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Rust Belt American Junk - Other Class



Class: Rust Belt American Junk - Other

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

Intermediate Driver

Jay Lamm, Chief Perpetrator of the 24Hours of Lemons, enters his Kellison.

New Driver

My Entry: The 1981 AMC "Desert" Eagle


This is the finest in American Engineering (that you can buy for $500). This bad boy came out of Tuscon, Arizona nestled amongst a sea of Trailer Homes within a Mogadishu array of trailer parks. 

Here is a walkaround showing off all the custom touches.

The Chome Eagle lowers my quarter mile time by 3 secondsThe Chome Eagle lowers my quarter mile time by 3 secondsThe other Hard Stance, just in case you thought the driver's side was weak!The other Hard Stance, just in case you thought the driver's side was weak!Side profile showing off it's 4WDednessSide profile showing off it's 4WDednessCammo interior is a melange of old gas, lot lizard and meth sweat.Cammo interior is a melange of old gas, lot lizard and meth sweat.Hard Stance on with Custom SLA BumpersHard Stance on with Custom SLA Bumpers

This is not relevant but it's the John Wayne Platter at my favorite restaurant. 

Community Manager

Now I am hungry AND I want am AMC product!  Thanks for that! 

Pit Crew



(@ Jay, of course)

Community Manager
New Driver

First race The Ridge 2016First race The Ridge 2016


$1000 car. Sold some bits to reach $500$1000 car. Sold some bits to reach $500


289 Studebaker V-8289 Studebaker V-8


Still a decent interiorStill a decent interior


This 1963 Studebaket Avanti started racing 24 Hours of LeMons events in 2016. It has appeared in west coast races at least once a year since. IOE winner in 2016. Best finish, 

Inde 2020, 2nd in class C. 

Pit Crew

I was originally suspicious of whether this was truly a $500 car or not when I first saw it but after seeing these photos I'm not any longer! That has to be one of the most beat-up Lemons cars I've ever seen! Congratulations on your fiberglass skills as well!
New Driver

This is my American junk, a 1983 Jeep J-10. Complete with it's fair share of rust, leaking rear main seal and incredibly smooth ride (extreme sarcasm, it's a full size jeep they ride like a conestoga wagon) it truly is one of the most reliable vehicles on the planet 😂. Mine is one of I believe 10 or 12 in the world that has yet to be LS swapped (Very Rare option!) This one is still touting the old AMC 360, aside from the oil leak that just started 2 weeks ago it really is a great running and driving truck. The bottom picture is a comparison from the first day I brought it home to how it sits now. Here is a short little video of it running






New Driver

Here is my 1982 Jeep Wagoneer "Farm Find". It was born in Rust Belt Capital of Toledo, OH where it was purchased by a Pittsburgh Oil Baron who decked it out in every option imaginable....except he special ordered it with the 4.2l Inline Six! It then made its way back to Armada, MI where and my son @dlangshootpies pulled it out from behind a barn next to a field last year. We spent that weekend getting it running after a 10 year nap and then I have been cosmetically restoring it ever since.  Being a 6 cylinder tank it has a highly questionable zero to 60 time but gets a highly respectable for a FSJ 18+mpg. 


Community Manager

That powertrain/trim combo is amazing.   Very cool barn find! 

Pit Crew

Apologies if I am not getting this whole Concours de Lemons thing right but I have an old but generally unloved car, a 1922 Essex! Essex was the cheap car make of Hudson. Wonderful, unique and significant yet largely forgotten and worthless for a car of its era. 179 cubic inch "F head" 4 cylinder with huge valves, one in the head and one in the block. Roller cam followers too! With 55 horsepower vs 21 for a Model T and 40 for a Model A it was a rocket for its day and at one point (1923) it held the record for Pike's Peak! However despite being made in large numbers very, very few are left today and while they are great cars prices are very low, maybe $12,000 for the nicest one out there and as little as $5000 will get you a running example with complete non-running cars going for as little as $2k. We've had this one since 1971 and despite little being done to it it still runs and drives well. However as you can see it needs a few things, most notably new window regulators and a new side window.








