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Community Newsletter: Vol. 1, No. 6

Welcome to this week’s Hagerty Community Newsletter! 


Every week, we feature an interesting discussion on the community, pose a Community Question, give a thumbs up to a Hagerty fan, and more.


Discussion of the Week

  • @Guitar74 had a fantastic reply to the question “what supercharger kit can I get for my L-98 powered Corvette”?  The answer, for many good reasons, is to not supercharge this motor, read about it here

Question of the Week

  • @SamAdamsPaleAle asked a fantastic question a while back that’s timely for all younger folks looking to get into the car hobby.  See some of the latest answers here.

Hagerty Fan of the Week: 

  • @NITRO450EXP found a used valve spring compressor for cheap at an antique store that worked fine but looked pretty shabby.  See how he make it look like new again.

Tip of the Week

  • Having trouble navigating our Community?  Have a look at the "Community Browser" section on our homepage (below) and click here to try it out for yourself! 

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