Thank you for your service.
New Driver

1983 Jaguar XJ-S

26,066 Original Miles

British Racing Green w/. Barley (Tan) Interior

All original, no accidents, doesn’t appear to have ever been smoked in.

Second Owner

All electrics function properly

Wire wheels are Dealer installed option with Jaguar Spanners and new Goodyear tires

No rust, Paint is factory original

Euro-spec (Hella) headlight upgrade

Car has all original (functional) emissions equipment

Interior as new, no tears or cracks in the dash nor seats. No wear marks in bolsters.


New Driver

The first car, I ever owned, was a used 1959 Austin Healey “Bugeye” Sprite. Boy! Did I love that car. Unfortunately, real life got in the way and I was forced to let her go. A decision that I regretted for a very long time. For years, I did the practical thing and bought sedans, coupes, minivans, and SUV's. Fast forward almost 40 years, I was finally able to purchase this gorgeous Primrose yellow 1960 Bugeye.rose_edit001.jpg

She's just as much fun to drive as I remember and is always a hit at local car shows with the kids and ladies.

Here in New Jersey, the COVID pandemic doesn't allow us to get out and about very much. But, when we do … rest assured... we always practice safety first.


Hagerty Employee

HA! This made me laugh. 

New Driver





1978 Triumph TR8 Pre production coupe

Huntsville Alabama


One of 150 Pre production coupes built in June 1977.  Purchased in 1995 and restored in 1996.  3.5 Rover V8, Borg Warner 65 Automatic Transmission, AC/PS/PB.  Have complete history of the car back to 1982.  All original except for the Panasport 14" wheels. Inca Yellow with a Black/Green Plaid Interior.  I have owned 10 TR8's and this is my favorite. 

New Driver








New Driver

My 1997 NAS Defender 90.


I'm the third owner, first owner had it from new in Missouri, second owner in New York didn't treat it well but thankfully kept most of the original owners receipts , it came to me a couple years ago. Engine needed a lot of work to get it purring, courtesy of Bacchus British in Dublin CA. Interior has been stripped, sound proofed, and with the exception of the seats and some external trim pieces, is completely original. There is minor surface rust but that's it.






Intermediate Driver

That D90 is awesome!
New Driver

Thanks! What’s a D90?

New Driver

My 1967 Sunbeam Stiletto, My 1969 Hillman Husky. Southern California 


 The Stiletto is one of three known in the US and Canada. They are rare around the world and even rarer here in North America.  The Stiletto is the fastback or coupe version of the Hillman Imp. My car is done in the factory team racing colors, but they never raced the Stiletto in these colors.  It sports four wheel disc brakes, upgraded brake lines and hoses, and the motor is a BMW K1200RS motorcycle motor. This is the very first steel bodied Imp based car to be converted to the BMW motorcycle motor, which makes it not only a hoot to drive with 130hp instead of the 50-ish it had from factory, but also it is the first converted car.  The Stiletto/Imp/Husky are the only rear engined production British cars  which were produced in Linwood, Scotland from 1963 to 1976.20191004_183203.jpg20190501_183837.jpg



My second car is my 1969 Hillman Husky which is the Imp based estate car of the Hillman Imp. This car has the motor in the rear with the original Coventry Climax derived 45 hp motor. The Husky was produced in many variants, most of the ones in the US and Canada are the versions of the Minx based cars, my Husky is the last variant based on the Imp. It has a fold down rear seat for more storage and opening vent windows on the sides. Rear hatch opens upward to give great access. Even has a "frunk"  or a front trunk that gives some storage too. This is one of about 6 or so in the US and Canada. 91573336_2942111699355675_7711607930222542848_n.jpg91959563_2942111972688981_3867968691178045440_n.jpg

New Driver

My not so old Aston Martin Vanquish S , 2006 one of the last cars built at the home of Aston Martin Lagonda in Newport Pagnell before they closed the doors in July 2007

With the V 12 engine  this is a pleasure to drive 

I live in Texas in a 007 zip code and been a Bond fan for many years so just had to get the wheelsIMG_6382.JPGIMG_4403.JPG22.jpg14.jpgDisplays.jpgFrom back.jpg56.jpgIMG_6863.JPG

Intermediate Driver

Very nice and good reporting on the AM history!
New Driver



Under powered, hot, and antiquated. I love this car




New Driver

Had a couple of MGAs, an MGB, and two Midgets over the years, but the one I let get away back in 1980 was a 1966 Spitfire MKII. When I met my future wife it was in my backyard with no engine or transmission. When I managed to find a wrecked 1971 Spitfire with a good drivetrain, she agreed to help me drag it home with her El Camino. I thought at that time that she was a keeper, and I am talking about the girlfriend, not the Spitfire! Long story short, I got the 66 Spit on the road, and she loved the Spitfire, drove it more than I did. Shortly thereafter we got married, had a baby, and the Spitfire was sold to help with the hospital bills. Another baby came the following year and its the "kids and career got in the way" story. After the kids were grown and out on their own, I asked my wife what kind of old car she would like, and the answer was a 66 Spitfire. No surprise there, but we couldn't find one close and priced right, so we went through a 66 Mustang and a 75 MGB before finding a 67 Spitfire that needed lots of work but that she allowed would do. So that 1967 Spitfire MK III ends up being one of our garage queens, and as shown in the photos. I had some mechanical issues to sort out, then had it painted the factory color, and we are enjoying it every chance we get....even participated in a "front line heroes" parade last weekend. 

