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Re: Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class

New Driver

One more for your consideration 

My Democross ( think dirt road course no rules full contact racing) Toyota FX16 GTS.. Not one piece of straight metal, screaming 4AGE Honda Prelude beating power, steel plated and .120 tube reinforced front end. Radiator relocated to back seat area. Main event winning machine.








Re: Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class

New Driver

How about Datsaniti (Dat-SAN-iti) the '80 Datsun 210 with most of an Infiniti G35 welded to it. Built for the Grassroots $2000 Challenge.

- 3.5 VQ35 V6

- Autotragic

- Jeep wheels

- Rain gutter bumpers

- Filing cabinet widebody

- Sketchy nitrous

- and so much more




Re: Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class

New Driver

a1.JPG50781456_2259534190961013_8916233659887910912_n.jpgDSC_0002 (2).JPGHow rare is the 1st gen Mazda 626 coupe?  There's maybe a dozen or so left in the US I reckon.  When this '81 626 with 252,000 miles appeared for sale on Craigslist in Portland last year, I hopped on a plane with $600 in my pocket and bought it sight unseen.  Drove it 3,600 miles back to Ohio the long way down the Pacific coast, through Napa Valley and eventually the desert Southwest.  Even though I kept it under 78mph the whole trip, things broke along the way, and it refused to start a couple times, but six days later I was home.  Of course we had to take it to the dragstrip once it warmed up a bit -- 20.6 seconds in the 1/4 mile!



1/4 mile run in a stock 256,000 mile 1981 Mazda 626, at Norwalk Raceway, May 10, 2019. It appears to be a little tired. We've made a wise choice for Burnt Ru...

Re: Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class

New Driver

Isuzu Vehicross.  A 1993 Toyota Auto Show Concept Car winner that came into production (1999 to 2001), with very few changes.  Marketed in conjunction with their sponsorship of the Ironman Triathlon.  Just over 5000 total built with 4000 sent to USA.


My entry:  All stock

1999 Ironman Edition

215 HP DOHC V-6 / 4 spd auto

Torque On Demand 4wd

Recaro seats

Torsion bar front suspension 

4 link rear suspension 

External reservoir shocks

3" lift

Spare tire inside rear door


$30,000 msrp


The term PUV (Performance Utility Vehicle) was coined to describe this car that was handbuilt by an elite team of Isuzu engineers.  Multiple rally winner.


I remember seeing a Proton Yellow VX when they first arrived and noted how unusual they looked.  Can't remember seeing another until a I bought this one off craigslist.


Luckily, there is a small group of enthusiasts who share info and parts unique to the VX.


Had planned to bring it to Seaside, this summer.   


See you next year !