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1984 C4 Corvette values on the rise

December of 2018 I bought a garaged 1984 C4 Corvette. The original owner had the car

for 33 years.  I know all Corvette lovers give a thumbs down on 1984 cross fire corvettes, but I bought the car for $4,500. I put a new battery, counted 7 seconds and it started right up.  Today 28 months later I have a total of $11k in the car which included a complete new paint job.  Looks and drives like a new one and get a lot of thumbs us from a lot of Corvette owners who have new ones.  My vette runs and drives perfect. No problem with Crossfire fuel injection and it avg 18 mpg on hwy.  To all Corvette owners, find yourself a C4 as a 2nd Corvette.  1984 C4's Values grew in 2021 42.2%. 






New Driver

We purchased our '96 GS convertible last year, and have been slowly refreshing her.
the engine & drive train have 250k KM [Canadian vehicle], and it runs great!  as a project, we will be re-doing the seats and interior this winter... small steps and an excellent hobby! 

Intermediate Driver

I totally agree. These cars are coming up in value, but they still represent a nice deal on the collector market.  They're sharp looking, relatively modern/reliable, and good performers. Plus most of the faults with them are well known and can be addressed. Some might be a little pricey though (I'm talking to you digital dash!).  I actually prefer the look of the 84-90 over the later versions. My personal preference would be an 89 (first year of the 6 speed manual, last year of the aforementioned cool all digital dash), but the 84 is probably the best deal of that era. I would just stay away from the teeth rattling Z51 option for that year. The only thing that keeps me out of one of these is the high sill entry/exit as my back isn't in the best of shape.

New Driver

I bought a 1984 a few years back, the plastic electric window regulator gears broke 5 minutes after I left the place I bought it from, had to drive all the way home with no way to close window! GM now makes metal geared replacement regulators which I had to install in both windows. After that, I had issue after issue go wrong with that Vette (you name it, it broke!) I couldn't wait to get rid of it. Got lucky and sold it to a person in Israel thru eBay, recouping some of the thousands I put into it. Moral of this story; never buy a C4 Corvette!