DSC05952 (640x480).jpgDSC05954 (640x480).jpgDSC05961 (640x480).jpgDSC05967 (640x480).jpg

New Driver




 1971 Lotus Europa (Foose edition) I have owed this car for over thirty years and it was overhauled by Chip Foose and the ATeam in 2013 season 6 episodes 11 & 12 and is an absolute blast to drive.

New Driver


My 95 Jaguar XJS Convertible. We successfully entered and completed the Washington DC All British Reliability Run thru northern Virginia, West Virginia and Maryland (three days and over 600 miles without a breakdown) and the Smokey Mountain Tour sponsored by Hagerty and Classic Motorsports Magazine. Fast and reliable (surprise) touring car currently residing in suburban Maryland.

Intermediate Driver

Nice car and sounds like a great drive!
New Driver


My car is a 1968 Triumph TR 250, which I bought about 16 years ago - partially due to a buddy's influence, and partially as an homage to my parents, who were British.


Attached are two photos - one is of the first day that I owned it, and the other is a more recent version.  Every year, I have slowly made improvements to the car - rechroming, wheels/tires, interior and dash redone, rewired, roll bar and luggage rack installed, triple SU carbs, new uprated cam, exhaust headers, the list goes on...


Lots of fun, the best memories are frequent trips to Watkins Glen for the Vintage weekend with other like-minded enthusiasts!


 Day one...

TR at corner 11.JPG The Glen for Vintage Weekend!


Intermediate Driver

Very nice!
New Driver


This is “Tiger” my 1975 Triumph TR6.

I’m the 5th owner.

Located in Douglas, MA.

 I’ve wanted a TR6 since I graduated high school in 1977.

Finally picked her up about 6 months ago.



Intermediate Driver

Congrats! Very nice!
Intermediate Driver

2006 Lotus Elise
I adopted her in November 2006 - I am the first & only owner.  Sense then we have traveled a bit & had countless days of fun.  I grew up a Lotus kid - my parents auto-x a Lotus 7, Elan & Cortina.  Buying this little one was my first true step into the wonderful world Chapman built.

20061118 First Day w10-072.jpg

Adoption day!  Beverley Hills, CA

Crater Lake w10-072.jpg

Crater Lake, OR

C Tree w10-072.jpg

Chandelier (drive through) Tree, CA

Laguna Seca w10-072.jpg

The Corkscrew at Laguna Seca, CA

EAFB w10-072.jpg

and two for Memorial Day, Edwards AFB, CA






New Driver

1970 MGB

This is the first car I ever bought, before I had a license. It was a rolling body, some interior and two engines in boxes. Through some friends of my parents my brother and I put a motor together, and fired it up.


Rod through the block. Whoops.


Put together the second motor and that is still what is in the car.


21 years later and I still drive it as often as I can. There is always a list of fixes and improvements and it was never a proper restoration but it nearly always gets me where I need/want to go and back again.


'70 was the only year with a split rear bumper, and my car has the 4spd with over drive in 3rd and 4th.


4spd with over drive in 3rd and 4th. Yes the speedo is not working, I've replaced the cable 3 times, it "works" now.4spd with over drive in 3rd and 4th. Yes the speedo is not working, I've replaced the cable 3 times, it "works" now.Parked at workParked at workTucked into a garage for a winter napTucked into a garage for a winter napOut and about!Out and about!Parked next to a far prettier Triumph but the B has my heartParked next to a far prettier Triumph but the B has my heart

New Driver


New Driver

This is my '74 TR6.  I have owned it for about 14 years having bought it out of Arizona.  It now resides in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada.  It's not the original paint (you can see that the BL badges are in the wrong location.  Who cares!  Very therapeutic to drive on a warm summer evening.

Overlooking Peace River, AlbertaOverlooking Peace River, AlbertaThe Peace and Smokey riversThe Peace and Smokey rivers

Pit Crew

‘87 Caterham Super 7 with a hotrodded Ford Kent 1600. This treasured car was a birthday gift a few years ago from my beautiful and talented wife.


We have enjoyed many miles of smiles since then - through sunshine, rain, and one fateful morning even sliding down the mountain during an unseasonable snow storm.


Best mountain car ever, but you have to pack carefully if you’re planning to be gone for more than two days in this most ‘practical’ of British cars.



Unfortunately, this stay-at-home season has not been the best for driving adventures...  

