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Needlessly Complex Italian Class



Class: Needlessly Complex Italian

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

New Driver

Here is my 1973 Fiat 124 special, mileage unknown. Olive is powered by a 1400cc pushrod engine making an adequate 70 hp, runs 4 wheel disc brakes and a brake bias system that decreases rear brake pressure based on the angle of the body to the rear axle. The car does not have a heater, fan, wiper motor or bumpers, but it does have an AM/FM cassette and rust. 







New Driver

Last weekend we Lemons Rallied this 1959 Fiat 1100, badged as an Indian liscenced version the Premier Padmini. In spite of overheating issues, fuel delivery shortcomings, and general awfulness, she persevered over 900 miles, seven mountain passes (up to 12,095' elevation), and some ill-advised dirt roads, to beat out 19 other (newer cars) for the overall points win. We're happy to report that neither the exhaust leak, the suicide doors, nor the stubborn pull to the left under braking managed to kill us.

108232581_1694690664019368_1264672961158006850_n (1).jpg108136677_283618059645414_4292539852789065709_n.jpg108018879_2641662902741509_1498146557600608823_n.jpg108247028_3096955060386093_3903242103354112871_n.jpg109757071_303118330835801_1527389245217167901_n.jpg107960617_1438148956367411_2588668630971480217_n.jpg108232581_1694690664019368_1264672961158006850_n.jpg

Community Manager

I love this car with every new picture I see of it.
New Driver

Here is my entry for the Needlessly Complex Italian Class. An Alfa with three shoe brakes to start with! Built in 1962 shoulda' been a 1963 but it was registered as a 64. I was going to repaint it but everyone said "but its got patina! Err, no, that's Earl Scheib gone bad (The Earl of Scheib)". It is blast to drive and does have some cosmetic issues. 001 2020-07-13 001.JPG2020-07-13 001 2020-07-13 007.JPG2020-07-13 001 2020-07-13 011.JPG2020-07-13 001 2020-07-13 010.JPG2020-07-17 001 2020-07-13 004.JPG2020-07-13 001 2020-07-13 012.JPG91169043_3101264289897599_8519575859391102976_n.jpg

New Driver

Ciao, here is my submission for Needlessly Complex Italian Class. Wheel bearings, pulleys and door latches all squeal in disapproval on this 2002 Fiat Multipla with only 60,000kms that I imported from Japan to Alberta (Canada's version of Texas). To prove this RHD exotic beast has truly emigrated to North America - it is likely the only one on the continent - I photographed it in front of a buffalo herd. The look of horror, shock and confusion on the faces of pickup drivers everywhere prove that this gem stands out in a crowd (not necessarily in a good way) and is worthy of d'Lemons. And for further proof, if any were needed, the UK's Sunday Times Driving section voted this much-maligned vehicle the #1 ugliest car ever created. Please, have mercy.

Thank you and grazie.



1 2002 Fiat Multipla Canada.jpg2 2002 Fiat back.jpg3 2002 Fiat front.jpg4.jpg5.jpg6.jpg

New Driver

I retract my previous statement (made in the Mopar thread) that there is no Mopar Lemons.  This is one.  And I must say that although I tried very hard to help save this program, there were a few vehicles that got past all my code corrections.  God knows what parts they used to drive that off the line.  

New Driver

Hella **bleep**ty Racing is entering our 1984 Bitter SC lemons car. With the body and interior made in Turin, this car is as Italian as it is German. Check out our submission video:

The Concours d'Lemons is a wonderful event for rare, quirky, and truly awful cars. Given current circumstances, this year's event is carried out virtually on...
Pit Crew

Oh my.  The 2002 Fiat Multipla is going to be difficult to beat.  The interior is sublime with Lemony awfulness.  Center stack by Fischer Price.  Interior color palette by Lewis Carroll. Exterior styling of a bump head parrot fish.   Truly one of the most awful things I've ever laid eyes on.  


Thanks for sharing 🙂