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Show us your Air Cooled Cars

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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Air Cooled Cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 11 June will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

Pit Crew

1971 Rally BugRally Bug 2

1971 Volkswagen 1302s (Super Beetle), Vancouver Island Canada

While researching ’60s speed modifications and period correct rally changes I stumbled upon the Salzburg Rally Beetles of the ’70s. I had never heard of them, and it seemed at the time (8 years ago), no-one in North America had heard of them. I was hooked, I had to have one. In 1971, when Volkswagen introduced the Super Beetle, Porsche Austria (importer for VW at the time) was looking for a way to stop the Beetles’ slipping sales. Being European, I suspect, they naturally selected rallying as an obvious choice for improving the marketing of the new Super Beetle. My car is an exterior replica of the 1971 1302s factory rally car, but a completely modernized or “my choice” performance vehicle under the skin.

This car was a complete body-off build, completed in just 8 months in my home garage. I did all the work myself, with the exception of laying down the primer, paint, and installing the headliner. It features a Porsche 901 5-speed gear box, a 2110cc fuel injected and fully dry-sumped motor, hydraulic clutch, pedal box, custom coil-over rear suspension and more. In the eight years since it was completed I've managed to mile it up over 140,000 miles (233,000km) on various driving events. 


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

Hagerty Employee

Really awesome car Dave! 


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver



2019 pic.jpgprocar one.jpgWheel and Dash.jpgSeventh Annual Flyer.jpg


My 1965 Chevrolet Corvair Corsa.  140hp 4 carb model with 4 speed manual.


Aircooled car show  7th Annual aircooled for charity car show info 


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver



1961 Karmann T-5


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver


1963 VW Beetle Convertible

Based in Phoenix, AZ.

See later post on this page for details. We somehow double posted (apologies). 




Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver



My 1963 VW Double Cab.  This crew cab bus was delivered to San Francisco in February 1963.  


In 2009 it came to me in Phoenix, Arizona, and I restored this bus with the help of some friends and family in the industry. Sporting it’s original color it was repainted in Ruby Red, and is mostly original style.  

Mild lowered, and interior replicated a factory look.  These double cab busses came from the factory with a bench seat in the front. During rust repair we grafted an original “walk through” clip into the bus creating bucket seats that would come from the factory in other models if the same year. 




The bus has a “freeway flyer” transaxle for cruising at high speeds, and 1776cc motor, with dual Weber 40 carbs, A-1 Sidewinder Exhaust, with external oil cooler and fan assembly.  We drive this bus everywhere, cruising the beach in San Diego, or Camping in Arizona with our friends. 


- Collin


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver





 I bought this 73 SB in 1988 for $75. Cut the top off. Modified it a bit. 1776cc, Disc on all four corners, American Racing Wheels, BFG 195/50/15 on Front. 205/50/15 on Rear. 
Currently I am about half way through a COMPLETE rebuild. 
Many many changes!! 
I’m 76 now. When I get behind the wheel of this baby I am 15 yrs old again. It is the most fun car I have ever driven. 

Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

Pit Crew





This is the story of my 1964 air cooled VW Beetle.

Bug Life 


Re: Show us your Air Cooled Cars

New Driver


Here is my 1963 VW Beetle Convertible. 


1963 VW Bug Convertible_60.JPG


1963 VW Bug Convertible_34.jpg


Some exterior details.......

Heart Tail LightsHeart Tail Lights




Rear End w/ Early Convertible W DecklidRear End w/ Early Convertible W Decklid


Bosch (Euro-Spec) Fluted HeadlampsBosch (Euro-Spec) Fluted Headlamps

Parts of it hail from earlier models including the rear end with a "W" decklid, "H" apron, and heart tail lights. In addition, the US-Spec bumpers house a reverse light and extra tail lamp, not originally available in those years on the Beetle. 


It has grafted in (working) 12v semaphores in what would be the factory location for an early 50s US model. 


The headlamps are Bosch (Euro-Spec) fluted glass with the amber running lamp also functioning as the front turn signal. 



Porsche 911-inspired InteriorPorsche 911-inspired Interior

The interior is dated, but was originally done to mimic the late 70s/early 80s Porsche 911s. It's got real Porsche Recaro front seats and a modified 911 back seat that nobody would really ever sit on.


Initial Concept Sketches for Updated Door PanelsInitial Concept Sketches for Updated Door Panels


Custom Aluminum Accent PiecesCustom Aluminum Accent Pieces


Completed (Updated) Door PanelCompleted (Updated) Door Panel

We've since redone the door panels (design by Tom Miller at MusicarNW in Portland, OR) and eventually will revise the whole interior to follow the theme of the new door panels. Still with a Porsche influence, just a bit more modern in execution and materials. 




1963 VW Bug Convertible_Engine_28.JPG


1963 VW Bug Convertible_Engine_05.JPG

Engine is a 2332cc with dual Weber 48IDA carbs (the real Italian ones) and numerous internal goodies like Scat 84mm crank, Cima 94mm pistions, SuperFlo heads w/44x37mm valves, Scat 1.25:1 rocker arms and an Engle 130 cam. Very streetable and reliable.


As you can see it's got the beautiful Porsche 911-style fan shroud. To keep the visible mechanical parts minimized, there's a pulley-style dual carb linkage to handle the accelerator duties and that was installed by Dan Lawson at Competition Engineering in Phoenix, AZ. 


There's also a deep oil sump on the case, remote-mount oil filter and separate oil cooler/fan assembly up underneath. Plenty of oil circulating to keep this running cool and reliable. 


1963 VW Bug Convertible_36.JPG


Minimal Rear Camber (Saves the Tires!)Minimal Rear Camber (Saves the Tires!)


IRS Rear Suspension Mods w/Adjustable Spring PlatesIRS Rear Suspension Mods w/Adjustable Spring Plates

You may notice the rear wheels don't camber in nearly as much as others of this vintage. That's because the rear suspension and pan was converted to IRS so that it could accept the Porsche 901 5-speed transmission. 


Front Fuchs Deep 6Front Fuchs Deep 6


Rear Fuchs Deep 7Rear Fuchs Deep 7


Hand Painted Center CapsHand Painted Center Caps

The wheels are all original Porsche Fuchs hearts alloys. Deep 7s in the rear (very rare) and deep 6s in the front. Fully polished. We have since added detailed, hand painted center caps. 


 Disc Brakes with Porsche 5-Lug PatternDisc Brakes with Porsche 5-Lug Pattern


KYB Shocks on Adjustable Front Beam & Lowered SpindlesKYB Shocks on Adjustable Front Beam & Lowered Spindles

Four-wheel disc brakes. Adjustable lowered front beam with drop spindles. KYB lowered gas shocks all around. It rides great and stops well, especially considering how low it is. 


Getting Gas!Getting Gas!


At Scottsdale Pavillions Saturday CruiseAt Scottsdale Pavillions Saturday Cruise


At Scottsdale Pavillions Saturday CruiseAt Scottsdale Pavillions Saturday Cruise

The best thing is it drives with the reliability of a much newer car. I've owned over 20 air cooled VWs since the age of 16 and this is the best one by far. We drive it to cars & coffee, car cruises (such as Scottsdale Pavillions) and car shows all the time.


Many people share a great memory of their "VW Bug" experience with us - and nearly everybody has one.