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Community Newsletter: Vol. 1, No. 5

Welcome to this week’s Hagerty Community Newsletter! 


Every week, we feature an interesting discussion on the community, pose a Community Question, give a thumbs up to a Hagerty fan, and more.


Discussion of the Week

  • @NITRO450EXP rebuilt the steering column in his Chevrolet truck, which is no small feat!  Steering columns are always complicated to make and fiddly to restore, so learn more about the process here

Question of the Week

  • When is it worth doing a re-sleeve on an engine block and when should you give up and find a new block to work with?  This Pontiac engine definitely adds a new take to the question, check it out here

Hagerty Fan of the Week: @Guitar74 

  • Guitar74 had an upstairs bathroom leak water into this garage, and his stunning 1968 Mercury Cougar! See how he fixed the damage and what he learned about repair companies that specialize in this type of work!

Tip of the Week

  • Having trouble navigating our Community?  Have a look at the "Community Browser" section on our homepage (below) and click here to try it out for yourself! Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 4.59.59 PM.png