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Community Manager

Community Newsletter: Vol. 1, No. 13

Welcome to this week’s Hagerty Community Newsletter! 

Discussion of the Week

  • We learned that Chuck Yeager sadly passed away, what are your memories of this high decorated, record breaking American hero?

Question of the Week

Tip of the Week

  • @jaysalserVW chimed in on our Wrenchin' Wednesday post and added, "This may be a common practice by some of us old timers--but there is a continual stream of new Vintage People coming onto the scene." How many younger folks have you taught tricks to make their time in the garage easier? 

Fan of the Week

  • Hagerty fan @TonyT brought some amazing insight into people getting free performance parts if they had the first new car in town, and let the speed shop make one of their parts (like headers) for it! Read all about it here


New Driver

Would like you guys to recognize the passing of Mark Smith without a doubt one of the most smallest automobile historian in early American and European cars he will be missed by the industry rest in peace Mark