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Show us your '60s muscle cars

Congratulations to @CarlB and his awesome '69 Firebird for getting the most likes in our '60s muscles cars show!




Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: '60s muscle cars.


Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you


No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 21 May will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.

New Driver


My 1967 Chevrolet Chevelle. Has a fuel injected 502ci. Installed Wilwood brakes, electric cutouts, billet hood hinges, and pretty much anything under the hood that’s chrome in the 5+ years I’ve owned it. Love going to car shows with my husband (he owns a 1957 Nomad).

New Driver

My first Corvette I'm turning heads everywhere I drive 



New Driver

Twenty year project.  VERY supportive spouse of 54 years!Twenty year project. VERY supportive spouse of 54 years!3F20F1DA-1B14-4C37-8B1F-D3653301A8D8.jpeg9004B0DC-F896-4732-BF75-C16999689354.jpegHere’s looking at you.0A7797A6-17AE-4E5C-96CD-A9E168A9D5BF.jpegE052426B-49E8-4430-B148-607952A55DF8.jpegF7179314-5757-4537-8B19-DC8FE71B5A0B.jpeg4E054FE3-6F3C-42FC-BCD2-A5A4AB9B5A97.jpeg

New Driver

  • 1966 Corvette Sport Coupe
  • L72 427-425 HP 
  • Close ratio 4 spd
  • 3.70:1 posi
  • F41 suspension 
  • Radio delete 
  • NCRS Duntov Mark of Excellence and Bloomington Gold awards






New Driver

Last year, my wife asked what I wanted for my upcoming 50th birthday.


Jokingly, I replied, "A '69 'Vette" expecting a quick "No, really?"


She said "Ok, start looking."


Found this one a few months later. According to the paperwork, it was assembled the day before I was born.

It was, indeed, a happy birthday.


2019-06-22 Corvette 2a.jpg


2019-06-22 Corvette 1.jpg


2019-06-22 Corvette 3.jpg



New Driver

1967 Firebird 400 numbers matching, lotsa factory options. 3 year (I work slower than I used to) total restoration to factory stock was finished in June 2019. Originally sold in Cincinnati, spent years in Tennessee, found it for sale beside the road just north of our house in Michigan - looking neglected, repainted white with black top but all there. Told my wife I wasn't looking for it, it found me. Not sure she believed me as it has happened a few times before. I have been a Pontiac nut since my first one - 70 TA that I bought new in 1970.








It has a total of 32 factory options , including rare (or at least uncommon) cruise control, disc brakes, headrests, folding rear seat, A/C, power windows, tilt wheel and much more. Somebody back in 1967 got carried away with the options list - they were only a couple of small items short of all that were possible on a single car. Takes a 2 page window sticker to list them all.



Intermediate Driver

Well done ‘67!

Hagerty Employee

Great color! What is it?
Hagerty Employee

That sideways shot!
Hagerty Employee

Love it. Do you ever use the top, or is it strictly a sunshine car?