Always wear your PPE!                                                             


Pit Crew

1958 Jaguar MKVIII

*3x North American JCNA (Jaguar Clubs of North America) Champion


Pit Crew

Just love it! What a great car!
New Driver






 1967 mini pick up, I purchased a cab back shell all gutted, with just the rear subframe, and built it to this beauty.

New Driver

Interesting melding of old and new aspects, the headlights, side indicators, etc. Nicely done!

Pit Crew

1970 MGB GT

*Converted to Fuel Injection using 4 throttle bodies from a Honda 600 CBR motorcycle

*Distributor eliminated and converted to coil on plug



Pit Crew

1980 MGB V8

* '96 Corvette LT1 

* 4- Wheel Wilwood Breaks

* Stainless Steel Exhaust System

20130914_143054.jpg20130914_143117.jpg20130914_143136.jpg20140412_131520.jpg20140412_131539 - Copy.jpg

New Driver

I completed the restoration of my 1948 MG TC in March and planned to show the car this spring and summer when COVID-19 changed those plans. This virtual car show is the next best thing. IMG_E0801 (2).JPGIMG_1115.jpgIMG_1116.jpgIMG_1117.jpg

Intermediate Driver

Looks great!
New Driver

New Driver

I got the 1953 Triumph Renown in 1974. It came from Nassau Bahamas and the previous owner lived at the Lyford Cay Club. It was off the road for 30 years. Several things happened, an exhaust valved broke and cracked the wet liner, the transmission dip stick got sucked in and cracked 1st gear and the differential gears lost their teeth. Got it back on the road in 2018 Clayton North Carolina.



Differential no teeth planetary gears with bent shaft


Three on the tree



Pit Crew

I forgot my wife's daily driver, at least I remember her birthday and our anniversary.

It is a 2013 Mini Cooper S one of the Bayswater editions honoring the London Olympics. I actually get to drive it occasionally.



New Driver

Kreacher is my 1968 Riley Elf. KreacherI bought the car from Ebay in 2004 and did enough repairs to make it a driver for a few years, but it really needed a full rebuild, and this is how I decided to go. KreacherMiniTec conversion with a D16Z6 SOHC Honda VTEC engine. 13 inch Superlite wheels, front disc brakes, full custom fuel system, custom stainless exhaust, relocated battery, custom dash with AutoMeter electronic gauges, Miata front seats, left hand drive swap, Wilwood/Tilton hydraulics.Kreacher



It runs and drives beautifully, goes anywhere, although I try to avoid speed bumps. Kreacher'Alf is the fully hand-built cargo trailer that is the result of saving parts for about ten years, then deciding to put them to use.Kreacher and 'Alf


Kreacher and 'Alf

Kreacher and 'AlfThe first question most people ask me about the car is "Is that the original Mini Cooper?" I like standing back from the car and watching people scratch their heads trying to figure it out, or else knowingly telling their friends that they used to know someone who "had one just like it." It's definitely not to everyone's taste, but it makes me happy.   

New Driver

Bought my 1980 TR7 Spider sight unseen on eBay 6 years ago.  After one year of ownership had the entire drive train rebuilt, then drove for about 1 year, then body needed to be redone.  Two years in the body shop, had them take it down to bare metal through 3 inches of bondo - wow!!! However, here is the finished product!IMG_0007.JPGIMG_0008.JPGIMG_0009.JPG

Pit Crew

This is my son's 1987 Jaguar XJ6 Vanden Plaz. It had been in a mechanic's junk car lot under a tree for over a decade. It had been his late wife's daily driver and their vacation road trip vehicle of choice. My son was aware of the retired car long before he could drive. Finally, when he turned 16 he saved what he could with a summer job and just couldn't quite gather enough funds. As a surprise his mom and I arranged to purchase the car and a second parts donor. My son was beside himself. He and I have spent many hours bringing the Jag back to a safe, reliable vehicle. This is his dream car. 20200307_181504.jpg39496796_10217255481723587_2005079991506698240_n.jpg

Intermediate Driver

Cool car!
Pit Crew

I picked this car up last year. It was not running and had been parked for a few decades. She runs now but needs a complete going through.


New Driver

Geoff Brown, Ontario,Canada.

This is my 1974 MGB Restoration, started 5 years ago, put back on the road at the end of last summer.As purchased 5years ago.As purchased 5years ago.Stripping down.Stripping down.Painting.Painting.Finished product.Finished product.8B10DE4E-0929-4832-9B3C-A708AE07963D.jpeg3684DDF3-9CC2-4D90-A06E-7AF3FF7B79FD.jpeg

New Driver

Our honeymoon ride - started in NY - Alaska - Seattle - San Diego and home in the Southern Outer Banks of North Carolina where it resides today.  68 days, 13,000 miles and we just celebrated our 32nd.  Oh, the car, a 1952 MGTD still going strong just like us.  Cheers!

Arctic cricle 8.1988.jpg