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New Driver

1977 Corvette 225 70-15 tires

I am having a difficult time finding suitable tires for my 1977 Corvette.  I'm looking for 225 70-15, but can only find SUV type.  Do you know where I can purchase this size in a performance tire?

Fred Sands

Community Manager

Hi Fred and welcome! 

There are a lot of tire options for your Corvette, I would highly recommend the General Altimax tires as I have seen them used for everything from Ferraris to four-cylinder Ford Rangers that couldn't carry anything heavier than a 500lb load. 


Have a look at these links:


There are a lot of passenger car tires for your size here, but please filter out the cheap junk and stick by searching for brand name tires you know:


That said just because they may be used on SUVs doesn't mean they are not excellent tires, many SUVs use passenger car rated tires because that's all they are under the skin anyway. 

New Driver

BF Goodrich offers Radial T/A All Season Tires with raised White Letter. Nice street tire, but not an HP tire. In your size,  you're out of luck with a real HP Tire. I know, not a lot to choose from. My 80 Corvette stock 22570R15 has the optional 25560R15. Same issue... BF Goodrich about the only choice!





Community Manager

Blimpman is right, the only choice you have for a performance tire is the Radial T/A. That said, the SUV tires are likely good enough as technology has really come a long way. The only reason I have the nerve to say that is because I installed General Altimax R/T tires on my Ford Ranger because a Ferrari 308 owner wholeheartedly recommended them to me! They looked pretty good on that Ferrari too!