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Are the rankings explained somewhere? 

Obviously New User is self explanatory. 

But Passenger, Driver, Pit Crew etc. ???


Thanks Nitro 

Community Manager

Hi there!  We haven't listed the rankings yet, since this is a new forum (less than 6 months old) we started from scratch and implemented a 19 level hierarchy.  Most (not all) of the levels are based on the hierarchy of a race team. I will tell you the highest level is race "team owner" and the formula for progression includes measuring activities based on the number of posts made, replies made, etc. on all parts of the forum. (i.e. you can't just be active on the Lounge to get all the way to the top.)


We are working on badges that will go next to your name to highlight the rankings for everyone to see, and when that is completed we will tell you more!