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Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class




Class: Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

Community Manager

New Driver


To the untrained eye, it may look like a piece of crap 1978 Toyota Corolla. However, after a trip to the Army/Navy surplus store, some consumption of adult beverages and wreckless use of a set of torches, the world became just a little less crazy with the creation of: The Drexel, Crime Fighting Vehicle

New Driver


 This is one 300ZX that wants to suck your soul. Post-apocalyptic, angry and with fantastically wide hips, her bite attempts to be as mean as her bark with a V8 from a 1992 Infiniti Q45. Full aluminum custom widebody, a smattering of parts from different Nissan products and custom suspension made of circle track dirt car parts.

Pit Crew

Hey Gang, 


This is the latest and greatest miata project we got cooking up for the 24 hours of lemons at the Ridge. This is the maximum downforce miata with active aero. What we used for this project was a combination of (in equal parts) 1/2 metal square tubing, the headlight pop-up motor (go green) and 3 white claws, because pilsners make me want to stuff a coyote v8 under the hood, and coors make me want to cummins swap the 'yata. 

I have a video in this link for you to enjoy. YouTube

Come see us at The Ridge on July 25th! 


Wing Down.pngFully Functional AERO by way of Pop-up headlight motorFully Functional AERO by way of Pop-up headlight motor

New Driver

My Muggle Mobile (1984 Honda Acty) was a winner or loser, depending on your point of view,in the Aussie Concours D’Lemons last year.  
At that time it had a brake clamp on the left front brake....this has since been fixed and the interior Hogwartified.


Pit Crew

My lemony entry this year is a 1970's (Probably) Isuzu KB ute that sat in a sheep farmers paddock for at least 10 years and judging by the wool attached to it the sheep loved it. The farmer, not so much so I got it for free. 

This one is not only small but also a diesel so I would imagine it is incredibly slow but it is so terrible that I could never get it to go anywhere.  It travelled further in the last year being pushed than driving even though everything is intact and there is no reason that it shouldn't start except that it hates me.


The interior is a mix of spiders, scorpions and snakes but that is just any old car in Australia, trust me you get used to looking for poisonous spiders after the first couple of bites....


As it turns out it is great for storing a roller door and whatever else I couldn't bear to throw out in the tray.







Yep, that's a Lemon.Yep, that's a Lemon.Slowly going back to nature.Slowly going back to nature.The interior was mostly spiders, ants and probably snakes.The interior was mostly spiders, ants and probably snakes.This is he good side...This is he good side...Useful for storing things. Not so good for driving.Useful for storing things. Not so good for driving.

New Driver

In the early 60's, Mr. Honda wanted a clutchless motorcycle that could be driven with one hand. 

I'm sure that "embarrassingly slow, hard to start in the cold," and "uselessly 6 volt driven" were on the list as well but i didn't read that in the history report. 

I present to you my constantly oil dripping 1967 soul sucking Honda 90. 
The Honda 90 (in its many forms) has largely been said to be the best selling vehicle of all time due to its remarkable longevity, frugal gas mileage, and compact packaging. 
Though you'd wonder why thats the case while you stumble between the semi-automatic gear box as you are given the finger by passing jacked up trucks and the occasional geo metro. 

Never the less, she's small enough to be a moped, yet prone to carburetor clogs enough to be considered a classic motorcycle. 
Even still, you can't help but smile as you toot that adorable horn right back at Mr. Dodge Challenger as he cusses you out for being too slow. 20200709_135253.jpg20200709_135307.jpg20200708_180006.jpg

AD586558-EAAA-48FD-AEDE-A0DD10D0EC23.jpeg1965 Datsun 1500 fair lady...and faithful companion...GTI recaro seats because the other ones were trashed and the seat acts only reached my shoulder blades...not so good in case of a rear ender..

Intermediate Driver

For the humble consideration of the judges I submit my 2005 Scion xA


I purchased this car new in September of 2005 and actually even with it being a technical leftover I ordered it because I wanted it in Blue. Being a late build car it has a few interior pieces from a 2006 xA and because all Scions came wired for sound but radio delete and the dealership had run out of 2005 radios I also got a 2006 radio that has a volume knob instead of pushbuttons. Because of the way Scions were sold there were very few factory options, the two I got were the color, and I got mine with a 5 speed manual. Everything besides color, transmission, and side curtain airbags on a Scion was a dealer installed option, I opted for fog lights, the XM radio add on, an arm rest, and "Scion Security" which is just an alarm system because that was the only way I could get keyless entry. I also got the roof rack but the dealers idea of installing that was to toss it into the back seat and tell me to install it myself, that was a $500 option. I also used the leftover parts counter bonus I got from Toyota to buy the spiffy floor mats with the Scion logo on them. For my own personal touch I added some blue cold cathode lights under the dash and seats and with some items from Radio Shack they light up when the doors are opened, or with the flick of a switch when the car is running. I also slapped on some "Racing" pedal covers, in blue of course, that add no power, a set of fuzzy dice that are no longer with the car, and recently a bluetooth to FM converter and phone mount so I can have fake Android Auto in the car.


This car has served me well for almost all of the over 222,000 miles it has on it with few breakdowns. The Scion xA has been on a few vacations, some trips out of state trips to the home center, been pressed into service to haul Girl Scout cookies and related cookie booth items, this resulted in the inside being covered in "Unicorn blood" AKA Glitter, it brought my youngest home from the hospital, but mostly this has been a lone driver commuter car and the lack of wear and tear on everything not in the driver area prove that. I wash it, vacuum it, do the maintenance, and fix the annoying broken stuff, that's it.


I believe that this car best exemplifies the "Soul-sucking Japanese Appliance Class" because it has functioned beyond quite well as an appliance way more than as a car. This car is not now, never has been, and never will be cool, it is a commuter box that can function as a car but that is all it is and all it will ever be until it is melted down and turned into something else. Unfortunately for this metal, it is presently functioning so well as a Scion xA that it will likely continue to be one for quite some time.


Thank you for your consideration.