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Kobbled Together Kangaroo Karts Class



Class: Kobbled Together Kangaroo Karts

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

Pit Crew

Not sure if this counts in this category but the styling is definitely Lemons worthy.


Released in 1986 the Nissan R31 Skyline was built in Australia for our market so is considered AusDM even though it is a Japanese manufacturer. The trouble was and what makes it a bit of a lemon is that the styling was outdated from the moment it hit the showrooms and they were still producing them into the '90's!


Ours has been a good work horse for my wife to learn dirt rally although in the last few days the steering rack decided it needed a holiday and exited stage left conveniently taking the right strut with it. We've also had the brakes jam on, then not work at all, the starter motor fail and the struts blow all in the same session! The suspension is just laughable in stock form and it is really a pretty rough bit of kit but one thing is for sure. The RB30E that powers all of this awesomeness has never missed a beat and if not fast, it is definitely.... well, easy to service I guess?


So plainSo plainSo angularSo angularSo colourful? Plus my awesome wife learning to punt a boat around the dirt circuitSo colourful? Plus my awesome wife learning to punt a boat around the dirt circuit

Pit Crew

Awesome!.. We thought, seeing as the entry was from Oz, that all the pics would be upside down!.. Apparently not.. 😞

New Driver



You can see my Rukus in the background.You can see my Rukus in the background.


Ongoing RestoOngoing Resto


Allow me to introduce my Samurai Smurf. It is a somewhere between 1978 to 1981 Toyota Corolla Coupe. The plate says it is 81, but this bitzer is made from parts spanning a decade of manufacturing. When stripping it back for resto, 4 separate colours (none of them blue) were found on different panels. 


While Technically a Japanese design, she was actually made in Australia in the first Toyota Factory made outside of Japan. 

This labour of love has become a real lemon. I bought it for a couple grand, and by the time she is on the road will have spent twice what she will be worth finished. 

This is not a financial investment, this is about buying a car that is not widely loved, and showing it some love. You almost never see KE55s anymore, and while her throbbing 58 horsepower won't win any races, she will be a unique sight and bring joy as she putters around the hills near where I live in Adelaide South Australia. I take great pride in saving this rust bucket from entropy and anonymity.

She will not be worthy of your prestigious site for long, but right now she has all the charm and character of a 40 year old victim of neglect. 

In the second image, you can see my daily Toyota Rukus, too shiny for your site. 

Pit Crew

I dunno.. I reckon the Ruckus is right at home here.. Lol!

New Driver

Cam you check if it was actually made in australia? My dad worked at the AMI plant in the early 70s and he said they never made any of the coupes there. he is extremely old so its possible he was wrong

Community Manager

Moving this "Lincoln" over to the Ford section of Concours d'Lemons!

Pit Crew

This is a true Aussie vehicle that many a tradie (trades person) used to cart around ladders and pipes on the roof not to mention the second life as a surfy wagon. Plenty of these are still gracing our roads and they were designed, tested and built all in Australia so they are truly a Kobbled Together Kangaroo Kart. Even the engine was completely designed in Australia and only used here, the trusty 4.0L Barra straight six!


This particular example completed the SB Rally with the Mercedes that is in the German section, last year from Perth, WA to Sydney, NSW. We went straight though the middle, so a total of 7000+km across this huge country with only one problem... The welds broke on the exhaust so it sounded like a truck for about 5000km of those k's!


Here is out 2000 Ford Falcon wagon!


How we bought it for $1,000AUDHow we bought it for $1,000AUDAt the border on the way homeAt the border on the way homeAt the 'Ute on a Pole' in country NSW.At the 'Ute on a Pole' in country NSW.

Pit Crew

** Submitted on behalf of the National Motor Museum **

Direct to you from Birdwood in South Australia... just a sample  of the weird and wonderful from "Down Under".. take this one.. Australia's first attempt at a mobile phone!


Actually, it's 'The World's Largest Mobile Phone', a working telephone used by Telecom Australia for promotion during the 1992 Summer Olympics..  but why let the truth get in the way of a good story! 


To see more of what the museum has to offer, go to




Pit Crew

** Submitted on behalf of the National Motor Museum **

Australia is renowned for it's "can do" attitude!.. sometimes that also means "maybe shouldn't do".. 


Zetas were produced in Australia from 1963 to 1965 by South Australian manufacturing company, Lightburn & Co., an established manufacturer of cement mixers and washing machines. Selling a total of fewer than 400 vehicles, this legend of Australian ingenuity was overshadowed by the release of the Morris Minor..  


In a strange twist of fate, as a consequence of a full fibreglass body, a lot of Zetas have outlived their rival, and have become highly sought after.. Our entry is one of 28 Zeta Sports that were built.. You can make your own judgement on the styling!.. NMMZetaSports.JPG


Community Manager

Pit Crew

Hello from the 1964 Ampol

Trial Zeta team

Pit Crew
Pit Crew