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2 questions/suggestions for the forums

1. Community Help and Guidelines should be a "sticky" at the top of the listing where you find it?    I personally don't find it intuitive that it is located in the middle of the list of car clubs and events. I might remember that is where it is the next time I want it months or years from now I suppose.


2. Is there a way to "set all posts as read"? This would be handy for perusing the forums and seeing where there is something new in some of the slower forums. After doing that glance (of the slower post rate forums) I could hit the button to refresh the Lounge and Articles massive post count forums that no one will ever keep up with or catch up with when there is 5000+ posts showing as new...

Community Manager

Thank you for the valuable feedback, Pepperalls.  We have now moved this sub-forum (i.e. Community Help and Guidelines) to the top of the Community forum so it's a bit easier to find.  

You can set all posts as read by going to the three dots at the top of the screen, below: Screen Shot 2020-07-21 at 10.32.17 AM.png