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Rust Belt American Junk - GM Class



Class: Rust Belt American Junk - GM

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

New Driver

how much  $$ are you looking for_______ to sell and pass you weekend misery project for ?  

and i have to rent a flatbed/ with driver ... to tow it NJ j or.......would the.....curse ... excuse me .....I mean hurse.. make it (with no breakdown ) traveling on the road to New Jersey (not needing AAA   to tow  your baby  to a weekend repair shop that opens on monday . ?.......I am worried about inheriting    transmission problems ..  or ..3.000 dollar ..engine seize.....or  a simple (long waite)..for  parts replacement ..air  mailed / fedex  .. from another state ? ....+ 200.00 dollar  over night hotels the middle of nowhere...USA ..........cause ...the weather in not exactly comfort season ..where the car is being stored... and I heard the weather out there...... is in the Hi  90's to 115 (humid).......with lots of  "violent wind and storms with lightning ..."  .(and we are now in hurricane season too )  anyway stay well ...wear a mask . and reply to me (what is your ask ??) .my email   to bad they left out the scene where the car get sprayed with bullets... that would have been a nice action clip... thanks Novac 

New Driver

WCJr After.jpg

WCJr After 2.jpgThis is my 1989 Chevy Silverado Stepside Regency Conversion Pickup. With its wide Centerline wheels and white-out grille, it has a very '80s vibe, so I dubbed it "Way Cool Jr". I bought it from a Copart Auction in August of 2019. I needed a truck, and it looked clean. I figured with a few weekends of work I'd have it on the road. It wasn't listed as running, so I bid accordingly. I had a built small-block Chevy waiting if the engine was junk. There was some rust, but it didn't look terrible. At some point in the past the Regency running boards were removed.

WCJr Before 1.JPGWCJr Before 2.JPG

When I got it, it was largely intact, but on closer inspection everything was broken. The engine was seized. The truck was not advertised as being a flood recovery, but there was plenty of hidden flood damage. Even though I'd looked the truck over, the silt looked like normal dusty Oklahoma road use. Tearing down the engine I found mineral crystals in the lifter valley.

WCJr Engines.jpg

The replacement engine:
350 4-bolt main TBI block, honed, but no overbore
Factory Vortec heads, 062 castings, no porting, no machining
Factory crankshaft
Speed Pro H345DCP flat-top hypereutectic pistons - 9.5:1 compression ratio
Speedway Motors 5140 steel I-beam rods, 5.7", bushed pin
Lunati 20080720, advertised duration 262/270, lift .507/.515
Factory roller lifters, dog bones, and spider assembly
Chevrolet Performance 12499224 LS2/LS6 valvesprings
Comp Cams 787-16 steel valve spring retainers
Comp Cams 648-16 race valve locks
Cheap umbrella seals instead of factory positive seals
Proform Parts 66914C extruded aluminum roller rocker arms
Summit 226018 Stage 1 dual-plane square-bore intake manifold
Holly Sniper Fuel Injection

Later C1500 Vortec fuel pump in a TBI pickup assembly in the stock tank
Hedman full-length headers 69440
Flowmaster 2.5" Catalytic Converters 2250225
Jones 2.5" X-pipe SXP4
Cherry Bomb Salute 2.5" Mufflers SA1226
Walker 2.5" exhaust pipes 49008
Home-fabbed trans crossmember to fit the exhaust, 2" angle iron & 1.75x.120" DOM tubing.

WCJr Exhaust.jpg

The interior:
The interior is mostly 'stock', if you consider a conversion truck 'stock'. I removed the Regency wood pieces, sanded them, and varnished them. The fancy Regency seat was garbage, and not really luxurious, so I replaced it with Pull-A-Part leather seats from a 1994 Cadillac Seville. The Caddy had 84,000 miles, no body damage, and a HUGE rats' nest under the hood. The interior of the car was all Hanta virus and black mold. I powered it up with a jump box, got the seats, the heated seat switches, and as much of the harness as I could cut out. Best of all, when I was cleaning them I found a change purse with a $17 dollars. Seats were on sale, so after taxes I made about two bucks buying the seats. I built seat mounts from 2" square tubing and built storage drawers into them.

