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New Driver

1963 to 1965 Unmarked Police Cars

Does anyone know whether in 1965, if a Bronx Detective using an unmarked police car, probably a 1965 Plymouth Fury, would be able to attach to the roof or his dashboard a portable strobe light?  Or if there was a permanently mounted police light on the inside of the vehicle?  

Hagerty Employee

@CrimeNovelist I haven't found anything in my research so far for anything particularly related to the Bronx to say one way or the other but I did come across this ad for the 1964 Ford Polica packages, you can see the top one The "interceptor" package is showing no roof or bumper mounted emergency/beacon light, only showing the drivers side spotlight. They would of had to have some form of dash or magnetic roof light sitting on the seat for emergencies, this would make me presume that the technology was there for any police department. Does that help in anyway? e23eb895eb1348b2ecc354cd143d3db6.jpg

Community Manager

Thank you so much for looking into this, Trent! 

New Driver

Hi Trent,


I thought I replied, but then my response disappeared.  Thank you for your help.  Your research has been very helpful.


Crime Novelist

Hagerty Employee

I’m glad it was of some help!