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Community Manager

Community Newsletter: Vol. 1, No. 2

Welcome to the Hagerty Community Newsletter! Every week, we will feature an interesting discussion on the community, pose a Community Question, give a thumbs up to a Hagerty fan, and more.


Discussion of the Week

  • Did you ever own a truly terrible car that you wound up falling in love with?  If so you might see the charm in this Hyundai Elantra, and you can tell us about your Truly Terrible Car! 

Question of the Week

Hagerty Fan of the Week: Every "Drive at Dawn" participant!

  • Yes, we mean everyone.  Because we were not prepared for the outpouring of support (sorry about that!) and the Hagerty Community subsequently broke the Internet
  • We thank you all for waking up on Sunday, hopping in your antique/classic/specialty vehicle and taking a photo to share with the Hagerty Community.  
  • For those of you that had difficulty submitting your entry, we apologize and we are taking steps behind the scenes to keep this from happening again! 

Tip of the Week

  • Housekeeping: having a hard time adding photos? Click here for a tutorial!