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Pit Crew

Drive at Dawn Hats

Has anyone who participated in the Drive at Dawn event received their hat yet?  The initial time estimate was around 2 to 3 weeks if I remember correctly. Hopefully soon 😉 

New Driver

Hoping these are still being mailed out.  2 of my friends got them a couple weeks ago and I'm still waiting.

Community Manager

They are still being mailed out, we promise! 

Pit Crew

Is anybody else a little disappointed? The original promotion clearly stated "How to Score a Sweet Dawn Patrol hat..." just like the ones distributed by Hagerty at the Pebble Beach Concours. Even Jack Baruth's follow up article was titled "Hagerty's 2020 Dawn Patrol Award Hats..."


There were photos of previous year's caps clearly showing "Dawn Patrol" on the front. As I recall, one of the posted photos back on August 16th was of a woman wearing a 2018 "Dawn Patrol" cap. Was anyone else surprised to receive a cap embroidered across the front with "Drive At Dawn"? Not exactly a Pebble Beach souvenir. 


Imagine, if after canceling the Indianapolis 500 this year, a promotion went out with the offer, "Earn an 'The Indy 500. Memorial Day 2020' cap just like the ones worn in Victory Lane". Then after the respondents complied with the instructions, they received a cap emblazoned with the words "That 500 Mile Race. Speedway, Indiana Summer 2020". Just not quite the same somehow, don't you think?


A neighbor and fellow Hagerty member asked me, "Why don't you just return it?" I told him I would consider the notion, but of course I would have to include the disclaimer: Please Allow 12 to 14 Weeks For Delivery.



New Driver

Certainly disappointing, but at least you’ve received yours - still haven’t got ours! And yes, I was hoping for a dawn patrol hat (not a drive at dawn hat)