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Pit Crew

Drive at Dawn Hats

Has anyone who participated in the Drive at Dawn event received their hat yet?  The initial time estimate was around 2 to 3 weeks if I remember correctly. Hopefully soon 😉 

Community Manager

Several people have posted about the hats they received, and yes, your will be coming ASAP if you replied back to the email we sent to you a few days after the contest! 

Pit Crew

Thanks for the quick reply!  I did respond back to the email with the requested info, but oddly I got another email a few days later asking for the same I replied again.  That little mixup got me thinking that I somehow got dropped.  Anyway, wife & I (we both participated) will continue to be patient 😆

Again, thanks for the response!

Community Manager

Thank you for reaching out, and thanks for being so patient.  We have a lot of them to mail out! 

Intermediate Driver

" We have a lot of them to mail out!"


I bet that's one part of Hagerty's promotional expense that will be going over budget. 

Pit Crew

Glad I came here to check, I was beginning to think it may have gotten lost in the mail! 🙂

New Driver

I haven't received my hat yet either , but I'm guessing it is just taking some time....have faith!!



Community Manager

That's all you need!  We are mailing them out as fast as we can! 

Pit Crew

Just want you guys to know that I received my hat this past Thursday and it was left on the front stoop in the rain in an unsealed box. The good news is it was still in the box protected by a zip lock plastic bag. Looks Great! Thanks Hagerty!
Community Manager

That's great to hear!  Thank you for your patience, Gene!