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Blocked out of the free year of Motortrend on Demand by their recent upgrade?

Hagerty gave us all a free year of Motortrend on Demand for being a Hagerty Plus member. I activated that a few months ago via the in-email link.


Worked great, a few interesting things to look at.


Recently Motortrend "upgraded" their site which erased all saved logins  --here's the thing though: my impression was that the Hagerty link set up my free account and that was it. At no point did I create a user name or password. Maybe I was supposed to click on something and write it down?


Anyways... pretty sure I should have 6-9 months of free access left, but have no idea how to do it. Anyone else facing similar?

New Driver

Good Evening,


We apologize that you are having issues with your MotorTrend subscription. In order to take advantage of the free year of MotorTrend on Demand you would have needed to enter your email address and create a password using the initial email link provided. This would have created your MotorTrend account which allows you to login and start streaming the content. If you need to reset your password, you can reach out to and they will send you a link. Please let us know if you continue to have issues or need further assistance.


Thank you,


Hagerty Drivers Club


Motortrend help link sorted it out. They did a password reset.


Then I had to choose a new password  --typical stuff.


Oddness (to me) as follows: no remembered login name (i.e., email) for Motortrend's site on my computer. Granted their site update may have broken that.


Then, when logged back in it doesn't show me as me in my account, it calls me "Hagerty Member". This is the automatic set up part I was recalling in the post that started this thread.


So maybe I am remembering it wrong, and did in fact enter an email address when I first clicked the Hagerty email to get the free year access but I don't recall such. For what it is worth, I think I can change my name from Hagerty Member.

Community Manager

Once you have logged in, you can go to the MotorTrend account profile page (the “Account” option from the drop down in the upper right of the web page) to update your account name and other information.