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Community Manager

Community Newsletter: Vol. 1, No. 1

Welcome to our first edition of the Hagerty Community Newsletter! 

Every week, we will feature an interesting discussion on the community, pose a Community Question, give a thumbs up to a Hagerty fan, and more.


Discussion of the Week

  • Ever wondered how much better life is with a catalytic convertor?  Consider that here and tell us what you think! 

Question of the Week

  • Do you think Cubday's 1974 MG can be saved, or scrapped?  Click here to weigh in! 

Hagerty Fan of the Week: @Pepperalls

  • What was your first car? The first that actually made it onto the street (long story) was a 1969 GMC half ton that I colour changed to bright orange. Should have kept it (as many say).
  • What car do you love driving? My favourite car is my long-gone 64 Buick LeSabre, big floaty-boaty with one-finger steering. Mine was beat up but still felt like I was cruising in luxury.
  • You've won the lottery, what's your first purchase? First up is the really big garage/warehouse to store all the vehicles that come next. If it isn't that big of a lottery win... then I give my long term Mustang project that final push all the way to complete paint.
  • What do you like most about the Hagerty Community? The best part is the range of expertise and interests not just in the contributors (which is excellent) but in the users/forum membership as well. There isn't flaming and silliness cluttering up the boards either.
  • What's your number one piece of car advice? Do what you have to do so you enjoy it! For most that means actually driving it. If you are starting to lose interest in your vehicle  --have you taken it out for a spin lately?

Tip of the Week

  • Housekeeping: having a hard time adding photos?  Click here for a tutorial!