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Community Manager

ENGINE WEEK: Best Chrysler/MOPAR engine for celebrating 4/26?

We’re having engine week at Hagerty, and for 4/26 we want to highlight some of the best engines ever put in a Chrysler-Plymouth-Dodge car or truck!


So what say you?  Obviously the 426 HEMI has a special place in many hearts, and for good reason.  But maybe the modern 6.1 HEMI?  The Hellcat motor?  Chrysler 2.2 Turbos? Wedge V8s? Fire Power (HEMI) V8s?  The indestructible slant-six?


I am going to go with the E58 360 V8, because it was the hottest thing in the late 1970s (‘lil Red Express truck) and people forget how hard it was to make something fast back then!


So many great engines to choose from!

New Driver

How about the bankers hot rod in 1961- Chrysler 300G with 413 Wedge standard production with twin 4’s sprawling with the 8 arms of cross ram induction!!!
No competition for the then fuel injection
Community Manager

Oh yeah, that was a fantastic car and engine! 

Hagerty Employee

Not a thing wrong with the 413's in the 300G's, but the 61 Dart's and Polara D500's with the ram induction 383 are overlooked far to much! This is my unrestored 61 Polara D500 ram induction, one of only 80 built and one of 11 four door sedans produced, the licence plate on the front says it all... Rare Ram! _DSC0198.jpgPolara - Copy.PNG