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Community Manager

Kurdled Kimchi: Wonders of the Korean Peninsula



Class - Kurdled Kimchi: Wonders of the Korean Peninsula

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

New Driver


This is a very mundane 2005 Hyundai Elantra out terrorizing a Porsche club autocross. 


 Here is that same heap after a few years of Lemons racing.  Behold the glory of the Dear Leader.

Intermediate Driver

that is one horrible autocross car. 

New Driver


Okay, it's not Japanese but it does have a Japanese engine... Basically a Mitsubishi industrial forklift engine. It's about as rev happy as a can opener. 

Behold, the mighty 1986 Hyundai Pony. 

Community Manager

Ooooh man, that is so lemony! I love it.