Black was not a color offered from the factory, but Dupli-Color vinyl paint is readily available in parts stores. I epoxied as many interior pieces together as I could and shot them black, and it looks nice with the wood bits and tan leather.

WCJr Interior.JPGWCJr Interior2.jpg

Fixes so far:
New lock set
New headlights, turn signals, taillights
Junkyard replacement stepside pads
New rear taillight harness to replace the butchered harness
Junkyard class 3 receiver
Replaced rag joint and steering shaft with a Jeep steering shaft
Replaced factory rearview mirror with Suburban auto-dim compass and temperature mirror
Rear wheel cylinders
Junkyard plastic interior panels, painted black
Replaced ratty carpet with later carpet, painted black, over cheap sound/heat barrier
Cheap Pyle speakers but no head unit yet
Replaced a busted coil connector
Door hinge pins
New power steering system
New idler pulley
New A/C heater harness to replace the butchered harness
Added a later truck storage bin under the hood
Added Suburban rear sway bar
Seymour Spray-In bedliner
New radiator
Swapped clutch fan to electric fan controlled by the Holley FI system
New A/C system because the compressor was shelled out and the condensor was mashed

Still needs fixing:
Stereo head unit is missing and the wiring is mangled
Windshield has four different cracks in it
Replace tint
The TH700R4 is slipping, but I have a junkyard transmission to swap in
The seats still need wired and junkyard Ford center console installed
Front airdam cracked
Armrests and passenger door switches

Edit: Initial startup video:

Way Cool Junior is an '89 Chevy Stepside "Regency Conversion" truck I picked up at an auction a few months back. "Dude, you named your truck 'Way Cool Junior...
Pit Crew

Here’s a pic of judge Alan sampling some bribe juice off the hood of my Vega at CDL Amelia island 2019. I don’t know why I didn’t get a trophy? They even left the bribe on my car. B36686CD-B18E-40A1-9D22-00893D2B02DC.jpeg


Community Manager

As a 24 Hours of Lemons judge, let me tell you how not impressed I am with your bribe. 😉

Pit Crew

Oh my gosh, that Fleetwood with the longhorns is SO GOOD.


The brownish manual Cimarron still has a special place in my hear—err, fart, for dominating the World Tour of Texas. It's such a good little car. You plebian fools just don't understand the fine sporting luxury of such a magnificent Cadillac.

New Driver

My 1926 Chevrolet Superior Series K Touring has been found a "barn find" three times. First in 1956 in Chilhowee, Missouri, again in 1980 in Independence, Missouri and finally Kansas City, Missouri in 2017. It has never been dissembled or restored, but runs and drives incredibly well. I use it regularly and folks like to compare it to the Clampett family car, which inspired it's name: Beverly


It was on the cover of the September 2019 Vintage Chevrolet Club of America's magazine and received an Award of Excellence in the Preservation Class at the Dayton Concours d'Elegance in 2019. 


More pictures and information can be seen here:



Pit Crew

Even though GM may not want to claim this car, they built it. You may want to move it to the GM class. 

New Driver

Here is one of my lemony fresh front wheel drive GMs from the majestic era that is the late 80s/early 90s. This 88 is complete with rust, bad repaint, crooked quad exhaust and a Supercharged 3800 swap that keeps blowing fuel pump fuses, therefore not running. I own 5 cars currently, 2 of which actually run and drive. Touchscreen works but is intermittent. Enjoy the oddity of the Reatta







New Driver

My other lemony fresh entry, this 1990 Buick Reatta. I've owned this car since 2007, never driven it, kind of ran, transmission shifted out of park and ran me over once (true story), needs plenty of work. Hopefully one day will have a garage of running Reattas instead of 2 non-running Reattas



New Driver

I was really looking forward to attending the Detroit show. Here is my Family Vette #2 for your consideration