Pit Crew

1951 Willy's , so much rust, it's only getting brakes and tires. And shocks, master cylinder, seat cushions, headlight, front bumper, ignition key, maybe a windshield.



Pit Crew

You should make it into a Jeep Surrey tribute!

New Driver

Ryan James @_ryanjames Enters his 1970 PorscheTato 917.  This car started life as a Laser 917, but over time morphed into a Potato.  “The interior captivates the essence of conversion van.”  Notes Donald Osborne.  “The PorscheTato scores 100 on the glycemic index!” Says Dr. Oz. Overall Weight was dramatically reduced by removing the engine.  Other engineering breakthroughs included an extremely high safety rating due to lack of any possible motion.  Most recent upgrade was improvement of the climate control system, which was achieved by simply by removing the driver side window.  While I no longer drive the car, it is my vehicle of choice for a night of indulgence with a bag of Granny Goose Hawaiian style chips. The PorscheTato is the car many dream of, but never achieve, a car destined of iconic virtue, and carbohydrate intrigue. 


Pit Crew

Granny Goose Hawaiian Style Potato Chips would be a pretty good bribe for the judges. Just sayin’.
Hagerty Employee

I have always loved these.
Pit Crew

Man, I want a Laser 917 so badly. It's the Porsche I deserve.

New Driver

It is the Porsche you deserve, acknowledgement of this truth is the first step towards ownership of a Laser 917. 

Community Manager
New Driver

Say hello once again to the SCM Bradley GT, making it's debut at Concours d'Lemons. While this car has inexplicably been featured in multiple articles in Sports Car Market Magazine (and still bears the decals and battle scars from  the cross country marathon that they subjected themselves to in 2017), was the star of an article about budget gullwings on the Hagerty site before and is still the only Bradley to ever be sold on BaT this marks the first time that it will compete in the ultimate contest to take home its rightful title of "King of the Scrapheap". Powered by an air-cooled 1600cc VW engine, this beautifully horrific fiberglass piece of automotive history resembles an exotic go-kart designed by a 10-year old boy, both in looks and performance. Fortunately for both of us, that's just enough to keep me parading it around town. The most frequent comment I receive is "I've seen a few of these in my day, but never moving down the street!"






New Driver


This is my 1977 Checker Taxicab. It features a 250 Chevrolet engine and TH400 transmission, roof light and jump seats. It has approximately 330,000 miles and most of the original rust. It worked as a taxi for its first 20 years, then was painted Surge Soda green by Coca-Cola.


Pit Crew

OK, OK - some very bad cars here to be sure and congrats to all the clearly disturbed owners who have brought them to this cyber cesspool, but finally as this pointless contest lurches towards its finale it’s time to go one step further, from the awful and the terrible into the realm of the truly horrible and of course I’m talking about the 2018 Concours d’Lemons Monterey Worst of Show winner (loser?) the fabulous 1977 Gremalibur.





gold plated (?) grille


mascot with custom touches: 


solar powered plastic garden taillights: 


"Make America Gremlin Again" 


Since her triumph in 2018 this beauty has been resting on her laurels under a disintegrating tarp outside our shop in Emeryville, but she fired right up today for a harrowing drive around the block - check out the walk around and driving video:


and in case you’ve missed it here it is in all its glory at the awards presentation in 2018:


My name is Jim Callahan and thanks for your consideration. Just to make things clear I am not solely responsible for the discovery and presentation of this abomination, equally responsible is Asher Schlusselberg who is half owner and deserves half of the praise (scorn) and honor (disgust) for bringing this car into the spotlight. Here’s picture of him with another Lemons contender so if you should run into him you can thank (blame) him.





New Driver

1982 AMC Concord.  Her name is Jenny (8675309)  What other cars do Tuners to Bentley's wave to?   She hangs out with the neighbors Pinto.  🙂


AMC July 2019 Lemons.jpg

Community Manager

>>>Moving to the Chrysler section of the contest, became MOPAR or No Car>>>

Community Manager

New Driver

1979 AMC Pacer Wagon.jpg

Pit Crew

How do you get your own class?  I want one!