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Hagerty Employee

Show us the Cars You Wish You Still Had

Congratulations to @sclin10 and their awesome 1966 Corvair 500
for getting the most likes in our Cars You Wish You Still Had car show!

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Join our virtual car show with this week's theme: Cars You Wish You Still Had.

Reply to this post and include:

  • A few photos of your car
  • The car's year, make, and model
  • Your location
  • (Optional) A short write-up about the car’s history or significance to you

No car to submit? No problem. Have fun looking at the pictures and reading stories from others. And make sure you “like” your favorites!


The reply with the most likes by next Thursday 3 December will win this week’s show - earning unlimited bragging rights and some Hagerty social media love.


I wish I still had this:'69 Plymouth.jpg

'69 Sport Satellite 440, 727, console, slapstick, Dana 60 rear. Yep, I should have kept that one. This is a facsimile as my pics are at home. This one is identical, however.

Hagerty Employee

It’s been a long time since I’ve had it, but I absolutely loved my 92 Blazer that was my daily in my early 20s. I upgraded it with a 400 Small Block under the hood which I got to play nice with the TBI system. I truly miss that truck and the fun I had driving and upgrading it.



I will always have a soft spot for my first car, a 1966 Corvair 500, even though I have since owned Monzas, including the '67 in my garage. The '66 was a 'plain Jane' but got 3 of my friends and me to Lake Tahoe and San Francisco (those hills were a challenge with 3-speed1969 '66 corvair on vacation.jpg manual tranny!) from our home in Orange County!

Pit Crew

1964 Chevrolet Impala Super Sport 327

Always wanted one since high school, owned it for seven years but had to sell due to sudden financial constraints

Fontana, CA


New Driver

1973 BMW 2002, bought as a project for $800 and drove it home, really miss it


Intermediate Driver

How will I see this and when

Intermediate Driver

I wish I still had this 


I planned to put a then camaro zl1 v8 in it and make it a track car but it had to many problems in my hands since I was using it as a daily driver

New Driver

My  first car was a 1957 Chevy, bought it with my savings from selling eggs door to door when I was 15 and fixed it up with my dad. Had to sell it to pay for college... I’ll get’er back some day!


This one isn’t mine, but it was identical! 


Pit Crew

2. passenger side 2.JPG30. dash (thru rear hatch).JPG

I still miss my 1973 Saab Sonett III I called Rocky (after Rocket J. Squirrel of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame). I was not a car designed for today's highways but it was a hoot to drive on back roads. It's 1.4L Ford V-4, front wheel drive, and light weight made it's 65 HP seem like a lot more. It was a pain to work on and a pain to get in and out of, but I miss it. Never has any car I've owned before or since drawn as much attention, questions and comments - everything from "What is it?" to "My college roommate had one of these!" Great fun!!!


New Driver


 1970 Camaro, I put my heart into her, had her while I was in the army in the early 80s, the engine was a 383 topped with nitrous, I found a set of double hump heads in the junk yard and took them with me when I went out in the field maneuvers in the army to work on them since I was a mechanic in the army, I port and polished them on maneuvers lol, it was a California car and I would clean the engine with a baby cloth diaper but I tried to use as little bit of chrome as possible under the hood. She was a automatic and would get rubber in all three gears, fast forward 40 years later and keep telling my self I would have one by the age of 50 but here I am at 56 and still don’t have one and now the price of them for a decent one is slipping out of my range.  Thanks for liking the one that got away!!!


The bottom picture is a tooned picture that my brother made for me.  


My cousin Donnie had a 70 1/2 split bumper 4 spd car. He blew the LT1 that was in it and ended up putting an L82 from a wrcked 'Vette in it. It was red, beautiful, and MEAN with that LT1. We were in junior high at the time, but he would take us cruising occasionally. Especially if I helped him work on it.  I remember helping him put a holley intake on it one afternoon. I got a few weekends worth of "shotgun" privileges for helping him. I hope you get another one. I always loved the early 2nd Gen Camaros.

New Driver

1971 BMW 2002 tii.

What a gorgeous little beast...😁1968  BMW    2002 tii.jpg

New Driver

BMW 3.0 Csl.....the original; irresistible one.1973 BMW 3.0 CSL.jpg


The one that got away?  I've been lucky enough to own some of the greatest muscle cars ever produced by Pontiac - RA I, II, III, IV & 455HO GTO's, Judges, LeMans, Trans Am's & Formulas - both hard tops & convertibles.  But the one that got away, and the only car I am currently looking to replace is my 69 Trans Am.  After looking and missing out on one for years, I found this one & bought it in 2006 with the agreement that if I ever sold it, the seller would get 1st chance to buy it back.  John was a great owner, a mechanic who had cared for the car meticulously and a single father trying to buy a house for himself & his daughter.  After buying the car in May & enjoying for the summer I got a call in the fall - John had inherited some money and desperately wanted it I sold it to him.  Currently looking for it's replacement.TAingarage.JPGTAingarage2.JPGTAontrailer.JPG

Pit Crew

This was the Yorkshire MotoSports Jaguar that the team ran in the late 70's and early 80's:

Racing 318.jpeg80890022.jpeg80890016.jpeg

It was sold off when the team moved into the CanAm series...

I was part of the team then and wish I would have bought it, as I always thought it would have been a great "resto-mod" project to make it into a wicked street piece!!!

As always - - - hind sight is 20/20!!!


Intermediate Driver

Back in 1999 I built this 1974 Porsche 914 with the Rayco 986 kit. I love this car. I sold it in 2005 when I got devorced. The same owner still has it. Maybe someday he will sell it back to me. Until then...


New Driver

1971 BMW 2002




I bought it in 1983 and still own it.  Still original and love driving it and it gets a lot of thumbs up.