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Der Self-satisfied Krautten Wagen Class



Class: Der Self-satisfied Krautten Wagen

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

New Driver

What...not Trabants?  Oh yeah, I forgot, cardboard doesn't rust.

Pit Crew

a 1969 Porsche 912 badged the way it should be.  Note the upper left medalion, a gift from Roger Barr (the beloved mechanic seen on Chasing Classic Cars) who had it on his car while in Germany in the late '50'sIMG_6493.jpg




If a 356 had contined prooduction in 1966, they would have badged it this way. (note decal on rear window)


 An architecural feature of a house, a front p- - - -.


New Driver

Ever want a car, get it, and regret it all most immediately?

Meet Finn, The SmartTrooper



Finn was acquired in January, 2016, in central Illinois. Finn was designed to dart in and around little European villages. While there are little villages in Illinois, they tend to be separated by millions of acres of farm...Connected by miles and miles of roads maintained by the lowest bidder.

Sometimes, Illinois winters result in cars in the ditch. Sometimes the cars the ditch. I drove Finn home after my son pulled me out of the drift...


Sometimes, radiator fans fail. On Finn, his fan is buried under the radiator, which is buried in the nose of the car. Finn's engine is in the rear. When Mercedes wants $500 for a new factory fan, sometimes an Amazon $29.99 fan is made to work...

Also sometimes on marginally maintained Illinois highways, springs break. The very small gap between the tire and arch is not the result of the car being "stanced", as my son puts it, but the result of both coil springs being broken, thus contributing to the already kidney stone breaking ride quality... 
Last but not least, cars have alternators that fail. Finn's alternator is located where many alternators are located, near the top front of the engine. Unfortunately, the top of this particular engine is nearly impossible to access without dropping the engine 6 inches with the rear wheels off. 

Finn's final fate is to be a demo mule at the local community college automotive repair program, to help young men and women learn to repair modern European cars.


New Driver

Look what I got underneath the tree for Christmas; 1975 Yesterday & Today 2020.

1958 Porsche 356A 1600/Type 2 Reutter Cabriolet Hard Top; "bath tub." Life Friend- Tim94510003.JPG94510001.JPG94510002.JPG94510005.JPG94510006.JPG94510007.JPGDSC01502.JPGDSC07523.JPGDSC08050.JPGDSC08065.JPG20200613_111959 (3).jpg "bath tub."

New Driver

If you’ve every been to the train museum in Sacramento you’ve seen the technology that makes the Tinyvette the little yellow wonder that it is. No, not the trains, the buggies, specifically, the buggy suspensions. Transverse leaf with spindly anti-sway bars. Granted, the Tinyvette has enough motor to justify leaving the horse at home, but you still have to whip it to get it to go.


Racing our nemesis, the Zombee.Racing our nemesis, the Zombee.



It could happen.It could happen.


Seriously though, our $200 investment in a hantavirus infested heap, followed by another $150,000 investment in progressively more skilled labor, and provenance that includes nearly 30 Lemons races, one museum exhibit, invitations to the International Auto Show in Sacramento and San Francisco, It could happen.It could write-up in The San Francisco Chronicle, two trips to Bonneville (The Tinyvette is currently the World’s Fasted Lemon, only because no other Lemons cars have run at Bonneville.), a double-Cannonball Run (under 48 hours on the return trip), two scientific papers published in the Journal d'Lemons, two books no publisher will touch, and multiple fruitless trips to a certain car show in Seaside, CA, the car, as it sits now, is valued at $7,000, as far as Hagerty is concerned.


World's Fastest Lemon!World's Fastest Lemon!


Unfortunately Ace Hardware turned down our sponsorship request.Unfortunately Ace Hardware turned down our sponsorship request.


Eight engines, 12 transmissions, four wheel hubs, three control arms, and two rear ends after our saga began the Tinyvette is ready to race, if you can call it that. Our goal is to keep the car the same while improving enough as drivers to win class B, but between COVID-19, speed creep in Lemons, and the fact that I am flat broke, means that winning will likely forever be out of reach for us, which in Lemons, is kinda the point. Winning is for losers. We’re here to have fun, even if not racing.


For our next project...For our next project...


Pit Crew

My stupid Volkswagen even broke the forums! I didn't mean to post my garbage Volkswagen son twice, but there was a glitch that nuked the first attempt to post it.


Sorry for party poopin'.

Pit Crew

Oh man, I love this thing.

Pit Crew


You really have to love E38s to put up with them. 🙂