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Der Self-satisfied Krautten Wagen Class



Class: Der Self-satisfied Krautten Wagen

Got a lemon to share? Post a photo of it here and write a few lines about what makes your lemon extra special and deserving of votes.

No lemon? Join us for the spectacle anyway. Vote for your favorite, or rather maybe your least favorite, the most absurd, the most impressively awful lemons simply by liking the posts.

Intermediate Driver

Ed Bolian, VinWiki host and former CannonBall Run record holder, enters his $2000 S55 AMg

Ed Bolian and his $2000 S55 AMGEnter the Virtually Awful Concours d'Lemons here:
New Driver

My son's first car after not being happy with the the like new 2007 Ford Escape we rescued from the junk yard for a friend who had transmission issues. A 1974 BMW 2002tii built in May so it still a roundie. Sat at the high school auto shop for 17 years and was tracked by the local community college auto shop  10 years before that.. Took a while to get it running but the shop teacher says it never ran better . Now all we have to do is make it street legal to drive it on the road. IMG_0363.JPGIMG_0336.JPGIMG_0337.JPG

Pit Crew

Have you ever considered the tragedy on not having a german ute?

I have. 

At the dawn of 2019, sometime in October, long before the present worries. I acquired a black e46 with 100,000 miles. After a few nights of staring at my newly acquired 330xi with some body damage, I was perplexed by the decision tree that I typically follow to a T when I acquire cheap cars on a whim. Oh one hand, it had body damage, so "send it to my shop to get repaired and flip it for profit," I thought. On the other, the damage was too great for me to make any money on the sale after the repairs were complete. On yet another hand, of this *apparently* handed decision tree, stood the newly acquired box of tools I was itching to try. I decided to bring back the vision of a brighter German future back from the dead. 

On a cold November evening in 2018, I looked at my freshly wrecked 330i zhp, in a concussed slurry of object thoughts, I decided that it was time to "make things right" and proceeded to sketch out a plan for a build unlike the others. Completely ignoring the fact that this has been done multiple times before me and with very thorough build guides available online on how to proceed without erring on the side of really expensive for a project such as this. 

I ignored all of that and shared my genius on instagram to 4 likes and lots of worrisome comments from my friends. 

Nov 2, 2018 (Two weeks after the accident on the road; approximately 3500 weeks after the accident that put me on this planet).Nov 2, 2018 (Two weeks after the accident on the road; approximately 3500 weeks after the accident that put me on this planet).

Fast forward to today, and the vision is coming to fruition in the form of an e46ute!

The result of a few quick decisions with a grinding disk is what you see here.The result of a few quick decisions with a grinding disk is what you see here.

Like a mullet, business in the front, questionable decisions in the back.Like a mullet, business in the front, questionable decisions in the back.


If you want to follow along, I would be thrilled to tell you my story on the instagram page where I collect a few of my scattered thoughts and ideas and manifest them into something you can judge in person. @ e46ute

Instagram Link to the Build 

Pit Crew



Pit Crew

This car might not be a lemon from the factory but after being covered in s**t emojis and driven 7,000km across Australia from Perth to Sydney on only dirt roads, it surely is now.


Running in the local Sh*tBox Rally to raise money for Cancer Research this car apparently went well on the rally, didn't miss a beat and the dash only lights up like a Christmas tree on days ending in 'y'. I did raise a lot of eyebrows with the creative(?) livery.  It was all for a good cause though, so most people just laughed and stared... then laughed some more although I must say, kids love it.


At the end of the rally (in Sydney) we bought it at the auction (we ran it in a local market Ford Falcon that I couldn't wait to get rid of) for $675 and drove it the 1500km home. Still covered in poo, then I drove it as a daily for a further 3 months still covered in poo. Living in a small town I think the everyone now knows me as 'That guy in the Merc, you know the one, with the emoji's, you know, the poos'.



New Driver

I'll enter my original self driving car. My 1959 VW Herbie. Unlike the numerous clones out there, mine is a genuine documented Herbie used in the filming of The Love Bug. My car was originally built as a remote control (hence the self driving) stunt car. The technology worked, just not great. While filming a key scene on Big Bear Mountain, the controls jammed and Herbie crashed and rolled down a hillside. A ton of bondo, some plexiglass and a quick paint job and Herbie was back in action. My car was then reused in Herbie Rides Again. This time Herbie was painted again as a Dr. Herbie for a nightmare scene that was cut from the final release.


After the movie, Herbie was sold and ended up in the MovieWorld Cars of the Stars Museum in Buena Park, Ca. The museum was the stomping grounds for many Hollywood car guys including Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, Von Dutch and Steve McQueen. When the museum closed, Herbie ended up in Reno, NV as part of the famous Harrah's Collection. In the mid 80s, when the Harrah's Collection was auctioned off, Herbie was sold and ended up being parked next to a barn in the desert.


A VW collector from Florida found Herbie and knowing what the car was, despite not having the famous Herbie look purchased Herbie to restore for his personal collection. after changing hands a few more times I ended up with Herbie 1995. I have since performed mechanical restoration to make the car more driveable and not just move on and off a trailer. I have also since added the correct custom wide wheels, fresh graphics in the correct Love Bug colors and a few other bits. The car now runs and drives flawlessly. The beauty part of the restoration is that the car still retains all of it's original Sheetmetal, with the exception a few pieces that were purposely preserved to show the car's original finish. The damage to the roof along with the quick on set repair done 52 years ago is still present. So while there are lots of dings and what not in the body and the fact that no body panel lines up properly, the car represents exactly what it was, a stunt car. 


IMG_0017 (3).JPGIMG_0082 (4).JPGIMG_0136.JPGIMG_0137 (2).JPG

Pit Crew

Take a gander at my beautiful 1978 VW Super Beetle convertible. I originally bought this car as a quick fixer upper to gift to my wife. I no idea that the tin worm had gotten a hold of this thing long before I set eyes on it.


>> Click here to check out my car! <<



Pit Crew

A "Star Car".. we gotta be careful we don't raise the standard of the event toooo high!.. 🙂
New Driver

Looks pretty darn straight and solid after having been through all that!